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July 07, 2006


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Martin Jumbam

"... many of the individuals who are very active on Cameroonian internet forums are wary of the discipline, commitment, and consistency required to maintain a successful blog." I feel that finger pointing directly on my forehead and threatening to pull the trigger!! If there is indeed someone with a blog that is hardly updated, that someone is your humble servant! I always wish my blog would look and sound like yours, but, more often than not, I don't do much to make it look and sound like yours!

Dibussi, this is a beautiful piece -- as almost all your pieces on this blog tend to be. My congratulations. I concur with the view that "Scribbles from the Den" stands head and shoulders above the blogs I'm familiar with. Beautifully scripted articles that are kept short and simple and that call for a second, if not a third, read.

Congratulations too to the JimbiMedia outfit for putting many of us in cyberspace. Were Cameroonians in the Diaspora to follow your lead and involve those of us at home in their various areas of specialty, we would also proudly thrust out our chests in just about every field of human knowledge. Or so I believe.

Nelson Muffuh

Great piece as usual. Please find info below about an innovative and recommendable initiative (Dr. Shiyghan Navti) to encourage Cameroonians and indeed other africans to embrace the blogging and webspacing culture:

PickAfrica, the Open African Ecosystem, is a Web site that serves to facilitate collaboration between a nework of participants with similar interests. It is a community centered initiative.

PickAfrica.com lets you create a Web space for your community. Create a community Web space on PickAfrica.com and you can run workshops, share documents, journals and interests with a growing network of members with a common interest!

PickAfrica.com is for everyone:

Friends who want to talk Online
People seeking a mentor
Communities who want to keep in touch with geographically dispersed members
Business people and co-workers collaborating on projects
Classmates and study partners
Anyone looking for long lost friends!
We are a new site, developing new features as fast as we can. If you have suggestions or comments, please mail them to:[email protected]

Shiyghan Navti

First of all, thanks to Dibussi for raising this very interesting and enlightening subject, and Nelson for highlighting what we, in our own little way, have been trying to do for the African community.

I do agree with Martin that Blogging to many seems too daunting. After experimenting with the idea of providing blogging capabilities similar to that offered by JimbiMedia, I came to the conclusion that in the first instance, a much simpler blog service might be more attractive to a majority of users. The solution we adopted is to enable all registered users of www.pickafrica.com to maintain a simple blog, and also provide them with the ability to track their forum posts. We hope that by descovering the potential of the internet as a collaboration and communication platform, many of our fellow Africans will embrace the full power of Blogsphere and in so doing, contribute/giveback to their communities. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

Muchu Suh

Great work as usual! Yours is a blog where readers leave feeling that the time was well spent.I've recomended your blog to many friends and they all love it. Thanks a million!

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