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May 24, 2007


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No S&*T

Living up to the deserved title of the most corrupt country in the universe. The plane crashes point at the most inept country in 10 universies.


Go to www.SCNCforsoutherncameroons.net

Ernest V.

As a Cameroonian IT professional, I find it distasteful that someone is allowed to come to my country and take over a TLD simply because they have the money to buy off officials. Mr. Ham who is so disrespectful goes on to say he will only visit the nation if the president invites him. He’s is however happy to make millions from Cameroon and give nothing to the people in return.

In many other countries it would be near impossible or illegal to buy a national domain unless you were a legal resident or citizen let alone become such a monopoly in what Mr. Ham describes as "a small part of our operation".

The average Cameroonian cannot afford a .CM domain name because they cost between $300 well over $1,000 per year in some cases, while one can easily get a .com, .ca or .co.uk extension for less than $10 today.

It is no doubt that shoddy deals like this have kept prices high so much that 90% or more Cameroonians will never own or operate a .CM domain name.

Senior Cameroonian government officials, diplomats, and business executives, etc, use yahoo, hotmal and other free webmail services which carry a huge risks because of confidential national issues being hosted on these free webmail services. Local ISPs cannot justify forking out the insane prices for their own national domain names.

Could you imagine the average American paying $300 to $1,000 or more for a domain name per year? How many would host websites today or have an online business. The average Cameroonian resident earns less than $100 month, and given the impact of the Internet as tool for empowerment, Mr. Ham is providing a disservice to the people of Cameroon and other similarly exploited nation. You can own a 10million dollar SUN mainframe and best looking website on earth, but if you don’t have a domain name to pull in the traffic, then it’s all worth nothing.

When I read a statement like “He won't disclose how much he pays to the government of Cameroon, whose officials could not be reached for comment.”, I get a sick feeling in my stomach because these are the kind people who are holding back Internet development back in Cameroon and there’s no moral justification for this. They know they can go in pay corrupt officials with total disregard for the citizenry.
There are thousands of frustrated Cameroonian technology entrepreneurs like me who are not even granted any audience with our national leaders to engage or participate in national growth and development from an Internet standpoint, yet people like Mr. Ham’s lap dogs are received like royalty. We have extremely talented Cameroonian IT professionals and I personally know many who have tried to work to improve the domain registration process, drive down costs and improve the service but attempts have fallen on deaf ears, most likely because of private deals signed with people like Mr. Ham.

Mr. Ham can rejoice in his millions but he should understand the short to long term impact of his “investments” in Cameroon as small as they may seem to him. How can anyone own a patent on a nation’s TLD or what he calls his “Cameroon trick”?

The growth of developing nations isn’t always hampered by some Oil company’s waste dump in local rivers or some Blood diamond price fixer. People like Mr. Ham have a moral obligation to make their activities transparent and not under the table deals that affect millions of Cameroonian lives. I would love to see him give something back to the Cameroonian community.


People have the leaders they deserve.

Hammer time

Choice of Punishment for these asses:






Ham, or whatever his name is, we cannot blame. So called leaders should know that imperialists and rogues would do what they must.

Seriously, the only way they can redeem themselves is by making the domain names available to citizens at $5 maximum a pop, to encourage business growth. Oh! I forgot one punishment.





Ernest V,
Do you blame your dull and corrupt Cameroonian authorities or Mr.Ham? What crime has Ham committed.
If you have an opportunity to strike such a deal in another country, tell me if you will not do it.
It is a shame to those who manage that country.


true most of the blame should be attributed to the managers of the country. But again, it just shows the ruthless and distasteful business mind of Mr. Ham who not only strikes the deal of his life with one of the "poor" countries on the universe, but goes further to act arrogant and corky about it.


This does sound distateful, but think about it: our knowledge of this deal is quite accidental thanks to CNN. How many other shoddy deals are under the table? By the way, what role did the IT specialists in Cameroon (who incidentally studied in technologically advanced countries) play in this CM and Ham recipe? What has been their contribution to the advancement of the passion which is supposed to be theirs? Yes, there is foul play. Unfortunately, there are no straight people standing and if you ask me, this is just the tip of an immense iceberg.

Solution? Erm...erm... privatise Cameroon! (For those who still have a sense of humour)


Reading articles like this about domain exploiters makes me sick. It is especially sad how the journalist has woven in a story of Ham’s faith (in the original CNN article). The section on Cameroon (.cm) is worrying too. That business men from 1st world countries are still exploiting the wealth of 3rd world countries. The same sins revisited in digital form.


If we had real leaders, they would speak North American to the likes of Ham. The North American phrase in question is : "Go f%ck yourself.

Ppple like Inoni could not possibly be deceived. They know the score. They have lived in the west for long periods and gone to school there. Why do they dishonor us so? Africans are so embroiled in day to day struggle, but they need to muster the energy to bring these "leaders" to bear.


As a Cameroonian IT expert in Finland, I see this as one of the most disgusting thing we are experiencing now. The government can not allow a dishonest man come in and destroy what is supposed to be one of the most vital identities of the country and even go ahead to make fun about it.

This is an insult to all Cameroonian especially to those of us who work in this field. the .CM is like our national ID on the net and if all people can think about it is its relation with "scammers" like Ham, then the government need to rethink. I thought Inoni is an educated man but reading this article I starting asking a lot of questions.

Pat from California

The people responsible for this should be shot and all asset confiscated. This is treason. I can't believe this. Here we are working our ass of to build something so that we can go back home and implement something via the internet, and one stupid or a group of incompetent official decide to sell our domain name for cheap cache. I hate this.

Busby SEO Test

they must be more aware, now they really know


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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