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January 18, 2007


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Kindly check this interesting business newspaper in Cameroon. I recommend it for reading. That is for me the best initiative in Journalism last year:

Nebangwa Junior

I wish to encourage this baby newpaper that has jioned others in the web. I also wish to strongly say that, juornalism in the recent times has been wanting and that much efforts should be made to sensitize the public about the actual happenings around us.
More elbow grease.
God Bless

Julius Fondong

It's nice to know that there's another Cameroonian newspaper online. I can only hope that this will be a sustainable venture.
More grease to the elbows of the Eden group.

Julius Nyamkimah Fondong
United Nations Mission in Haiti.


This is fomidable! Glad to know that this paper empawers Cameroonians in this manner.


Glad to know

But we need a national private english radio broacasting from Yaoundé that will address the issues that concern anglophones and only in English.
An online version like the french cameroonvoice will be nice. I think we anglophones are too absent in Cameroon as far as culture media are concerned.



Eden is about moving its domain name to

Ignatius Nji

That is great. It is long over due.get started many readers are very eager to read on line.

Martin tabe


At least two Bible prophets mentioned the coming of the Antichrist. Apostle Paul of Tarsus mentioned that there are several Antichrists. When you carefully evaluate the Cameroon Problem, you realize that the Antichrist is already here.


It is very very hard to understand the position of the North-Westerners. This is not tribal politics but we must hit the nail on the head. One thing remains very certain…the North-westerner is not to be trusted. You guys are TRAITORS without end.

1). We take a historical narrative from the Foumban conference prior to the so called reunification. Foncha and Muna in complicity with their brothers in the west conspired with the existing regime against the legitimacy of the Southern Cameroons to get what we have today. Someone got so angry with me for not realizing that the symbol of the Foumban chiefdom is a Double headed serpent. Of all the animals on earth, this kingdom decided to choose the serpent (SATAN), the worst enemy to mankind. And behold, it wasn’t any ordinary serpent but a serpent with two heads, a sign of treachery and betrayal, hypocrisy, double standards you name the rest. Even from their geographical location, the guys of the west are neither Anglophone nor francophone. They remain in-between, lukewarm. I am sure you know what demerits there are for those who sit on the fence. They are neither this way nor that way. When the wind blows this way they identify with it and the reverse also holds sway. They can take trade secrets across the fence to either side according to their whims and caprices.

Many have wondered why of all the existing intellectuals at that time, the destiny of a people could only be entrusted to two primary school leavers.

2). In the 1990’s came John Fru Ndi and the SDF syndrome. Popular opinion at that time held that the messiah had come. It wasn’t long before long awaited messiah started showing his ugly side with his intrinsic, tribal, vindictive and other hypocritical instincts. When the SDF received election money, Fru Ndi alone grabbed 150million lion share. When he was interviewed he justified the act by saying that he had not been paid all these years. Many wondered where it happens that someone who does not hold a post of responsibility is paid. His graffi brothers were quick to justify that he is the leader and as a leader he alone can allot 60% of the booty and 40% for the rest of the people. In other countries, opposition members are either senators or congressmen. From his finicky and very dull declarations, on wonders whether he ever saw the walls of a classroom. Once again, the destiny of a people was placed in the hands of some illiterate. He used the Famous 8.2 to send all who dared oppose him to the guillotine. He even attacked Ngwa Sirri in person with tear gas, something that is not sold in the market and is used only by the military. This attack lead to the death of Ngwa Sirri later on but Fru Ndi was not charged till date. This means that Fru Ndi was/has been working with the regime all along. Needless mentioning the Nkemgu’s, Asonganyi’s, and the litany continues. It’s hard to believe that an intellectual like Jua Paulinus could be pushed to the back ground because he dared challenge Fru Ndi. This is a seasoned jurist, perfectly bilingual with good working experience, yet the SDF regime could afford to throw him to the back ground so that the SDF will become/remain a party of empty heads, nonentities and of vandals. The era of road side politics is over. The era where one could garnish much support by criticizing and by condemning the regime on roof tops is long past. The era when one could go to Mbouda to stir public uproar in the minds of vandals and lunatics so they vent their anger and frustrations over the regime by breaking and burning stuff is dead and gone. What obtains is your political agenda, how things can be made better so Cameroon can move on. Furthermore, Mr. Fru Ndi used his wide-sweeping powers to appoint only those from his region of origin to posts of responsibility in the SDF. This was further compounded by his so called shadow cabinet that laid his inherent tribal instincts to the open with a total 100% of members from his region of origin. This caused many supporters to withdraw their votes and finances, bringing the SDF to its knees till present date. Critics went wild in the tabloids and in mbu houses asking aloud what difference there is between Fru Ndi and Biya. If at the level of a political party the former could display such nepotism then no one dare imagine what will happen if he were elected president of this country. Needless mention the persistent news about all his secret meetings with Biya and with CPDM big wigs. Joseph Owona visited him right in his Bamenda residence.

