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May 28, 2007


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Nga Adolph


When I see how my fellow Africans go through the greatest denigration and unparalled humiliations because they want to flee the Mother Continent,my eyes are filled with tears.The answer to the question of how a people abundantly blessed by the god's of nature and Nature's God are able to fall so low to this sub human condition is not difficult to answer.Western interference in the affaires of African countries and the preponderant role played by their henchmen who hold the reigns power in perpetuity.Africa's problem is not the lack of resources to stimulate our economies and create employment nor laziness or lack of expertise as some westerner's hold.It is the greedy exploitation of the continent by resourceless western nations.How much have western corporations(Chevron_Texaco,TotalFinaElf,Exxon Mobil,Royal Dutch Shell)benefitted from corrupt regimes in a country like Nigeria where Abacha and his cronies went on a thieving spree depriving state coffers of more than 4 billion dollars.How much benefits has France reaped by keeping the archetype of buffoons,like Paul Biya,Omar Bongo,Sassou Ngeussou etc on the corridors of power for more than a quarter of a century?Belgian policies in the Congo was tantamount to massive rape of the countries resources.The country has only started breathing from this greed only after 45years but not without the greatest fratricidal wars and a predatory dictator,Mobutu who preyed on the countries resources thanks to Belgian and western ingenuity.The Rwandan Shoa and conflicts in the Great lakes Region have turned the area into the largest graveyard ever.France and Belgium the countries that have caused the biggest attrocities in Africa are today the greatest advocates of the slogan "contre l'immigration sauvage et pour une immigration choisi".Hypocrisy is the West's most cherished trademark.
Every year Africa looses the best of its skilled labour particularly doctors and nurses in a brain drain spree caused by the high demand by western nations.Meanwhile the average ratio of doctor per person in Africa is 1:1000 or even more in hard hit areas.They waste time condemning Mike Moore,out going World Trade Organisation(WTO)Director General for not bringing an end to agricultural subsidies.The very subsidies that they have adamantly refused to stop and which has brought untold hardship to our farmers and has broken the backbone of our economies(agriculture).
Today,we are faced with a situation of utter hopelessness and every route is now leading to Europe and America for 'greener pastures'
When these succesfully arrive the so called
'Economic Nirvana's',they become targets of xenophobia,racism,discrimination,stigma etc.
But so long as the belly of Africa keeps aching and the hearthrobe of our economies continue to beat at snailpace,the white washed walls surrounding Europe and America will continually be soiled by dark hands.

Nga Adolph.


I saw this dramatic rescue on TV and melted at the desperation of fellow Africans.This is soo sad.

I continue to be amazed at the nonchalance of our African rulers. They have no shame and seem not to be bound by any impulse of collective responsibility to do something about the continuous hemorrhaging of the continent’s very best. Soon, Africa is going to skip a whole generation as the gap widens with the young all fleeing the sinking ship.

We need a Messiah to save us.

Ma Mary

Ntalane's statement that we need a messiah needs further comment. It could be read as a statement of despair, someone raising hands in surrender because he or she can see no way out. I hope that is not what is meant. Something good has emerged in this past decade, and it is the internet. I would never have learned about this story otherwise. Perhaps the messiah Ntalane speaks of would be moved to action by reading the story on the internet. On my part, i hope we are not waiting for the messiah, because we could each be a small piece of a collective messiah, by planning a course in which dedicated individuals each take a piece of the task and together we can turn this thing around. I reject powerlessness, because there is always something that we can each do as individuals. It could be as simple as spreading the word. How many people have you forwarded this story or link in order to increase consciousness of our plight. Something that simple will bring more people on board.

Rosemary Ekosso

I understand that people in the UK are being shipped home in large numbers. I have heard stories of people sending in their passports for visa extensions, and receiving letters ordering them to go and fetch their passports from the airport and leave the country forthwith.

This is probably a result of the influx of Polish and other Eastern European immigrants. They cannot keep them out because of EU rules, so guess who they're kicking out to make space?

My question is this: did Mungo Park have a visa? Did Livingstone? Did all the people who raped and plundered Africa have visas?


In the end, the immigration policy these people follow will fail because there are too many desperate people to keep out. Desperate situations require desperate measures, and if they go on like this, there will be a revolt one day. I shudder to think what it will be like.


I agree with Rosemary's take on this. People are still arriving on the shores of Spain and I have seen the population of young Senegalese grow here in Granada. Millions depend on the receipts of these young, mostly men. Their earnings here in Spain are a pittance but still they manage to send money home by living a life of austerity and marginalisation from the rest of country.

Franco Negro

Europe and Shame?
That is an oxymoron. If whitewashing were an emotion, they would have an endless supply.


Europe and the west are reaping the whirlwind. Since slavery, they have supported corrupt African elites that engage in policies, under western tutelage, that pauperize their populations and make life unaccomodating in their homelands. From Paris to London to D.C., where bank accounts are bursting with African financial reserves, to all the Bretton Woods institutions who turn a blind eye to this but yet impose the so-called Structural Adjustment Programmes, you'll find the real puppet masters who could care less about the plight of these Africans beyong self-congratulatory rhetoric at champagne galas.

The same largesse shown Mobutu yesterday by the civilised west is being shown to the corrupt elite all over the continent today as western companies and speculative institutions are making hay in the place, while the losers are the African populations who must now literally sink or swim in a darwinian struggle for survival.

Will Europe and other western interested forces stop supporting the corrupt African elite that have created the conditions for this mass emigration? No.

Only when the balance ceases to be in favor of European governments through their companies who pillage the continent with the help of the corrupt African elite, and the costs of massive emigration from Africa to Europe and the west becomes unsustainable politically or otherwise; only then will the root cause of the massive emigration from Africa will be addressed: enshrined global policies and institutions that seek to maintain the loot and benefits of slavery and colonialism to the whiteman.

Or as Sarkozy is doing in France, when the Africans there have been given cash-money to return back home, witness the previleges that the corrupt African elites accord to French citizens and interests in Africa, then maybe they'll become incensed enough to do something about it: organize and make revolution so that their own children may not need a promise land beyond the shores of the continent.

Ma Mary

Anything that starts in America soon spreads around the western world. The multinational corporations that rampaged Africa are now doing the same in their homelands. In America, they are pushing down the cost of labor and hurting the lifestyles of their people, by exporting jobs to places that offer labor at a lower cost (China, India, Mexico). Some of them are moving their corporate headquarters to tax sheltered places (Cayman Islands, Dubai) and abandoning their home countries rather than pay the tax burden.

Sarkozy is starting something that could very well rupture the French empire in Africa. In a sense, it is a good thing. Let him continue. Do you figure that France can handle Ivory Coast x5? I am not so sure.

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