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April 21, 2006


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Dr E.A.S

Doc, You've said it all.

God Save cameroon

Dufe D.

Man Val, More grease to your elbow.
Talk to you soon

Wafo Peter

Thanks Doc for the great interview - I may not agree with all the points that you put forward but I definitely understand where you're coming from.


Doc,I am not a medic but from your interview, I clearly see that the pinch that other able men and women too from differnt walks of life can't bear the pains by sitting here in Cameroon working for others to enjoy. It is but human that when the going is good, we stay and when issues turn to go off-hand, we quit.
that is Camerron and that is how some of our elders if not all of them have designed it to be.
Untill the rotten tooth that is plagueing our society is pulled off, our currupt system will continue to widen the doors of brain draining in this drowning 'Land of Promise' of ours.
Doc and all in the diaspora, keep the faith. One day, One fine day, the tables will turn and our people will be glad to welcome you back home.

Johnson Hellenbeatrice

Doc more grease. You just touched the tip of the iceberg. Nobody will know what it looks like until you try your skill back home and see how an equivalent of your house boy feeds on the spoils. If the missions are also corrupt, then who will save Cameroon? Hope you did not sign Med. Certs for 2000 XAf.


Now lets interview some of the folks who are doing exceedingly well in that system. How on earth can a doctor be worse off than a policeman? Doctors with ability like this one have no choice but to leave. The other time, it was the Prime Minister who was calling people like this doctor unpatriotic. Let the Prime Minister declare all his assets!

emmanuel enohmbi

good piece valy. interesting debate by self serving politicians who get their kids abroad on the first available flight out of cameroon, and try to reflect our collective failure as a people,masterminded by their greed and an embarassing interpretation of government, on people like us who are just a pound in their irresponsible actions.they should be men and women enough to accept responsibility for what is now cameroon."who the cap fits, let him wear it".calling medical doctors and other educated cameroonians who flee the country for better opportunities unpatriotic is just an other way of shifting blames to others.as cameroonian leaders and individuals i believe in their most private of moments they feel really sorry for what they have done to one country.we atleast get more decent post graduate training abroad, earn a decent living and repatriate funds back home to support families,friends and projects back home.they spend their lots on God knows what.personaly i am comfortable with my decision to leave cameroon and practice medicine abroad and talking to colleagues in the 'states' where i am based,one hardly see any sign of frustration.We all desperately hope to contribute in some form to the health of our people at home but it is annoying when politicians who got us to where we are as a people and can not seem to ever get their acts together go on air and critisize honest, hard working and decent people for their cheap political gains.

Shey Umaru


You are so eloquent.

All the best

Dennis Gang

Man Vall, I know your heart,how patriotic you are and how much you love your People. Anyone who loves themselve will make exactly thesame move you made.Peace


I absolutely appreciate the situations that prompt our medical doctors and other professionals to leave cameroon. Many have left and many are still leaving. Some are fortunate like Dr Ngwa to make it and others end up working as loaders or carers in homes or even cleaners abroad cos the system is difficult to intergrate in. however, that is not my concern here. Yes, our cameroonian system is crap and 'monkey di work baboon di chop'. We leave cos we need to make things better especially for ourselves and our family. But then, one thing keeps worrying me. We are leaving behind our families and friends who equally need our services, and the absence of these services means the system will keep degenerating. we will say as individuals we will not solve these problems. But I do think collectively we can. Staying abroad and keeping away from the problem does not solve them. i think we should look for alternative means of solving the problems of our country rather than run away from them. we hope these corrupt people go away. how do they go away when we are out here, and are doing nothing about it except fend for ourselves instead of contributing positively to our country by actively being present there and doing these things?

che Sunday

In a nutshell,all that is wrong with Cameroon comes out in a single' very eloquent peace by one person. There is nothing to add, except something that caught my attention.Some of the impositons place on borrowing nations by the IMF are very inhumane. Putting a total blanket on hiring with no regards to critical profesions such as medicine is unwarranted.Maybe Dr. Ngwa would have stayed in Cameroon had the government hired him. But knowing our Country, he probably would never have been hired either.
So Doc., keep doing what you are doing. Help when you can, but safeguard your interest first.


Hello DR. in fact let the almighty be with thee, for thou art a good example for us camerronians.Fare thee well.

Tapang Ivo Tanku

"Medicine in England is a job; you have a job description, do it and get paid. However, medicine in Cameroon is more of a calling; you do everything, and don’t think so much about the money!" Shocking to hear that from you doc. Do you mean your calling has been thrown to the pigs in Cameroon?


I'm really impressed reading this, thanks DR Ngwa
And by the way, how much do cameroonian docs get paid monthly???

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