Fru Ndi’s wife was evacuated for medical reasons at speed of light. As though that wasn’t enough, when she died, Fru Ndi received a wreath from Biya and a colossal 21 Million francs cfa. Some talk of a much greater sum, to buttress the point that Fru Ndi has been wining and dinning with the regime over the years at the expense of all the confidence Cameroonians have vested in him. Well he is reaping the fruits of his labour. The SDF today is less than a shadow of itself. All enthusiasm has died down with very few people willing to attend rallies of participate in elections because Fru Ndi and Biya are one or better still, there is no difference between the two.

3) Of all the regions, the North West was the first to herald the constitutional Amendment that made Biya the Life president of Cameroon. Zaccheus Fonjindam, Tazong Abel Nde, John B Ndeh called for the revision of the constitution under the guise that it was undemocratic for the president’s mandate to be limited and that Biya was the only one man enough to rule Cameroon. They promised him their unflinching support as well as the support of the North West chiefs and the entire northwest population. Remember that one of the few special constituencies in the country is in the North West region-Ngoketunja. One of the biggest cohorts in CRTV was of this extraction; Mr. Luc Ananga could go to any length to hail the Biya regime to the high heavens with his obnoxious analysis even to the point of describing how handsome Biya was and how well dressed he appeared on TV. Remember that it was in Bamenda that Biya was crowned chief of chiefs and fon of fons. Also remember that it was in the same Bamenda that the CPDM was born. Also remember that one of the leaders of the 1996 constitutional amendment that gave Biya sweeping powers was Carlson Anyangwe of North West Origin and his Brother Munzu of the South west. The obnoxious ELECAM is headed by a North Westerner. Needless mention the Paul Atanga Njis, the Fai Yengos, the Gwanmesia’s etc. at present date, it has been established that Mme Kahbang Wahla is a CPDM cohort, sponsored by Paul Atanga Nji to destabilize the SDF.

