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November 15, 2006


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Rosemary Ekosso

Lovely! I cannot wait for Part Two of the article (is there a Part Two coming up?).

I think you could write an entire book about Africa's plight in terms of doctors, brain drain and ethics.

The people who stop other, less skilled immigrants from going to their ocuntries are quite happy to take in the doctors that poor third world countries have spent so much time to train.

It is not unexpected for immigration policy to be cynical and opportunistic; after all, what does one expect from governments? But the rank hypocrisy of it all is what really upsets me.

On the one hand, our trained citizens are absorbed in to the society of the rich countries for their own use when it suits them.

On the other hand, the international policies of rich countries contribute to making it impossible for poorer countries to attain levels of governance and development that would make it unneccessary for the youngest and strongest, who are not necessarily skilled but who still have great potential, to leave their homes and loved ones for a hostile foreign land.

There should be some compensation for taking our skilled workers. The people who happily take our doctors could, for instance, fund the training of enough doctors to go round, absorb what they need, and leave some for us. But that is, I suppose, too reasonable.


We're hoping the Medicial School of the University of Buea will bail us out of the prevailing sad situation.


thats only if,the owners of ub,(la republique du cameroun) doesnt control the
decisions implemeting such a school.


Hi Paolo,no good news. I'm afraid your fears have been confirmed."Yaounde", it seems, decides who gets admitted into the school and that, to the detriment of those who sat for and passed the competitive entrance examination.Its best they keep it;we're better off without quacks because that's exactly what it seems the school will be tunrning out six years from now and every other year.A pity.

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