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« Looking Back at the Messi Messi Afair (2): "The Interview that Shook the World" | Main | Sita Bella: The Final Journey of a Renaissance Woman »

March 17, 2006


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Thanks for a great narrative! I have never been this enthralled by a non-fiction story before.

I urge you should write a book on the great events in Cameroon history. I will buy it in a beat!! Thanks again!!


The Messi Messi affair turned out to be a messy messy business with the potopoto all over the beloved head of state and his better half. Yeah approach Messi and the economics professor for a book.


Mr Dibussi Tande: You deserve a medal.

I actually lack words to appreciate your intelligence and good style of placing facts.

We need just 10 guys like you in Cameroon to make Cameroon a better place.

Keep it up. A job well done will always be rewarded.

Nkosi Jacob

Now that you have come to the end of this fine narrative; now that you have put the present government-trumpted fight against corruption into perspective, I think it is now time for us [who visit your weblog] to comment. The Messi Messi Affair should indeed be the beginning point of the fight agianst corruption. Messi Messi would have to explain what happened to SCB. And if he has to do that the Presidency of the republic [Biya] would have to be investigated. And so the chain continues. What caused the death of Jeanne Irene Biya?


I think Messi Messi should be approached wherever he is on exile to make a sworn statement or afidavit, with his recollection of the facts and documents in the presence of judicial persons and the auspices of a court. He does not need to go back to get himself killed. Lawyers, this is possible, is it not?

agbor balla

Wonderful job. You bring back nostalgia during your days at Cameroon Life and Cameroon post. Keep up the wonderful job

Ifang Akofu

Mr Dibussi Tande,
I read this article with keen interest. As a small boy grwing in Cameroon in the early nineties, I remember myself reading the cartoon section(my only interest then) in the Cameroon newspapers. I remember I rene Biyas' cartoon saying "Yes i don chop money for SCB, e bin be for put flower for your brother e burry ground" or "yes a don chop money for SCB, e bin be for build house for your sister Marie Mengue" Believe me or not my memory is super when it comes to things like this.
The article is insightful, educative and claerly factual. The chronological method of presentation makes it easy for the reader to learn and appreciate the facts. Your blog Mola, is blueprint cyber journalism. It is journalsim at it peak. Now Ive come to understand the intricacies behind the Messi Messi Affair.
I must laud your positive contribution in educating us about the socio-political situation in Cameroon. Be it the shit and stench workings of corrupt bureaucrats, magistrates, thieving administrators or any other article in which the good side of our dear country is zoomed to close focus.
May God bless you in your endeavours


Excellent job.
I wish my generation (android generation) could read this.
The thievery of this regime did not begin today.

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