4) Woe unto any one who places his trust in the North Westerner. It’s very hard to understand their position. Over the ages, minister Marafa has been persistently rigging elections from ages to ages through out the national territory in favour of the CPDM, stealing the victories of the SDF all along. This reporter was told that the SDF victory in Fako especially was so ashamed, 200: 15 votes in favour of the SDF, 325: 12 and 100% in some polling stations. In the Buea locality it was even more alarming with the National station mentioning a sweeping victory for the SDF with 75% of votes already counted at 6:30 am, only for the Buea municipality to parade the streets with a caravan at 11:30am, singing the victory song. In spite of all these, Mr. Fru Ndi was willing to put lawyers in the defense of Marafa whose hands are plunged deep down the dirty waters of corruption. At the same time, the SDF was filling a motion at the National assembly calling for an investigation to the Camair Crash of the 1990’s of which Marafa was the one in charge of the award maintenance contract for the plane and the indemnification of the victims which never saw the light of day. At the same time the SDF regime criticized Biya for using dubious means to acquire a plane with SNH funds at the time when the country was wallowing in poverty. Newspaper reports stipulate that in a secret meeting at his residence on the sharing of the booty, Marafa alone is purported to have gone home with a lump sum of 600 million CFA. Yet the SDF is willing to go to any length to defend Marafa. Surprisingly enough, the North West elite was very passive about the arrest of their kinsman from Chantier Naval but they were very ready to support Marafa of a different tribal extraction. It is thanks to Fru Ndi that we have the toll gates on our roads till date; extorting money from Cameroonians. Yet the roads are what they are with no provision for expansion or any significant maintenance. The number of cars flooding the country has been on the steady increase yet the toll gate revenue remains questionable. Over the years many commissions have been put in place to audit toll gate revenue that has ended up in personal coffers. You simply need to travel form Bameda to Buea of from Buea to Yaoundé to imagine how much revenue is generated daily with all the numerous cars and agencies that ply our roads 24 hours a day. What a shame.

Its very hard to understand the fact that Fru Ndi, Achidi Achu, Forgindam, John B Ndeh, Tazong Abel Ndeh, fon Angwafor and the like all hail from Mezam or better still, from Santa subdivision yet there has never been any criticism, talk less of a direct conflict or an open confrontation between these people. If truly the CPDM is Fru Ndi’s worst enemy then it is hard to understand the type of game that the North Westerners are playing in Santa Subdivision

The SCNC is inexistent in the national territory except in the North West region. What then is the stance of the North West? Is it incomprehensible for the North West to be strong in the SDF, in the CPDM and in the SCNC at the same time? This position cannot be defined. If those of the West region are the snake with two heads, then the North West is the snake with 3 heads.

The herald of the GCE Board, Mr. Azong Wara gathered his graffi brothers in Yaoundé to criticize the failure of the Ministry of National Education in organizing the GCE.

Among other things, he said the frogs were under minding Anglophone education, which GCE standards were falling, that teachers’ correction dues were hardly ever paid, that the frogs were responsible for the persistent leakages on other examination malpractices. For some reason unknown to the public, the GCE Board was granted by presidential decree in less than time, with Azong Wara as the pioneer Registrar.

From then on to present date, there has never been a year that teachers have received their dues without putting up a fight before or after marking the GCE. There has been no year without leakages and other malpractices. Over the years the standards have been on steady decline with some subjects having as low as 20% cut off marks. Yet you will hear how 21 students had 50 points and all the like, n a mere multiple choice exam.

One is tempted to wonder what Cameroonians do with money. In the days of old, registration for the GCE cost as little as 3,500FRS CFA. Nowadays it costs from 15,000 FRS to 25,000 FRS. In order to get more money, compulsory subjects are increased every other year, compelling students to register more subjects than they nee. Since the price is per subject, it means that more money comes in. to maximize their booty; the GCE Board has resorted to multiple choice questions that are marked by computer so that little man power would be sought yet the cost of examinations is at an all time high. This year the GCE Board comes up with G1 form at the cost of 1,000 FRS CFA, claiming it is used for authentication. Multiply 1,000 FRS by 110,000 candidates and get the result. The next year another form is instituted, G2 at the cost of 1,000 FRS CFA. Multiply 1,000 FRS by 110,000 students; what do you get as additional revenue, left aside the registration cost and the cost per subject, other charges left aside like 5,000 FRS for the certificate, whether it is for passed or failed. Multiply 5,000FRS by 100,000 students every single year, what do you get? You get 500 million francs cfa for just a single year. Then you add the hundreds of millions sent from the General Paymaster in Yaoundé, to the tune of 250 million francs or more. Then you start asking what Cameroonians are doing with money. In spite of all these it seems very hard for teachers to be paid their menial setting and correction dues, yet you want to tell me that the Antichrist is not here already? This is why the GCE Board has become a Death trap with personnel that are at daggers drawn, ready to shed blood in other to get appointed to posts of responsibility.

