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October 15, 2006


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The French assasination of African nationalists is ongoing, and it also extends to French nationals who sympathise with these Africans.The recent death of Belli Bello, until his passing the Angolan Ambassador to Ivory Coast is being attributed to foul play by the French Secret Services who allegedly poisoned him while he was on a visit to Mali.

Any one, and I encourage all Africans to do so, who reads a book like "Noir Silence" by Verschave or Patrick de Saint-Exupery's accounts of the French role in Rwanda will come to the conclusion that the French government is an Al Queda on the Seine.

But more distrubing in this terrorism by France against Africa, is the complicity of the rest of the so-called civilised world. The Moumie case is paradigmatic of the ungoing understanding that the civilised white cousins extend to each other when they kill these Africans whose lives are worthless in their eyes.


It is worthin noting that in cases where Thallium doesn't kill, it leads to chronic fatigue, persistent stomach ache, Parkinsons'type trembling of the body,loss of hair, etc. It is suspected that Yasser Arafat was the victim of thallium poisoning by the Israeli Mossad...


For more on the work of so called French journalists, check THIS out.

Ambe Johnson

It seems like the Russians read your article on Moumie - "Ex-Russian Spy Poisoned In London":

(CBS/AP) British police are investigating the near-fatal poisoning of a former Russian spy who has been an outspoken critic of the Kremlin and of his former colleagues in Russia's security agency, authorities said Sunday.
A doctor treating Litvinenko told the British Broadcasting Corp. that tests showed he had been poisoned by THALLIUM — a toxic metal found in rat poison.

"He's got a prospect of recovering, he has a prospect of dying," said Dr. John Henry, a clinical toxicologist who treated Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko when he was poisoned by dioxin during his 2004 presidential election campaign.

Henry told the BBC that thallium can cause damage to the nervous system and organ failure, and that just one gram can be lethal.

Friends visiting Litvinenko in hospital said they were shocked by his appearance.

"He looks like a ghost," said Goldfarb. "He's a very fit man, he never smoked, he never drank, he would run five miles a day, but now he has lost all his hair, he has inflammation in the throat, so he cannot swallow."

Litvinenko quit Russia for Britain six years ago and has been an outspoken critic of the Kremlin ever since.

In 2003 he wrote a book, "The FSB Blows Up Russia," accusing his country's secret service agency of staging apartment-house bombings in 1999 that killed more than 300 people in Russia and sparked the second war in Chechnya.

His friends have said they believe Russian authorities could be behind the poisoning. Moscow did not comment on the allegations.

Russian dissident and tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who was at Litvinenko's bedside on Friday, told The Associated Press he suspected Russia's intelligence services were behind the alleged assassination attempt.

"It's not complicated to say who fights against him," Berezovsky said in a telephone interview. "He's (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's enemy, he started to criticize him and had lots of fears."



Many thanks to the internet. That which was hidden has now come to light and will stay in the light. This evil men can no longer hide and proudly boast of their crime. When do we take this french bastards to court in Germany? If they think they can try runsfed, how bout all this old french crocodiles? Why not unless the germans are a bunch of freaking hypocrites like a lot of europeans. They make these laws to catch African savages. Now European abarbarians falling in it.

Che Sunday

What gulls me is the continued presence of French troops in Africa. The so called foreign legion are nothing but hardcore criminals who can not be allowed to reside in France. These idiots will kill without remorse. The arial bombardment of the Bamilike people by French troops under Ahidjo qualifies as Genocide. We speak of the Rwandan genocide and trial of those responsible, what about what happened in Burundi on achieving independence? Belgian troops flew extermination missions in the country and killed over 500,000 Hutus to allow Tutsi control of the country managable. They are yet to be tried for that. The assasination of Patrice Lumumba is still a silent issue amongst Western nations. No one has ever owned up.Several years ago, an article appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education trying to justify the systematic elimination of Congolese by Belgian authorities. The author claimed that even if they were not killed, malaria was capable of killing just as many. Thus giving an excuse why the Democratic Republic of Congo, as large as it is still has a seemingly small population.
We are fair game, so long as we continue to allow our national interests defined by the Champs Elysee`. When Degaule declared that the question of independent Sub-Saharan African States was not to deliberated on now or the forseable future, it became apparent that France was ready to go to any extent to keep its influence visible in the region. See what they have given us as leaders. The Bongos, Biyas, Bokasas and the Papa Docs.To get France to listen, one must employ Moi Tse Tung's philosophy, i.e, "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

Che Ndipewah

France plotted for moumie's death, Moumie fought for justice because he was a nationalist, Moumie's death dislocated the home front of the UPC. Had it been Moumie wasn't poisoned the political history of CAMEROUN would have been different today. Moumie today in Cameroun have been declared a National Hero.

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