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July 20, 2006


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Who is really waging this war?

Here is the story, as it is told: Hezbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers. Israel responded with a military assault on Lebanon’s infrastructure, cities, villages, including homes, hospitals, and schools all before Hezbollah began to launch missiles.

In the first 8 days of the assault, hundreds of Lebanese have been massacred in their homes far from the border. More than 500,000 forced out of their homes under written threat of Israeli bombardment. (And, yes, Israelis have been killed: 25 Israelis, 12 of them soldiers.)

Israeli Brigadier General Halutz has said: “Nowhere is safe [in Lebanon] ... as simple as that.”

So, the question is: if I slap you, do you have the right to burn my family?

The Finnish foreign minister has stated that the Old Testament speaks of an eye for an eye, but not 20 eyes for one eye!

Yet, Condoleezza Rice has stated that a ceasefire would not solve the problem.

As if a country that is being broken and a people that are being massacred are not a problem, even when they had no part in the capture of the 2 Israeli soldiers.

George Bush has said that a country has a right to defend itself.

Yes. But Israel is not defending itself.

Israel began this war. It began it with the attacks on civilians.

This war is consistent with previous Israeli policies of aggression. In 1993, for example, [former Israeli Prime Minister] Barak conducted a war specifically based on the bombardment of civilians, according to Sagi, former Israeli military intelligence chief. Same policy in the 1996 attacks on Lebanon’s civilians. And before that in 1982. …

So, if I slap you, will you burn my family? Yes – if you want to burn my family from the start.

Yes, so long as the US is silent.

Remember: in the Israeli invasion of 1978, Jimmy Carter succeeded to halt Israel’s war on Lebanon by threatening the enactment of the US Arms Export Control Act, prohibiting the use of US-supplied military weaponry on civilian targets.

Rania Masri is a Lebanese-American professor in Lebanon, www.siegeoflebanon.blogspot.com


Robert Fisk is without doubt the most respected analyst of Middle East Politics in the past quarter of a century and his elegy for Beirut should be saved in museums for future generations - Lest we forget.

His new article in today's Independent is another clarion call for those who refuse to listen and refuse to see Israel and the West for the hypocrates that they are:
Robert Fisk: This is not Dunkirk. This is Munich
Published: 21 July 2006
How brave our warships looked at dawn. Spread over the pale blue Mediterranean, bristling with cannons and machine guns and missiles, it was an armada led by the destroyer HMS Gloucester and the USS Nashville andYork and the sleek French anti-submarine frigate Jean-de- Vienne. They represented Us, those ships upon which the Lebanese stared with such intensity yesterday. They represented our Western power, the military strength of our billion-dollar economies. Who would dare challenge this naval might?

It was, our journalists told us, to be the greatest evacuation since Dunkirk. There it was again, the Second World War. And it was another cruel lie which the Lebanese spotted at once. For these mighty craft had not arrived to save Lebanon, to protect a nation now being destroyed by America's ally, Israel, Lebanon whose newly flourishing democracy was hailed by our leaders last year as a rose amid the dictatorships of the Arab world. No, they were creeping through the dawn after asking Israel's permission to help their citizens to flee. These great warships had been sent here by Western leaders (Jacques Chirac excepted) too craven, too gutless, too immoral, to utter a single word of compassion for Lebanon's suffering.


We wonder why the world and more specifically the Arab world did not make such an uproar about Arab militias killing hundreds of thousands of Africans in Sudan. Is there some kind of hierarchy of humanity? That massacre is ongoing as we speak. We despair. There is no hope for human beings.


Mustapha, Marcello, Robert Fisk
You are quick to blame Israel for targeting civilians and the west for hypocricy.
You have conveniently forgotten that Hizbollah started this war.
Arab militias have murdered more than 200,000 black Africans in Sudan and rendered more than half a million of them homeless. I have not heard any condemnation of these atrocities from you and your Arab brothers.
Is it because you think black Africans are the scum of the earth? Oh, their lives and property mean nothing. I guess it is because they don't have high rise buildings, super highways, flower gardens and french restaurants.
Arabs are quick to start a fight, but when they are cornered and clubbered they start crying foul and playing the victim.

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