You will be very surprised that the GCE Board is still renting private premises 20 fucking years after its creation. This defies any human or divine logic. Sure the GCE Board is waiting for Biya to build them a permanent residence.

Let’s wait and see……


During the hey days of multi party politics, many letters purported to have been written by Fru Ndi were leaked to the press. This led to a general uproar and condemnation because the letter called the South Westerners PUPPETS. Whether the source of the letter was genuine or not is immaterial but one thing remains clear. The South Westerners are even bigger PUPPETS than you can ever imagine. These are people who follow the blowing of the wind like sheep without a shepherd. If the wind blows east they are ready to follow, if it suddenly turns west they willingly follow. The answer to this enigma is very simple; the South westerner does not have a direction. Sheep without a shepherd because its so-called intellectuals are at daggers drawn, ready to slaughter one another for their personal gains and egos, the reason why the region is where it is 50 years after independence. Yet this is a region that is pregnant, endowed with so many natural resources yet it languishes in misery and penury. Over the years the South West Elite and peoples have had a sizzling romance with the Beti regime with nothing to show for it. If you compare availability of natural resources, the allegiance to the Beti regime and the level of development in the two Anglophone regions, you realize that there is nothing to write home about in the South West Region.

1) As at now, there are more than 15 petroleum extractions companies in the Bakassi zone, Kombo Itindi, Kombo Abedimo, Isangele and many other islands in Ndian division yet not 1km of tarred road exists in that division. What a paradox! Yet this is a division that votes the CPDM with universal acclamation-total unanimity. One is tempted to wonder whether these indigenes are insane or are spell bound. The Bakassi mayors of recent sent a motion of Support to the Yaoundé regime thanking it for the theft of their oils to finance frivolous activities in Yaoundé, Switzerland and the like. Mundemba which is the divisional head quarters goes for weeks without electricity and water supply. It is only of recent that Mundemba could capture CRTV television signals. So the Ndian elite are telling the Ndian indigenes that they don’t deserve any level of development, no basic amenities in the 21st century and 50 years after independence. How much of the South West is tarred? There is oil and there is SONARA at the door step If the kumba-Buea road was tarred it’s because of the heavy activity in that axis so that the government could impose a weighing station and collect more money for the regime.

When the Green Tree accord was put in place, there was so much talk of the Ekok-Mamfe-Mutengene road that would disincline that part of the region. Surprisingly, the road has been diverted to Bamenda and the South West elite are simply clamped shut about that issue. All the historic towns in the South West Region are no where to be found, Tiko, Mamfe, Buea you name the rest. Mamfe cannot boast of good roads, Mamfe goes for 2 weeks without electricity supply; talk less of potable water or town ship taxes, 50 years after independence.

2). The South West Region does not have a Reference Hospital but Bamenda can already boast of one. The reference hospital in Buea can go on for 8 months without potable water. In a hospital! The toilets stink to the high heavens and patients and pregnant women have to help themselves in the near by bushes when nature calls. Instead of getting cured, the hospital has become a place to get infected. If the Regional Hospital can attain this low level, how will those in Kumba, Mamfe, mundemba be? Your guess is as good as mine.

Id like to ask Mbella Moki, Andrew Motanga Lifanda, Mme Lifaka, Njalla Quan and the like what the CPDM has realized in the South West or better still in Fako Division after 13 years of uninterrupted rule of Fako sons at the Star building. The Tiko wharf is where it is, the Tiko airport is where it is, the Limbe deep sea port has been pushed to the back ground. When it was time to placate the masses to support the constitutional amendment you could hear about the Limbe deep sea port. These days you hear only about Kribi sea port. Where is the Limbe thermal plant or the Yoke electricity power supply of the Korean cement factory that has become a National disgrace on the Batoke road like wise the South West Chiefs conference that is an eye sore at the Muea road, several years after the laying of the foundation stone. Up till now, the most part of the South Wes Region is untarred, no regular electricity supply, no potable water you name the rest for all the years of allegiance and un alloyed support to the regime. The North West has been in the opposition for 20 years yet the Ring road is about getting tarred, they have been offered a University, they have a Reference Hospital and all the like, with less that 3 years of rulership at the star building.

