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May 31, 2006


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There is only one reason why the ruling elite is opposed to dual nationality -the threat it poses to their grip on power. Here is an elitist group of people who were catapulted to power following independence after government-sponsored elitist education abroad. Over the years they have resisted all attempts to integrate anyone who doesn't belong to their "class" through a combination of nepotism, old-boy cronyism and tribalism. What these elites didn't anticipate was that the talented hardworking individuals they excluded will leave home and find rewarding careers, fame and citizenship in other countries. Now their cherished positions in the society are threatened by the pedestrain people who through their hardwork made it in more open societies but still love their country of birth enough to want to serve it.

Ma Mary

Are Southern Cameroonians really citizens of la Republique du Cameroun. I think not. Our status is not different from our status under the UK trusteeship. Southern Cameroonians need to establish statehood, and will take care of this silly matter for themselves. What about people of Nigerian ancestry, who are treated like foreigners even into the 4th generation?

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Today's world calls for people who can serve not only their country but also their continent and the world. Thus, when we make decisions, it is not only important to meet the needs of our country; it is also important to meet the needs of our continent and the world.

Today's world calls for the global citizen - the world citizen. It is such citizens that can truly drive the globalisation processes that are occurring in the modern world.

The global citizen is the tool of conflict resolution, in a troubled world. Conflicts arise when we consider our own problems at the expense of other people's problems. Underpinning this are greed, selfishness, and other related vices.

To resolve conflicts we must consider issues from all the relevant angles, representing all the relevant stakeholders or countries. A global citizen is the antidote to conflicts and the epitome of globalisation.

A global citizen may be a citizen of many countries and continents; therefore, the arguments against dual or multiple citizenships are invalid in our modern world of globalisation, conflict resolution, trust, and increasing understanding among people.


This debate is long-awaited!! It could prove a pricey bargaining chip that Anglophones could use in their continual struggles, thereby shooting two birds with one stone. Why don’t they take this issue of Dual Citizenship to the UN or the International Court of Arbitration? With the rest of the world now thoroughly fatigued by a relentless avalanche of asylum seekers from Africa, this issue of dual citizenship could be made a REDHOT TOPIC, which could help open up a whole new discourse on the Anglophone Problem. Europe and America might be more inclined to lend a ready ear to this neglected problem if the solution could impact directly by a significant reduction of illegal immigrants and asylum seeking Cameroonians in their respective continents, who might find it more attractive to return home, to a less hostile country
In any case, Cameroon loses badly where the best brains are forced to flee the country acquiring foreign nationality and polished expertise, and they are not welcomed back in the country as bona fide Cameroonians, as if they committed a crime. I mean, they (Cameroon Gov't) have done worse, by just perpetuating mediocrity and nonchalence!

Nga Adolph

I think Senegal offers us a unique example of the advantage of dual citizenship.From the early 1920's many Senegalese took up french nationality and the notable example of Leopold Sedar Senghor is glaring.He even became the Father of modern day Senegal as he was president from 1960 to 1980.We can never forget his endeavour through 'Negritude' to give some sense to our African values.


Really fascinating. I don't know much about African politics. I am an Australian living in the UK who is about to become a British citizen, thus holding dual nationality.

Franklin Ndum

This has not stopped the kleptos who rule Cameroon from having French citizenship. If you look under Biya's mattress, you will find a French passport.

Do bis

Question: Is it a crime for a Cameroonian-born American with a Cameroonian passport in his country of origin, Cameroon, to be discovered that he/she is also a US national?
1) If Cameroon decides to treat him as a foreigner, then US laws hold, and he is deprted to USA. Will USA punish him when he gets back, for committing the dual nationality crime in Cameroon.
2) If Cameroon considers him/her as a Cameroonian, then there is no problem, but Cameroon cannot ask him to renounce his USA citizenship.: I think that Cameroon simply will not recognize him as an American, and US diplomats would not be able to help hi/her inm Cameroon.
Do you think it could land you in jal?


cameroon's continued resistance to dual nationality is not only stupid, it's myopic. allowing citizens (many of whom only gave up their nationality because of the insecurities they've escaped in cameroon) makes a lot of economic sense. ghana has finally embraced dual nationality and it's doing wonders for its development.

Michael Tazanu

I am a product of three different countries, Cameroon, Trinidad and U.S.A. I feel like I belong to all fo the 3 countries. I was born in the Us but I grew up in Cameroon. Naturally I feel more like a cameroonian than anythiing else. I hold a U.S Passport however. There are many other people of cameroonian decent thant whish to retun and work in cameroon. Many people like myself are not really interested in a regime change. We are interested in moving back to cameroon and using the knowledge that we aquiered in the US to help improve Cameroon. I am a health care professional. My dream is to Open a clinic in the town that I grew up in. I would like to Contribute to Cameroon in this way. I would like to bring an awareness to the HIV epidemic in Cameroon amongs other things. But because I am not a Cameroonian but rather an American of Cameroonian decent, my hands are tied. Having Dual citizenship is more benificial to the country than political reasons. Many more people would retuen to cameroon to heal improve thenation if we had the Ability to have Dual citizenship.

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