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June 20, 2006


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Ma Mary

There is an addiction to "empty show" in the place. When there was surplus, it was spent on champagne, expensive suits, pajeros and other acccutrements that made people look big. All diverted away from important work. No substance. In Southern Cameroons, this kind of rubbish will be stamped out.


This should not come as a shock to anybody. How can a country so poorly governed, corrupt and mismanaged occupy any other place than the bottom rungs of scientifically lagging countries. Cameroon is a failed state and failed states are hardly at the forefront of new scientific discoveries. We are talking about a country that after more than 40 years of independence cannot even provide clean drink water for up to 20% of the population.


Inasmuch as what is stated above is true and despite the fact that institutional and social corruption is rife in Cameroon, 40 years is not enough to bring a country into the forefront of leading scientically and technologically advanced communities having started from scratch.

Western civilization dates back several 100s of years and has been achieved through learning from errors, devastating wars and dictatorship. Now that we are broadly identifying the problems of scientifically and technologically lagging countries. Now that the rest of the world is raising brows at the self-destructive nature of most third world countries. Now that leaders of the African continent who used to abuse human rights with impunity are being persecuted, I see progress though slow and probably in my life, social equality and sound technological advancement will not be attained, it will be achieved in another Cameroonians life time!

First we have to learn to vote for the right people and those not competent must learn to stay away from positions that do not befit their mental assiduity. Intectuals must stick to research and not canvassing for lucrative ministerial positions. We must fulfil the functions for which we are best educated for!

The world is now hiccupping about the African plight even though more is needed i am glad that such studies as the one sited above and that of Transparency intentional actively investigate the state economic and technoligical health of African nations as well. This was not the case a few decades ago! This can not go unnoticed in the near future!

paolo  laurent


do you knoe your identity?
as a southern cameroonians, i would say all
6,5m of who are of the same culture and worldview, as well as knows all too well
what the french cameroun is all about.
we are not surprise, someting that bad can
never give birth to ant thing good in eternity.

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