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March 08, 2007


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How many Ministers and their families need to be causalities and Statistics on the YAOUNDE/DOUALA Highway before CHANGE can occur??
RIP< RIP Dr. Bate Besong, Dr. Hilarious Ambe, Kwasen Gwangwa, and Tabe Awoh have joined the statistics with respect to the number of innocent souls dead along the YDE/DLA road. They will be missed by all who came in contact with them or their continued effort to educate the masses. It is HIGH TIME as we move into the next elections to DEMAND from PAUL BIYA and the TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT wider-lane-roads for our safety as Cameroonians who constantly travel on these busy highways. HEAD ON COLLISION is the number ONE killer on our major highways in Cameroon. Voters need to STEP UP and DEMAND CHANGE for every life counts not just the ones who fly on helicopters named after our great mountains and lakes.
GOD will take good care of these dearly departed, for the meant good to society.


A "Baobab" indeed is a "Baobab" in need. Actually I don't think English has any adjective to describe this fallen hero loved by all. I'm particular flattered by ALL the comments on the postnewsline.com interactive forum - a forum with the highest number of critics who speak ill even of the dead.

BB is an exception of the heavy words from the the no nonsense contributors of the postnewsline.com interactive media. Check it out for yourself at http://www.postnewsline.com/2007/03/bate_besong_is_.html#more

This guy, though I may not personally know him well but have heard widely about intelligently used his God inspired and erudite intellect to represent the opinions of all and sundry.

Ambe Johnson

Cameroon Tribune [09/03/2007]

Drs Bate Bessong, Ambe and Kwassen Gwangwa’a Dead

Elizabeth MOSIMA

The men of arts died in a car accident yesterday at about 4 :30 a.m. along the Douala-Edea highway.

Dead has once more stroke the theatre arts family in Cameroon. Thomas Kwassen Gwangwa’a, sub Director of TV Production programmes at CRTV, playwright, TV director and part time lecturer in the department of Theatre Arts in the University of Yaounde I, is dead. He died in a car accident yesterday at about 4:30 a.m. along the Douala-Edea highway. Travelling with him were Dr Bate Bessong, prominent, prolific poet, dramatist and lecturer in the University of Buea and Dr Ambe Hilarious, another lecturer at the University of Buea. The eminent scholars were travelling to Yaounde after attending Dr Bate Bessong’s book launch in Buea titled "The Disgrace" the previous day. According to the Edea "Routier" Brigade Commander, Adjudant Chef Agbor, all the four passengers in the car including Tabe Franklin Awo, the driver, died on the spot after an oncoming truck crushed their car.

According to professor Bole Butake, head of Department of Theatre Arts in the University of Yaounde I, the death of the scholars is a real devastation. "They have been my students and we have been working on several projects together. To lose three highly valued intellectuals in one accident, I think, it is more than one can bear. It is absolutely a catastrophe," he said. He explained that the men of arts have left behind a lot and still had a lot to offer. "Kwassen Gwangwa’a was working on a serial "City Masks" that was to start soon over CRTV. He was behind every single film in English on television in this country. Now he is dead we don’t know what is going to happen. Bate Bessong is a renowned playwright, an academic and teacher in the University of Buea. I don’t know what his students are going to do. Dr Ambe was an up coming scholar. For him to disappear like that I think, is catastrophic," he regretted.

According to the President of the Anglophone writers Association, Dr Nkenngong Nkengasong, the death of three renown scholars is a great loss to the Cameroon society. "Bate Bessong is one of our greatest writers who was fighting for truth and the respect of human rights," he said. Donatus Fai Tangem, Lecturer Performing Arts Section in the University of Yaounde I, said the death of Kwassen Gwangwa is a loss that will take ages to be filled because he was like a bridge between the performing arts section and the CRTV production centre. Kwassen Gwangwa’a and his team were on the 23rd episode of the television series "City Masks" that he was writing and directing. 22 episodes have been successfully shot. The remaining two episodes were supposed to be shot next Wednesday.


Henry Bessibe (Great Britain)

In a country where health and safety is the responsibility of the the poor; in a country where police officers compete with drivers to promote BRASSERIES AND GUINESS CAMEROON SA; where there are no speed limits; where there is reward for overloading, where road maintainance is a political culture of electioneering. In a country where over-loading is rewarded by police officers. In a country where university lecturers are paid out of petrol left-overs from rectors, chancellors and ministers; where three descent brain teasers can only travel through a means or rather through a friend in need-the taxi man. Who killed BB Kwasen and Hilarious? If the worth of these icons was recognised by etoudi gangsters, the should be able to travel through regulated descent methods. Was it the means, the fear, an extrenal plot that prevailed over reason for these gents to embrace the services of a taxi, or was it a literary method to tell the world how poverty is the only limit to their achievements? In cameroon, to make the rich work harder, we pay them more, to make the poor work harder, we pay them less. Adieu to you gents. If only you knew, you would have been on Njuma's CPDM campaign trail so that you could be a lottery winner of a state sponsored pajero. As a result you will never go to Yaounde by taxi. Be ready to answer more questions when you meet your students and comrades shot dead a few weeks ago at UNIBU because they didnt want you to remain in this mess.


Hello Dibussi!

It's my first time here and I'm impressed!WIKI suggested yours on my blog because I wrote a post about how I was looking for international blogs.

This post was very well written. I have never heard of this scholar but now I'll do a Google search on him.

I look forward to reading more of your entries! Please check out my blog.




In what I consider so far to be a lucky life, free from the loss of close ones; Bate Besong now joins Thomas Sankara as the only other individual whose passing has brought tears to my eyes.

