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April 26, 2006


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Moudiki Alain

Bona is arguably the greatest Cameroonian artist of his generation, and Tiki is without doubt the best album out of Cameroon since henri Dikongue swept the musical world like a tidal wave in 1998 with his "C'est la vie" album. While Henri has not lived up to expectation since that mega hit, Richard Bona on the other hand has become a formidable powerhouse who has played with virtually every Jazz living legend.

Tiki is a must-have. 5 stars

John Bailey (Seattle, Washington)

I first discovered Richard Bona in 2001 when I stumbled across Lee Ritenour's multi-artist Jazzy tribute to Bob Marley titled "A Twist of Marley".

On that album which features a number of Jazz greats, Richard Bona plays African hand drums but most spectacularly performs an Africanized version of of Marley's "Redemption Song" in his native Duala language - a vocal masterpiece.

Since then I have been a fervent student of "bonatology" and I am yet to be disappointed.

I agree with the previous commentator that this is a must have album, not just for jazz or makossa lovers but anyone with an interest in good universal/global music. Another five stars.


When is it coming to iTunes? Hurry up, Richard. Your audience is worldwide.

Jerry Lou

I recommend Tiki alongside the 2005 documentary (DVD) on Bona's life called "African Tales", which is available on amazon.com.

Synopsis of DVD
Since he moved to New York in 1995 Richard Bona is one of the most demanded artists on the international jazz scene. He is considered as one of the best bass players in the world. Paul Simon, Harry Belafonte, Queen Latifah frequently have recourse to him. Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Joe Sawinul, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jacky Terrasson, Bob James, Cecil Taylor, Mike Manierie, Bireli Lagrene, Billy Cobham, Joe Sample, Kenny Garrett, Salif Keita, Kazumi Watanabe, Sadao Watanabe, Branford Marsalis, David Sanborn, Regina Carter, Bobby McFerrin and Randy Brecker chose him as sideman. But Richard Bona is also a charismatic group leader with exceptional talent as a singer and a composer. After moving from Cameroon to Paris and finally to New York, Richard Bona has reached musical maturity.

This documentary is a travel over four continents: America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It points out the multicultural aspect of Richard Bona`s personality and the universality of his music. His fidelity to his African roots also helps underline African values.

DVD special features
Interviews of celebrities who have worked with Richard Bona: Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Manu Di Bango, Jacques Higelin, Sadao Watanabe, Mike Stern, Kazumi Watanabe and others...


I clicked on the ITunes icons above and I was taken to the Itunes website where I have the opportunity to buy bona's tunes for 99 cents each. OK, I am computer illiterate so i need help here.

Do i need a special device such as an IPOD or any other MP3 player to listen to the songs? Is this a one-time deal (i.e., listen to a song once and that's it for my 99 cents?) or can I store the songs on my computer for future listening? If I can, can I burn the songs onto a CD?

Hopefully, there is someone out there who will be able to shed light on this technological miracle...

Jimbi Media

Download the free iTunes software from that site and it downloads the music straight to your hard drive. It is now permanently your music, and you may back it up on another hard drive. You may use an ipod to listen to it. Only ipod brand music players may be used for portable from the iTunes music player. YOu may burn it on a CD and use it on home player or car.

You also have the option of purchasing the entire album if you like or to pick tunes.


Thanks Tande. Richard Bona has given us a lot of happiness since he came to the music scene. Whenever I have friends over I let his music tell the story of Cameroon- the potential we have as a country and the joy we could bring to the world if that potential is adequately harnessed. He is a worthy ambassador indeed.


I am of that Zenge/Ndombolo/Mapouka/Coupe-Decalle generation that believes that music is best enjoyed when you're dancing crazily to it after a 33-Export binge. Guilty:-):-)

However, like the rest of my generation, I am also able to appreciate the finer things in life. That is why I am also an unapologetic Bona fan - no contradiction in terms at all.

Great review for a great album.

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