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December 22, 2006


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Dibussi, thank you for putting this on your blog and by the way, good job always.

To me, working in this area in several African countries, this is a very loaded piece.
The Corruption in Cameroon stinks to high heavens and affects every facet of life in that country. In Southern African countries, corruption in the communities is not much of a problem and much reduced even at government levels. So Southern African countries are so attractive to Foreign donors who want to assist in health programs so much so that, the major problem is 'the absorptive capacity'. Most bilateral and multilateral donors that give several millions (sometimes hundreds) complain that less than 50% of donated funds were used for the funding cycle. And it is true that there is lack of capacity (managers, skilled health care workers etc) to absorb these large sums. Cameroon and most central African states and to a lesser extend W. African States have a similar shortage of skilled workers BUT CAMEROON'S FUNDS get used up before the projects are conceived. This has made the country so unpopular and hostile to international donors. Nothing substantial to show at the end of the funding cycle.

So much for that! Most people will measure how well African countries are managing HIV/AIDS particularly on treatment by the numbers of people or uptake in the treatment program. An even bigger fish to fry is, how are those already on treatment managed? Starting the drugs at the right time, right combination, the medicines are always available and affordable, the patient knows what to do at all times, docs, nurses, pharmacists are always available and well trained and most important how well is treatment monitoring done and individualized? The ultimate is the patient’s quality of life and outcome. To gauge all these, do not go to Yaounde or Douala; go to rural areas: Kouseri, Nkambe, and the Eastern Province etc.
While I give an F grade to most ministers in Cameroon, I do give an E grade to the minister of health in Cameroon who is not a medic. But an E for health is very bad. I hope he is not trying to be defensive on the above story but quickly move to improve his accountability systems. I however wonder if that can be done in the Cameroonian milieu where that is the order of the day from top to bottom.

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