Yet the South West barons will hail Biya as the God-sent President of Cameroon. Yet Fako CPDM cohorts can send motions of support to Biya for the so-called Grandes Realisations, how Cameroon has been turned into a vast construction site with many projects that will make Cameroon an emerging economy in 2035. Perhaps the South West elite find it hard to explain to the indigenes that not a single project, not one project is situated out of the South Region, Menve ele, mekin, Lom Pangar, Kribi sea port, kribi thermal plant, Limbe gas plant etc. Not one of the numerous projects s situated out of Biya’s region, yet the regime is taking tax payers money from over the national territory including debts that will be paid by posterity at 5% compound interest to finance projects in Biya’s Region of origin. What a shame!

3). During the last presidential elections, all regions were represented by candidates. Some regions like the Centre, West and Northwest had a minimum of 4 candidates in these regions. The North West had, Nyamdi, Fru Ndi, Kahbang Wahla, and Muna. Even the minority of all minorities in Cameroon, the Littoral Region had a candidate, Ekindi. Yet the loner (Ayah) from the South West who dared join the race to challenge Biya was received all the opposition from his indigenes. Did someone say l’ennemi dans la maison?

There is something wrong with this region, better still this region is cursed. Since when has Achidi Achu, Forgindam, Angwafor or any other big wig challenged or distanced themselves from Fru Ndi because the latter is in the opposition? When did Garga Haman Aji who is now in the opposition ever challenge Marafa or Issa Tchiroma?

It is only in the South West that Ayah could be challenged even from people of his own village in the likes of Obi Okpun, Agbor Tabi and other South West Elite. Sure we haven’t forgotten one of the Vice Presidents who justified the purported proxy to vote in Ayah’s place. If not of Ayah, the South West would have been the only region in Cameroon that would not have been represented. It means that if tomorrow the CPDM collapses (which it must one day) there will be no one to clamor for the region’s interest whole other regions will have more than one Candidate to defend their interests. Not one South Westerner has a will of his own. It is all about …..The Head of State’s….this or that.

The country went amok when Ngolle Ngolle (direct replica of Luc Ananga made in South West), the Bakossi scholar from the hills of Kupe Muanenguba tried to translate his native Bakossi language into English by justifying the new definition of the word “Natural”. He was surely trying to add a new definition to the English dictionary, even though the road to his village has been impassable for 5 years now. The only access to Tombel, Bangem is through the West Region. You leave the South West, through the Littoral and then to the West before making a left turn to get to Bamgem which is just around the corner here, a stone’s throw from Kumba.

4). So much dust has bee raised since Biya started the (in) famous Operation Epervier. Never has any subject raised dust this much or caused ink to flow without end, stirring popular opinion, making the atmosphere pregnant with speculation. It is hard to fully access how much success this operation has registered, talk less of how much funds have been recovered. Many pundits claim that it is destined towards the settlement of political scores rather than effectively fighting corruption. All hell broke loose when big wigs like Inoni and Marafa were arrested. Many analysts justified the fact that the timing of these arrest were destined towards diverting political opinion from the obnoxious Electoral law which it did. What was even more interesting was the way the so-called South West elite reacted to the detention of their kin. Meetings were held in Buea to appease the elite to the fact that it was not a political motive and that the Law courts were going to do their job. Later on, interviews were granted and Fako elite stunned the public the most by their declarations….justifying his arrest. They even went as far as saying that …”it is not good for people in a country to steal too much….” this already criminalizes Inoni prior to his trial. Yet the law talks about the Presumption of Innocence, innocent until proven guilty. The (in) famous English scholar who hails from the jungles in Manyu further criminalized Inoni by single-handedly sent a motion of support to Biya, praising his efforts in the Fight against Corruption. During the old school days, English was for the weak, those who couldn’t make it in Physics or in economics. This was common with men who were academic misfits and flashy girls with empty heads. It was very hard for a man to study English like a major. Yet you have someone parading himself as an English professor. Too shame. You would willingly turn off your radio set when you hear him talk, no display of any linguistic skill or any mastery of the language. He nurses the illusion that by so doing he will be appointed Prime minister some day. In Cameroon, the professorship coefficient is measured by how much allegiance, how much praises can be poured on the Biya regime. When you hear the some one’s credentials and you realize that such a person cannot write a simple article in a news paper, let alone make a publication in an academic journal. I challenge any one to go to the internet and Google any of such names and get his shock.

