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February 20, 2006


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I strongly believe that the Israeli connection about lake Nyos is not just a rumor but a fact confirmed by the fact that an Israeli medical team was in the Lake Nyos area (with the required special equipment!) barely hours after the explosion. Even rescue workers in New York were not that fast on 9/11!!! The Israelis did it, and the Biya regime allowed them in exchange for foreign aid.

Check out the comments section of the following story on Postnewsline for details: http://www.postnewsline.com/2005/11/israel_interest.html


There is no Israeli connection and has never been one linked to the unfortunate Lake Nyos gas explosion. This is the most propagated piece of nonesense that I have ever seen. It is not based on any scientific fact. It is simply based on Innuendos and falsehood. Both Cameroonian trained and foreign scientists have worked on the Lake Nyos incident and came to one conclusion; the explosion was caused by an accumulation of Carbon monoxide and the lake is curently being monitored in order to ensure that such large accumulation should not occur in the future. For people to keep such nonsense rumor alive is simply unacceptable and at best irresponsible.

Akamanda Wa Kamanda

I was chanced immediately after the lake Nyos disaster to be among a group of students invited to the Skyline hotel in Bamenda by a group of British scientist accompanied by a Cameroonian student who was working on his PhD in Geology in England.

This is a fact and not circumstantial evidence. All of the photos of the bed of lake Nyos taken by these scientist proved nothing happened in Lake Nyos. I saw those countless photos of the extremely even bed of lake Nyos with my own eyes. One could even see the weed at the bottom of the lake. No earth movements at all!

If anyone out there wants to believe there was an explosion in lake Nyos, go on and believe it. But please, don't ask me to believe it. I don't know what happened on that fateful day. The one thing I can tell from facts is that no gas was emitted by lake Nyos.


“… , trigger mechanism of the limnological catastrophes, who be happened in CAMEROON on lake "MONOUN" in 1984 and on lake "NYOS" in 1986 , was switched on by influence of the atmospheric precipitations in 1983.
Limnological catastrophes on lake "MONOUN" in 1984 and on lake "NYOS" in 1986, were caused by the instantaneous ejections of the gaseous carbon dioxide from the sediment stratums under the lake’s bottom.
The Degassing the waters of the lakes "NYOS" and "MONOUN" can not prevent from the repetition in lakes "NYOS" and "MONOUN" of the limnological catastrophes, similar to the catastrophes of 1984 and of 1986 , in which the trigger mechanism was switched on by the influence of the atmospheric precipitations.
Under influence of the atmospheric precipitation the trigger mechanism of the the limnological catastrophes in the lake "Nyos" and the "Monoun" , in any time may to be switched on and in a certain time hereon will happen of the limnological catastrophes.”




The Reduction into 20 metres of the water level in the lake "Nyos" significantly magnifies probability of the mortal catastrophe in contrast with probability of the catastrophe in the natural conditions. The strengthening the existing dam (without reduction of the water level) on the lake "Nyos" does not magnify probability of the catastrophe.

Tayu wilfred

what has not been done in cameroon?
this is a blessed country that has ended up in the hands of vampires.cameroon has so many potential elites whose intelligence and capabilities will NEVER be enjoyed for political reasons and the way the God forsaken country runs

brigitte aurore

all i can say on the matter of the lake nyos incident that it was a carbon dioxide gas problem and the same thing happens in congo why didn't they blame somebody over there? i mean in Cameroon nothing comes naturally there is always someone to blame. Concerning Irene a lot of matters that happen within the presidency concession are kept comfidential and it is just the way it is. same thing happens to Diana the princess why do we always have to balme somebody? i live inb america they are people that go to bed and without any illness are found dead in the morning so what kind of irrational rumors are these? write a book and make use of what gave you as a gift and write something knowledgeable and stop all these rubbish. We are too smart to write all these.Thank you


Brigitte, is your statement "write a book and make use of what gave you as a gift and write something knowledgeable and stop all these rubbish" addressed to Nyamnjoh from whose book on the media in Africa this passage is taken from? Or is it addressed to Dibussi who posted this excerpt on this blog? or to those who have commented on the excerpt? In any case, I did not realize that there were taboo topics which people could not talk about? Has the Nyos story not been published in newspapers? was the Mendo Ze accusation not made on live radio, did Cameroon not grind to a standstill after it was rumored that Biya was dead in 2004?

I don't think that there is anything wrong, in the context of studying the media in Africa, to comment on rumors that have appeared in the press. You might be "too smart" to believe them but many Cameroonians/Africans have not only believed them but acted upon them.

So why don't you just give us your opinion and leave it at that, instead of trying (unsuccessfully) to convince us that you are "smart"?

BTW, I notice that English is not your first language. I am sure the readers of this blog will not mind if you write in French so that we can clearly understand what you are trying to say. This stuff that you wrote in English doesn't nmake any sense. Peace!

Macadamia Cake

Rumors are rife in closed societies in which the rulers clamp down on information and treat the people like nursery school children. There is bound to be speculation because the official version of events, when there is an official version tends to be doctored to deceive and control the public.

Brigitte Aurore is one of the children of those who benefit from this manipulation. Go back to France, Brigitte!

Roseagnes Mbembu

There is NO SMOKE with out fire! Biya knows all what happened to his late wife Jeanne Irene; The Lake Nyos Disaster; The Father of the Twins shot in Yaounde.
All I know is that: Our Lord Will revenge at His own time. Where is Mobarack; Sadaam; Ghaddafi;Mombutu; and the other tyrants.
Biya's own is coming soon, and we cannot wait for it to happen. Enough is enough!


Well said Roseagnes Mbembu.Even they Bible said it all'THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING'Mr.President,the Lord shall JUDGE us all.No evil shall go unpunish,any evil done by man to man shall be redress.If not now,then certainly later.if not by man then certainly by God for the victory of evil over good can only be temporaly.

Alice Asana

wow...Cameroon SUCKS, up til now, Anglophones still find it very hard to co-exist with Francophones. hmm, la vie!!!

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