Emil I Mondoa, MD

Assassination by truck is a rather common Franco-Cameroun practice (along with Assassination by Thallium, assassination by torture and assassination by fake armed robber), and I shall not rule out. Bate Besong was probably the most powerful critic ever of their regressive system. Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag and cannot be put back. There are literally thousands of Bate Besongs and Bate Besong wanna bes out there.

Even if it were a genuine accident, what business do Southern Cameroonians have getting visas from a foreign capital, Yaounde, instead of Buea or other Southern Cameroonian city? American Ambassador should stop being an instrument of franco-camerounese lies. Educate your self with the correct history, Mr Neils Marquardt!


I watched the film about the assassination of Dr. Moumie in
Switzerland, in 1960 on www.dibussi.com. I believe all those,
especially West Cameroonians, who are
opposing the French-backed La Republique du Cameroun government
should take due precautions in their daily lives:

1. Do not attend parties in Europe or abroad in an indiscriminate
manner. Make sure the person inviting you is a very close friend of
at least 10 years or a very close relative. Further, you should go
with at least two of your comrades.

2. Do not date women with links to the French secret service.

3. Be very careful when you have an appointment with people closely
associated to Le Chef de L'Etat ou le gouvenement de la Republique.

4. Do not have lunch or dinner or dates with "French"
Journalists/ diplomats unless they were your classmates at
University. Discuss with them on a public phone or E-Mail.

5. Do not disclose your movements. Moumie disclosed his whereabouts
to a woman called Lilian F. This was a fatal mistake.

6. If you are an opposition member living in Africa or America, do
not come to Europe or America unless it is absolutely necessary.

7. Do not leave your drink or food unattended in a public place. You
may be poisoned by Polonium or Thallium.

8. If you are invited to Yaoundé, La Republique du Cameroun or any
country within FranccAfrique (Gabon, Congo Chad..), make sure you
announce it to the whole world.

9. If you are driving in Cameroon, make full use of your mirrors and
drive a very fast car so that government terrorists may be outwitted.

10. Do not open letters without them being checked for genuine

Moumie and his UPC at the time (not the UPC today) were the bravest
of Africans who tried to drive out the colonialists forever. What we
have today as opposition is pure time-wasting and self-centred.
Moumie's tenacity, intelligence, conviction and courage are needed
drive out the genocidal French governments and her African agents in
Cameroon and Africa in general and Southern Cameroons in particular.

Finally, if you are opposing (peacefully or otherwise) a puppet
government backed by the French regime, do not do it in a rush. Plan
it well in advance before you administer the deadly first and
crippling strike.

West Cameroonians TAKE NOTE. Some of you continue to be deluded
into believing that you are from La Republique. You are NOT. You are from a different country. Once any person crosses the River Mungo either East or West, they are in different countries. This is a statement of fact; and not a political one. So know your Geography before you are brutally cut down. If you find yourself in LRC and you oppose their evil Francophone system that oppresses West Cameroon, be extremely careful because you are their enemies since you oppose their stealing of oil, Timber, cocoa, Bakwerilands without putting anything back to Southern Cameroons.

There some people who go around deceiving the oppressed English-Speaking Cameroonians that they come from La Republique du Cameroun; and that they will one day become Presidents in La Republique. Do not listen to these false prophets for they are chasing but power but they do not understand the serious under-currents. Even if by some magical twist of events, a Southern Cameroonian finds themselves as President of LRC, you will be killed the next day.

The fall of Bate Besong et al. is one of the most serious psychological blow inflicted to West Cameroonians since the fake 1972 referendum. When one looks at the works of these three powerful freedom fighters, one shudders as to why they could not be better protected by their own West Cameroon people. Such important personalities should be escorted through enemy territory. We loved their writings, their fire, intelligence and fearlessness in the face of a monstrous government. But Alas! they left prematurely.

The only instrumental weapon left now is their literary legacies which will haunt the French-controlled regime in Yaoundé until freedom is attained.

Ambe Johnson

In a Cameroon Tribune report about the funeral ceremony of slain UB lecturer Etienne Njiki Bikoi on February 8, 2007, Bate Besong is quoted as having said the following (exactly one month before his own death): "Your assassins will soon come begging for mercy...you will trample over them as you do not lie defeated in the dust". [See http://allafrica.com/stories/200702201661.html]

As the circumstances surrounding the death of BB and others continue to intrigue and raise the issue of foul play, all I can say is that if this was indeed the work of MAN, then we the living will make the following solemn promise: "Your assassins will soon come begging for mercy...you will trample over them as you do not lie defeated in the dust".


when the ink runs out and the pen grows silent, with the spittle we will wrtite on untill the story is all told

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

You cannot imagine what is happening to Anglophones in this triangle called Cameroons. BB, Ambe and Kwasen all crushed to death like a bunch of marauding ants? Jesus, that is too much for this community.
Since Francis Wache broke the story, I have lost my breath because things are falling apart.
You see, I was reading some nasty piece by Pieter Botha on how to maintain white supremacy over blacks in South Africa: "make sure that all the bright blacks ar stealthily poisoned to death" Can some one make a fast rapprochement?
Those involved in their deaths should await their turns.
Adieu BB, Ambe Kwasen and Awoh. Just reserve a better place for me where you are. Do not remove your eyes on the person(s) involved in your untimely demise. So that when I shall met you, we shall jointly tell the Lord "there lives peoples that deprive Anglophones from having icons in literary arts"
Imagine me not receiving that wild laughter and the epithet "graffi obasinjom" (because of my name) from BB or the stern look that embodies a mighty pack of humour from Kwasen Ngwangwa'a. These are things of the past, why?
Lord, have mercy on the Anglophones in Cameroons

dango tumma

its no place called anglophone, on earth
no nationality called anglophone. but how come even phd holders reffer
themselves as anglophones, is it political french cameroun correctness or just, that southern cameroonian is not
sounding right?

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