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August 27, 2007


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Just to 'halla' that China started accessing dibussi.com again about five days ago. Happy to be here again!


Great piece there! Everyone would agree with me now that Cameroon's opposition is a quasi-toothless bulldog panting for every crumb falling off Biya's table at the detriment of the populace. The diplomatic community had done everything right,right from the onset of democracy to promote human rights and democracy.From the firebrand cooke to outspoken NDI and now the Dútch and English joining.

Instead of taking the queue or at least taking off from there, they've[opposition] gone from money mongers to pathetic lameduck opposition simply waiting to cry foul without waging any legitimate fight for their demands.

I remember I was back home in the early 90s when the then firebrand Mbah Ndam braved armed police and "gendarmes" to laed the 45 man parliamentarians through the streets from Carrefour Mvan towards the Unity Palace demanding for the creation of an Independent Electoral Commision. That made news and sent Biya panicking since foreign media picked on the event.It appears since then something "fishy" as critics say took place between "these" guys and the regime.Now its a take-it-easy opposition!

Now they seem to wait for another Cooke and Western powers to bail them out of Biya's jail. Can these guys still be the called opposition, for goodness sake? Opposing who?And how can you be opposing without actually opposing? Or does opposition mean something else in Cameroon context? Freedom is not free, never never free.

It marvels everyone or at least Tayong if there still exist an opposition in Cameroon.

Cheers Dibussi

Mbamba La Bambaa

Why did Ambassador Marquat break away from this robust tradition and start to cohabit with the flea-ridden Yaounde regime? Any thoughts as to why, fellow readers?

Fotso Sackmen

This is a fine piece of paper and reveals the true nature of an efficient Cameroonologist.
Though difficult to find reliable data on the relationship between the SDF and the US Embassy in Cameroon during this difficult period in Cameroon history, such a perspective might have given us a comprehensive understanding of US support to the democratisation process(and pro-democracy movements) in Africa.
Cheers,Mola Tande

Ejike Mouluh

In the G.W. Bush years, the US has re-postured itself and sees Cameroon as a crucial member of an essential petroleum province. Oil from the Middle East oil is now tainted with anger and blood.

Others have argued that the overbearing Superpower also seeks to oust France from essential African neo-territories as punishment for daring to oppose the Gulf War.

Therein lie opportunities for smart boys and girls.

Mbamba La Bamba

US needs to tread carefully, but the oil boys from Texas are notorious for their insensitivity and single minded quest for black gold. There are analysts who believe that the anger in the Middle East can be directly linked to the way oil was exploited and the way evil regimes were supported to deliver that oil and profits. Can there be backlash in places other than the middle east? The answer is yes. In Latin America, the Hugo Chavez phenomenon is a case in point, a backlash against oil interests but without terrorism. Then, there are the disturbances in the Delta region in Nigeria. There is also China which wants the same oil. We are in for interesting times in Africa, as these forces tear us to bits if we are not smart, and if the trends of the past 5 centuries continues, we shall emerge at the short end of the stick, with traitor rulers and colonialism and enslavement of the 21st century variety.

tanyi moses

Well at last the world has bigin to see the hypocracy in Biyas so called Democracy.


In Commemoration of International Literacy Day, The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) is organising a Symposium on ‘The Challenges in the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Africa; The Role of the Judiciary, Press and Church’

Keynote Address: Dr. Kenneth Nsor
Nigerian Consul General Buea

Friday, 7th of September 2007
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Alliance Franco Camerounaise (Buea)
Your Presence is Highly Solicited

Felix Agbor Nkongho
Executive Director


felix ntube

Hi bala,good to know you're still active in social issues.wishing you well and God bless.I tracked you through Dibussi's blog,check on mine from time to time.peace!

felix ntube

Hi bala,good to know you're still active in social issues.wishing you well and God bless.I tracked you through Dibussi's blog,check on mine from time to time.peace!

solomon akamembulle

The US and its usual allies are always the first to criticise other people's policies.They pretend to sympathise and to assist, whereas deep in their minds they are there to destroy and to spark up conflicts in order for them to sell their arms,give aid with strings and exploit the little resources harvested by the people.
What the so call western nations should know is that Cameroon is a sovereign state governed by a high level of intellectuals.It is not their position to dictate or inform Cameroonians on how to govern their country.There is no absolute democracy in the world. That is why the first presidential elections worn by Bush were contested. It is high time Africa need leaders like Robert Mugabe who will never allow these group of detractors and conflict hungers called the west to intrude into their internal affairs.Cameroon will accept them as friends and people with good intentions not as intruders with hiden agendas. You can't come into somebody's house and expect to instruct him or she on how to run his family affairs.Gone are the days of colonialism and when the western world thought other can not survive without them.
God bless my country Cameroon

tim eyambe

mr felix ntube,whatever you call yourself you are the epitome of the greedy african. colonialism has nothing to do with africans embezzling, being inefficient, and ineffective. if you are intelligent, which i definately know from your thinking process that you're not, you will realize that the only proud fixed assets that you find in your province today are those left by your quote and quote colonial sinisters. what have the africans done for themselves since the whites left, eh? tell me mr finger pointing. you speak like one of the thieves in cameroon who have bankrupt the country. remember, pointing your one finger at the US OR GB w/out realizing that four are pointing back at you, will some day bite you in the butt.

tim eyambe

My sincere apology mr Felix Ntube. My comment was directed to mr solomon akamembulle and not to you. again,accept my apology. thanx


Biy's idto die in office is a act of cowardize. Biya would still face th music if not his wife and children will face it. Those greedy MPs would soon find out what it means to accept bribe and betray those who sent them to Etudi. Once they finish digging Biya's grave in Office they should not forget the masses are equally digging theirs in the streets. After voting the bill, MPs should ask Biy to give them rooms in Nvomeka or Etoudi because they never belong to the people they belong to Biya.

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