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March 05, 2006


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Nkosi Jacob

Thanks so much for providing us this link. It is an interesting experience to read what others have to say about us. Sadly enough the task to put the country back on the rails is enormous and tedious! Poor us!

manga che

Hi jacob,
I think that if we look at this primarily as "how they see us", then we lose the essence of what is going on. This is more of "how we are". An observant Cameroonian could would write the very same thing. Here is an excerpt from the blog of a Peace Corps Volunteer which adds more weight to what Mr. Tande has called death by red tape:

"Corruption To The Left Of Me, Corruption To The Right..."

"The song my kids are doing goes something like: "Stand up, I say, oh youths of Cameroon and help fight corruption. Corruption is a disease which is killing our nation's economy. I say no to corruption! I say no to alcoholism, smoking, and I say no to corruption!" Catchy, not so? Why do 10-year-olds have to say no to corruption? It sounds ridiculous, I know, but Cameroon is riddled with corruption like Johnstown is with cocaine. (So I hear.)

"Let me give you a por ejemplo: At my clinic we're trying to get the mother and child care unit up and running. To do that, we need to get a grant from PLAN. To get that grant, we need to be recognized by the government. To be recognized, we need to be approved by the district medical officer in Mbengwi. To be approved, he needs to come to one of our staff meetings to hear our proposal. To have him come, we need to bribe him. Officially, we need to 'pay for his transport" which, from Mbengwi to Guneku is 300 CFA. He requires 50,000. Shoot me.'
Yes my brother, our country is as good as dead and buried!!!


As far as I'm concerned this article has no ground-breaking revelations. It only buttresses what I knew all along; Cameroon is suffering from a leadership problem or the absence thereof. But I applaud the author's candid analysis. At least he acknowledges that Cameroonian are not responsible for Biya being in power but he stopped short of naming his sponsors- for he needs sponsors to wield the power he's being wielding over the suffering populace for the past quarter of a century. Even chief bandits pay due to their bosses. Who is Biya's boss(es).

Ma Mary

As if you do not know.

BIYA's MASSA in rare form.

Ma Mary

Biya's Massa's sphere of influence in Africa.

JK Bannavti

Just when I have begun giving up hope that the stupor in Cameroon could no more be captured in any succinct form, here comes a most graphic depiction of the reason for the decay of the entire nation.
He has just run short of prescribing a most radical approach to cleaning the mess.
The issue though, has never been the inability to identify what is wrong with Cameroon; it has always been how to go about effecting true change. God has endowed Cameroonians with a lot of potential; one of them is not the type of risk associated from such clean-up.

Matt Clarke

My sister, Lindsay Clarke, is currently living in Dschang and helping to improve the condition of schools in Doumbouo. I think she'd appreciate your blog. Any ideas on how to get her project some more exposure? Her blog is "Breaking Ground - Cameroon."


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