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September 26, 2006


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I am royally pissed! It is in times like this that one is overwhelmed by helplessness, blinding rage, and deep anguish. the most frightening part of it all is that this happens EVERY DAY in that God forsaken country. It just happens that Mr. Kristof was in the neighborhood at the right time. I wonde rhow this doctor can sleep at night...


Angry man,
It is ok to be pissed just make sure your anger is directed at the right target.
That is problem I have these days.. I don't know who to be mad at. In this particular case is it the government that fails the people by admitting people without the moral and intellectual fibre into medical school? Or the director who takes the bribe to admit unqualified candidate into CUSS? Ïs it the indignant American who bemoans his government's unwilling to help while failing to point out that the Cameroonian problem like that of Africa as whole stems from a merciless dictatorship propped up by the West including his own governmemt?

international herald tribune

Regarding "Prudence's struggle ends" by Nicholas Kristof (Views, Sept. 25): Twenty years ago in Douala, Cameroon, I witnessed the same kind of death that Kristof saw in Yokadouma - women and girls with obstructed labor and botched abortions left to die, the one doctor totally overwhelmed and without basic supplies.

Things are probably somewhat better in Douala today, especially for those with money, but not in Yokadouma or countless other places like it throughout sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and impoverished parts of Latin America.

Kristof is right that the United States should do much more and could start immediately by restoring funding to the United Nations Population Fund.

Lasting change, however, requires that donors and recipient countries dramatically change their strategies, which means sustained investment in accessible primary care, strong systems to deliver supplies, trained and well-treated health professionals other than doctors, especially midwives, and a functioning referral system for higher levels of care.

Adrienne Germain, New York President, International Women's Health Coalition


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