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November 01, 2006


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Dibussi Tande:
I encourage your efforts to tell the world of this history. But imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link to the pictures of ALNK fighters only to see my own copyrighted photographs as the ones listed. Nowhere did you credit my work, nor did you get the permission of those fighters to post them on your site. Is this right to steal the work of others without crediting them even to fight the good fight? I don't think so. We who are familiar with Cameroon's history know the destructive havoc that corruption can wreak. I am surprised that you did not first contact me to ask permission before placing the link to my photographs on your site. I look forward to hearing from you, comrade.

Dibussi Tande

Hello Djuissi,

Your accusation is grossly unwarranted:

1. Contrary to your claims, I did not post any of your photographs on my site. I simply placed a link to your flickr page from within my site. And, as you must have noticed, the link to your flickr page opens in a brand new window, thereby eliminating any possible confusion between your site and mine. So we cannot even begin to talk of copyright when NOTHING was copied!!!!!!

2. It was not necessary to specifically credit you within this article because all the relevant info is on your Flickr site. When it opens up it is boldly written that it contains “Djuissi's photos”. The credit is there for everyone to see….

4. Equally relevant is the fact that it is clearly stated on your page that your photos are “Public photos”. What this means is that they can be tagged (e.g., using the "Cameroon" tag) or referred to on weblogs such as this without any specific authorization from you - no different from creating a link to a story in the New York Times or a video on Youtube.

5. I actually did the most honorable thing by giving your site ample exposure and making sure that anyone who clicked on the said link would be led directly to your flickr page. That is what the “World Wide Web” is all about; an intricate set of information on all topics freely linked together in a web-like manner…. Without links there will be no WWW! As it has rightly been pointed elswhere: "One of the hopes and goals of the designers [of the www] was that after the passage of some years, a meaningful fraction of the sum total of human knowledge would be on the Web, and that it would be fully cross-linked."

6. It has long been established by the courts that a URL is like a telephone number in a phone book, or even a street number. Hence, linking to a URL is similar to telling a tourist that they should check out the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during their visit to Washington DC. I don't need the White House's permission to do that – the same rule applies web linking.

7. Finally I was intrigued by your pictures of ALNK fighters. I wanted to know more but alas, your flickr page had no contact information... It will be interesting to put a story behind these and other related unpublished pictures that you might have in your collection. If this is something you are inclined to do, just drop me a note at [email protected].




Djuissi Dude those are very nice pictures you have there on your site. You should be thanking Dibussi for linking you up, otherwise they would be invisibleIt would be like a disservice to those heroes. BTW when are you guys going to write their story? I hope not when they are dead and buried. There has to be somebody who is writing their story down, right? Be nice to Dibussi and let him link you up some more. It is about eyeballs on the internet, number of clicks, that sort of thing and Dibussi has that game down. sixty thousand clicks in the short time he has operated this site. He has to be doing something right.


This is exactly the problem Cameroon has and let not expect that country to change if its people can not change.

Hatred, jalousie and egoism and all for nothing.

why do you need credit for a link and that a link on blank pictures. You should have at least given some descriptions to your pictures cause as they are, they mean nothing.

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