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March 14, 2006


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when are we going to stop theoritical facks and emback on practical realism in recovering funds embezelled by currupt individuals in cameroon.when,when,when!!!
in other countries,when such embezellers are sighted and arrested,the next and and only important step will be to recover the money.so when is that going to be put in to practice.

Ma Mary

Biya has appointed himself head of his own anticorruption squad to forestall the emergence of another Garga. Biya being the biggest crook of them all knows that his fingerprints must be all over the place and a properly functioning commission will eventually point at him. So he becomes his own gatekeeper.

Southern Cameroonians should stop wasting time with this nonsense and work harder on splitting the ties that remain. American Ambassador Marquadt, we hope you are watching. This thing that you started has rapidly become a FARCE.

Nkosi Jacob

The Messi Messi Affair would be only a chapter in the annals of financial scandals under the New Deal.
Financial scandals abound in Cameroon so much so that when historians shall judge the Biya rulership, corruption would occupy a very big chapter.

Just yesterday March 13, 2006,ANICET EKANE-leader of MANIDEM in an article in the French language daily, LE MESSAGER, quizzed president Biya why repair works had to be done in prisons in Douala and Yaounde preceding the arrest of some regime barons. He further wonders why VIP treatment is given to these thieves instead of allowing them live the realities of typical prison life in Cameroon. He states that in France, big names like Bernard Tapie,Floch Prigent [CEO ELF], and Jacques Medecin have all been variedly arrested and imprisoned like other prisoners. But most revealing of all ANICET EKANE states that the current minister of Economy & Finance is purported to have bought at the cost of hundreds of millions of FRS CFA the home of Jacques Medecin [mentioned above] in Nice France.Is ABAH ABAH the next?

Frank Wolfe

When power shal be decentralised then it is a sign that we are heading to recuperate somthing; this our fellow leader made himself head of the anti corruption drive.
There is no consistent public debate in cameroon, there is just a vox pop which is not a true representation of the subject topic. The public of any country has power but they are being abated especially by the media. Media's social responsiblity oncemore has failed. They knwo best whom they invite to come and talk in their Talk-show programs
you cannot bite the hand that feeds u

Nga Adolph

When the history of Cameroon shall be rewritten,before the close of this decade, we shall be overwhelmed with a brutal shock of the extent to which 'Man's Injustice to Man',Man's egocentrism has brought the whole nation to the very precincts of socio_political and economic collapse.The Cameroonian people shall then see the ultimate need of "REVOLUTION".
They say that history often repeats itself and the situation in Cameroon in all its ramifications be compared to that 18th century France of Marie Antoinette and King Louise 16th.We must destroy that generation which has brought untold sufferings to our people.



Le changement au Cameroun passera par la revolution violente ou ne se fera pas!

Ndim Bernard Ngouche

It has never been a true spirited fight against Corruption in Cameroon for the "chief de gang' can't be moving about while others are arrested for small thievery. When so many years ago; he in a serious note wanted proof that there were embezellers in Cameroon. This happened after an Interview granted by Eric Chinji; it was an indicator that he was unwilling or had soiled hands and therefore could not go before equity. Since in law "It is said that he who must come before equity must come with clean hands" Knowing that his hands are soiled he has become the chied investigator of financial crime so that he remains covered. The question is for how long shall this criminal gang be allowed to govern? God bless and save Cameroon.


The fight against corruption in Cameroon will gain credit only when Biya himself will be held accountable for his numerous financial misdeeds.
Before that day , every thing is just useless and distractive.

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