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December 31, 2006


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For more info on French African Policy kindly view the following document by Mr. Verschave:

http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/search/verschave/video/xb7r4_fx-verschave-la-francafrique´ target=´_blank´>http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/search/verschave/video/xb7r4_fx-verschave-la-francafrique


Check out this link for still pictures from the documentary:



Thanks Tande for this piece. What I found most distressing about this documentary is the fact that the remains of Moumie have been removed from its resting place in Conakry since 2004 and nobody in Cameroon has said a thing about it, not Kodock or Woungly Massaga "commandant Kissamba" of the UPC or any leader of the opposition. This is sickening and sad because we as a country have no national treasure. Cameroon will never forge ahead until we start paying some respect to the heroes of the independence struggle. And we wonder why Cameroonian as a people are lethargic to political movements... Please.. This country is doomed!!


Never doomed, just down and you must empower them!

Jesse Jones

Now they took the video away. so we can't get more people to know about the French horrible work in Africa.

Ma Mary

No biggie. Just insert the link to their site. We'll watch it on theirs if that is what they want.

Ma Mary

The site of triluna films appears to be frozen. Is it too early to surmise that the people who killed Moumie, stole his body and decapitated and murdered hundreds of thousands want to clamp down on the story?


Who would have thunk it?

The streamlining of technology is reviving the ghosts of the Moumies, Lumumbas and Sankaras of Africa. These patriotic and dignified Africans who arguably could have really become the genuine "founding fathers" of a different Africa than what obtains today are coming back to life.

France and their African surrogates can run but they can not hide.

The Africa that has been under the heel of an evil and wicked French colonial rule is just beginning to dream; and France's nightmare in Africa is just commencing: their banditry, murders, massacres, genocidal schemes (mainly through the instrumentalisation of ethnic and tribal cleavages) and assorted financial crimes in Africa are being exposed.

The France, LA GRANDE FRANCE that struts around the world, nose up in the air, wreaking of garlic and cheese masked with expensive perfumes having a large chunk of African surrogates in her pocket will be brought down to her knees.

The African "ants" now carry megaphones.

Georgia T.

This is the first time I visit your webblog, I came across it by searching for Felix Moumie through Google... I'd just like to say thank you so much for posting Frank Garbely's documentary and congratulations for your very interesting blog.

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