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April 23, 2007


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Well, this is inspirational and I wish to congratulate the editors for such a rich and diverse magazine. We really need a magazine which highlights and brings issues of our cultural life and literature in Cameroon.

We need this kind of ventures which resonates with our values and aspirations. I am tired of reading foreign magazines where it sometimes becomes fortuitous to stumble on an article about Cameroon. I think most are too contrived for my liking.

Long have we basked and vaunted in the image of Cameroon as Africa in miniature. Let the literature of our country attest to that. I'll be looking forward to picking up a copy near me.

Dr Joyce Ashuntantang

Good Job, Wasaloko. I can't wait to lay my hands on a copy. Now that your dream has come true, dare to push the dream as the years roll to the next level- visions?

More grease...

Agborballa Nkongho

Awesome Wasa. I am very proud of the excellent job you are doing. Please keep up the spirit and always strive to improve on the content and the quality of the paper. How can those of us out of Cameroon get the paper?

Mwalimu George Ngwane

Wasaloko has always been in the mainstream of communication and information in this country. Before giving birth to his baby he must have weighed all the odds especially with regard to sustainability. CamLife,Times and Life,The Nationa, Insight and The Post magazine have either disappeared or do make sporadic appearances. Since Summit is first and foremost anglophone focussed, Can I invite all citizens of Anglophone Cameroon stock in Cameroon and the Diaspora to help this baby grow through sponsorship,donations, and adverts. Most especially The Summit may think of a Board of Trustees to help with strict management. I cannot wait to buy this maiden issue going by this rich Dibussi's review.
Goodluck the Summit as you aim for the summit

Felix N. Fon-Ndikum


Thanks for hanging on to your dreams, and not allowing it to be deferred! May you have the ressourcefulness and tenacity to bring us to the point of EUREKA!

We need to be directed towards the summit...thanks for taking this much needed bold move. We are "in dire need of role models" today in Anglophone Cameroon - and i see in this dream-come-true of the SUMMIT a great step in the right direction!

Go for the summit with the SUMMIT magazine!!!

Uncle Fritz

Chica Fabulous

A trip to Cameroon is costly, prozac has side effects, drinking gives you hangovers, therapy's expensive. For quick and effective relief - or at least some temporary comfort that we are not so disconnected from the motherlode [Cameroon] try "Summit"
Kudos for a job well done and intentioned.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

Sincere congrats to Wasaloko for for the faith in a country whose citizenry craves more for beer than reading. I look foward to obtaining a copy once it hits the nws stand.
And since the magazine has to be doing with the human interest part of Journalism, we will like to get more and investigative write ups on "Why Cameroonians prefer beer so much", "Why the sky rocketting quest for fake diplomas in Cameroon only now?", "Why Cameroonians don't more fill football stadia", "University of Buea, a place to be" (No bias on former Alma Mater), etc, etc.

Enow Egbe

Good job Mr Wasaloko.Good magazine cover, good publicity but where can we find the magazine here in Buea?

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