The South West has sacrificed or better still, auctioned Mr. Inoni.

Who can claim that Inoni has not helped South West indigens? How many people of this extraction got jobs thanks to Inoni’s influence at the Government and even at Standard Chartered where he was Board Chairman?

If the Limbe-Idenau road is tarred today it s thanks to Inoni’s influence when he was in the Ministry of Finance. Inoni Supported many endeavours in the South West including the South West chiefs. Today, the same people he raised to the pedestal in the Government, in the National Assembly, in the Councils and in the Standard Chartered Bank have all turned against their brother

Make no mistake. This writer does not in any way endorse corruption. Sure, Inoni will get just what he deserves but until he is proven guilty, he remains innocent. Inoni will pay the price for romancing with Lucifer.

When Marafa was arrested all hell broke loose in the Grand Nord. Better still, since his removal from office the Grand Nord has been under siege up to the point where Issa Tchiroma and 2 Northern elite had tried making a trip to calm the nerves of their kinsmen without success. During the installation of the Garoua Governor, no CPDM elite or population came out to witness the occasion. There was a total boycott from the Northern populace.

Of recent, the Ngaoundere University students sent a motion of support to Marafa this same day, 18th of June 2012. They even went as far as endorsing his candidature for the next presidential elections, addressing him as His Excellency. Marafa’s brothers in the capital city in Yaoundé were not left out as they printed tracks in colour paper and pasted them all over Yaoundé including locations close to the Tsinga Police School with courage. It is only in the South West that their kinsman was auctioned for less than 30 pieces of silver….

Allegiance to the Rose Cross and to the Freemasons doesn’t always work. Politics is a Machiavellian thing. It goes beyond allegiance to demonic sects or praise singing. There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics but there are permanent interests. Where are all those who could lie down for Biya to walk over them? Where are those who sang all the praises to Biya hailing him as the life president of Cameroon?

Biya is the master of his art. Biya and Biya alone know where he is taking this country to. He understands the Political equation so well. When you are at your prime, Biya uses you to the fullest, giving you the impression that you are indispensable or better still that you are a semi-god. After having sapped you of all your potentials, he dumps you when you least expect and what a great fall that usually is. Biya is good at using and dumping people. Where is the famous “15 days renewable?” Where is Forgindam who introduced the Life president campaign? Where is Ngolle Ngolle? Where is Marafa who rigged all the elections over the years? Who could have believed one year ago that one day Fotso will be in prison after all their romance and allegiance to Biya?

Many more heads will roll. Many of those who think they are untouchables will fall. The CPDM is a kingdom divided against itself and it will definitely fall. It’s just a matter of time….and woe unto all those who rely on the CPDM for their protection and for their survival. There will hardly be a hiding place for them. I’d suggest self exile in that event. God save this country.

On the next publication; a cross examination of the Cameroonian political and administrative landscape-

THE CAMEROONIAN PROBLEM: Corrupt Administration, Thieving Lawyers, Complacent Church, Divided Army, Pseudo-Intellectuals, Powerless Legislative, Dishonest Politicians and the way forward!





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