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February 03, 2006


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You have answered the question as it really is. English-Speaking Cameroonians have no legal claim to La Republique Du Cameroun. They cannot point to any international document that incorporated their own State to the State of Cameroon. English-Speaking Cameroonians and their territory in effect are not protected by any legal document. La
Republique du Cameroun applied to the UN once -- in 1960 -- without Southern Cameroons. They have never applied again as a United country. As a result, your statement is not only true as regards the
treatment of English-Speaking Cameroonians, it is also legally true.
Southern Cameroonians are basically international orphans residing as adopted children in LRC and strangely in their own Southern Cameroons territory -- The Palestinian problem is far better at this stage. It is hard for our people to accept this. But that, I'm afraid, is the truth.

We are actually accepting this status in an "orphanage" by sitting back and watching. This is totally unacceptable. People must challenge this system aggressively until it is killed. How it is
going to die is another matter.


Bilingualism! Pure illusions.

Ever read this statement somewhere"
"Le présent décret/ arrêté etc sera enregistré, publié suivant la proédure d'urgence, puis inséré au journal officiel en français et en anglais" What a farce!!!

Think of governing instruments that direct the nation Cameroon such as Decrees and Ministerial orders/decisions are only in FRENCH showing total proof of bilingualism of illusions.

Think of a technical Higher Education School such as ENSET that hardly makes bilingualism compulsory and churns out teachers who can hardly express themselves in English let alone know the English technical
jargon. Yet these teachers are sent to monolingual English schools were they sow only confusion.

Go the Website of the Prime Minister of Cameroon (Governments on the WWW: Cameroon) and look at the webpage. It is supposedly bilingual but the check out the laws and regulations section. It is written in most texts
"Only french version available" This means there are no English texts.

Ever heard of OHADA, It took a tug of war for those in Anglophone provinces working in English to have English versions of of OHADA. Even then OHADA working language is FRENCH. Yet such an instrument that touches the daily lives of all Cameroonians contravenes the Constitution since it points to one language.

Perhaps at some point, we have to look straight into our souls and search what has gone wrong.

In this light, I point an accusing finger at those translators/Interpreters of various ministries who done so much wrong despite being paid.

Ma Mary

I surely arrived at my elastic limit long ago and many have come to my point of view. It is long past time for Southern Cameroonians (so called Anglophones) to move on. The word anglophone is actually problematic, because the original word was francophone, and referred exclusively to the french global cultural project. There is no similar anglosaxon project. It is a title that must be rejected by Southern Cameroonians because it has no historical or legal valency. There is no place to it. It is an emblem of dispossession.

Fritzane Kiki

If we talk of bilingualism as being practical then we are not being honest.Bilingualism is just a notion that binds us together as Cameroonians.The Anglophones know this phenomenon very well and they have accepted it from time immemorial.The image of the Anglophones in Cameroon is just like a bastard son who is just lost standing on the fence.

We have a long way to go in so far as Bilingualism is concerned.The French stooges of the Etoudi regime does not recognise English as a medium of communication and that's why they have little or no rule to implement it in the schools and other services.Anglophones are fored to learn and Speak French because the Francophones are not bilingual enough.

I am afraid the revolution and evolution of the English Language is growing deeper and deeper and at one point we come to see the Francophones learning English not beacause Cameroon is a bilingual country but because English has become a major tool for travelers and businessmen world wide.

paolo  laurent

thanks louis, for your very honest and
truthful writing, this is what i was told
long ago in 1979 by my late unce. when i was aboy. i came to realise that he too is right, but the question, how do our southern cameroonians(ambazonias) politicians. chiefs,fons,school teachers, reason, dont they know this truth, and facts, what are they suppose to pass on to their children as their history?
if any thing worth having is, your heritage and history not money or brobery from the french camerouese, to colonise our people
through the fons and chiefs.

soo, wake up brothers, knowledge is power
if all 6.5m of us educate our children as to ours, then even their whole army wont
destroy our future, but to just obey their
laws, ohada, cap feicom, government delegate.
appointed governors, french cam, transplanted citizens in our soil is unacceptable.

paolo laurent




The revamped website of the Cameroon Presidency http://www.prc.cm/ doesn't even try to pass off as a bilingual website. It is entirely in French...

Ma Mary

Mondo, do you know what that means? It could mean one of two things:

1) la republique believes that we have been assimilated completely or colonized for good so it is not worth pretending anymore.

2) la republique believes in its heart that we have gone, it is just a matter of time, so again it not worth trying or pretending anymore.

Either way, it means bye bye.

paolo  laurent

years ago, before the creation of SDF
There was a meeting in WASHINGTON,DC, with
people from southern cameroons, talking i just happen to be in the room as avisitor,
They were narrating the illusion of what
we have been decieved in the 60s as a federal union ,into a province today.


cool down guys cool down
don't be so pessimistic. we will never be smatched. hatred will not solve anything. if you look at it well, more and more francophones are trying to speak english in the world, they will never be able to "exterminate" us . "i have a dream...' don't fight a lion with a gun, look for a flower......... peace peace peace

Larry Eyong

DIBUSSI, That you got that "translation" is pure genius. In 1993 I saw it in Biyem Assi, Yaoundé and was so angry. I have since been regretting that I did not immortalize it. You did it. Thanks.

Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi

Truth hatred will not solve any thing

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