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« France's Dirty War in Cameroon: The Assassination of Félix-Roland Moumié (I) | Main | Article Review: Political Assassination as a Strategy Against Liberation Movements »

October 16, 2006


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Good,interesting and insightfull issues on your blog.Keep up the good work.You have made me a loyal and frequent reader.Check out this blog it is quiet interesting.Fellow reader of Dibussi's blog check this blog it is also quiet interesting since it is a the observation of non citizen.http://www.breakinggroundcameroon.org/index.html


Shouldn't someone sue the French government for this? People have been executed for less!!!


This is 2006 >45years after. French still messing with Africa. They not messing with Vietnam though. What the Viets got to teach us about that?


Never mind those french . They got their butts properly kicked in vietnam thanks to the vietcons' patriotic mindset . Moumie and Oum Nyobe would never have been killed if cameroonians had emulated that spirit . Don't think of suing, France is not the one erecting local traitors as national heroes . If it's proven that Moumie and Oum were communists then the case should be dropped due to the failure and demonstrated fallacy of the doctrine .


Many third world liberation movements had to obtain support from China and the Soviet Union, because the West tended to support the colonialists because most colonizers were Western nations. Those movements were very nationalistic but ideologically plastic. Hence, someone like Nelson Mandela was painted as a dangerous communist terrorist leader. The same could be said about Um and Felix Moumie. They were nationalists first and foremost, and the crimes committed against them should not be minimized for ideological reasons. The French attempted to wipe out the Bamilikis, a very entrepreneurial people. It is not possible for the Bamilikis to become communist because they are consummate business people. They were also supporters of Nyobe and Moumie.

Ngon Bassa, ( Ph.D Internal Medicine)

This story is well written but logic alone makes me to refuse to believe it. Felix Moumie, who as the author expresses was aware of the danger he was exposed to as a nationalist leader from a country that was a thorn on the flesh of France could not have left for a phone call, came back without touching his asperitif but would drink it later on.

Felix Moumie was not a dummy and above all, he would not eat from strangers. His mentors like Sekou Toure and Nkrumah would have reigned on him on how to deal with those vicious people.

Since 1889, the Federal law in Switzerland made it mandatory for any one who died within Switzerland to undergo an autopsy. The results of that autopsy revealed, Moumie did not have traces of any foreign matter in his system.

Unlike other untraceable poisons like arsenic acids, Thallium leaves traces behind. A victim of Thallium would have his or her organs turned into blue. That is why most Secret Services never used Thallium. Also, Thallium even at that primitive state (it has been modified) killed its victims within hours if appropriate care was not taken. Ironically, a good dose of palm oil or ground nut oil neutralzes the lethal effects of Thallium.

Comrade Felix Moumie died of cardiovascular collapse ( heart attack). He was not poisoned. The story churned out by those sources is a way to prove the invincibilty of France. Also, it is to make money.

Ngok Lituba

Ngon Bassa, while you might have a PhD in internal medicine, your information is incorrect. Thallium was found in Felix Moumie body at least 10 days BEFORE he died and the Swiss papers were full of reports about his ever worsening situation. And the autopsy reports which were also made public by the UPC confirm the Thallium poisoning version.

And regarding the improbability that Moumie could allow himself to be poisoned, recall the account of the other UPC member, Jean Martin Tchaptchet who was present at the dinner. In Frank Garbely's 2008 documentary "Mort à Genève - l'empoisonnement de Félix Moumié", Tchaptchet says that Brechtel distracted him with pictures when Moumie walked away from the table: "Je ne sais pas à quel moment cela est arrivé. On regardait les photos qu'il présentait. C'était des photos de lui avec le président Moumié à Accra. Il y avait une atmosphère de confiance. "

Yes, the UPC folks, Moumie included, were careless and too trusting of Brechtel. These are well documented facts and no amount of revisionism will change that today.


France,Belgium,Germany,England,Netherland, go on down the list they all had dirty dirty wars against African Independence and the effects are felt to this day.The continent of Africa have been raped and pillaged by these savage nations

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