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May 16, 2007


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Fantastic piece.This is the kinds of projects to be supported and encouraged by all cameroonians.Indegenous music and instruments should be preserved and it the place for of all those music loving cameroonians to take the lead.Congratutlations Louise Mbango.


Once in a while, one comes across an uplifiting and positive story which gives hope. At least, there are creative people in Cameroon who are breaking free from the apron strings of government to help promote and preserve our culture.

Kudos to Louise Mbango, Leonard Chartelain and others who are at the forefront of cultural promotion in Cameroon. It is great that they can see the big picture. Can't wait for the two documentaries to become widely available.

Nga Adolph

Great write up on the nefarious consequences Globalisation on our African cultures.It has created what is now called the 'Mc world'which is the product of MTV,McIntosh and MacDonalds.This has assumed alarming proportions driven by new technologies.In Africa this presents specific problems.Traditional African cultures emphasise values such as community,family,respect of life,hospitality.But these cultural values come into strong confrontation with values communicated through western music,movies,videos,sat.tv and advertisement.
Africa is being affected in profound ways by the new electronic networks that bind the globe in previously unimaginable ways.Pc's,fiber electronics,satellites,cell phones,faxes,email,internet have made economic and political globalisation more and more a reality.But I think,it is too early to say whether these innovations will truly benefit the majiority of Africans.Only a small portion of the population have access to pc's.
Also,the globalised view that free trade and unrestricted investment will solve development problems is a farce.Poorer African countries which have opened up to foreign imports and firms has led to the destruction of local enterprises.Our once flourishing textile industries are being wped out by imports from Asia particularly China.The World Trade Organisation(WTO),the emerging powerful actor in the globalisation process is primarily there to serve the interests of rich countries.
One significant political development of globalisation in Africa is the push toward 'democratisation'.Includes a heightened emphasis on good governance and respect for human rights.But the West often pushes for political reforms that it considers compatible the neo_liberal political order.Free politics and free markets are too closely equated.The West pushes for reforms where and when it serves them most without taking into consideration the reality on the ground.In a bid to punish the Mugabe regime the West has imposed embargoes that have gone a long way to impoverish Zimbabweans.
Moreso,the effects of Global warming(Green House Effect)caused by the pollution levels in the developed world and the dangerous practice of toxic waste dumping.The case of a french expatriate company which discharged toxic waste products around Abidjan(Cote D'Ivoire)causing several deaths and intoxication amongst the peoples is still fresh in our minds.Soil erosion,deforestation,rapid expansion of the Sahara,storms caused by dratic climatic changes.Many local communities depend entirely on their natural environment for subsistence but are now threatened out of existence.The USA's refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol has been a great setback to efforts that are being made to reduce global warming.
The gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing.The richest 20% of the world's population receives 82.7% of global income while the poorest 20% only receives 1.4%.The only major beneficiary of globalisation in Africa is South Africa which accounts for over 40% of Sub_Saharan GDP.The rest of her neighbours put together only account for less than 10%.It is time our stakeholders impliment policies to protect our economies and our peoples from the onslaught of globalisation lest we shall be the big loosers by the time this 'revolution'comes to an end.

Nga Adolph,

Patrice  Mpah

Once again carry on the good work. There should be more of this type of work from Cameroon. It’s time to come to a consensus that the change in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular should come from within. Is it not true that the intelligence is the capacity to adapt to new circumstances? We, as African or Cameroonian should be able to adapt to the changing times and make these ours.
I believe our future is in our hands. You quite rightly mentioned the influence of the West on our culture. No one better than us should identify how to get out of this alienation. I hope there is not cynicism by saying there is no equal partnership in any business relation. The reality is that the West or other part of the world will not come to Africa (Cameroon) for No benefit. If it means in the way there will be loss of local culture, they will not be bothered.
We need to start thinking about our own interest. If our leaders are short sighted, the revolution should start by us and the interest we will have in our culture. We need to make the culture more attractive to the youth. We need to embrace the development, put a twist on it to reflect our culture.
There should be a new emphasis from the intellectuals and philanthropist on art and culture. We need to celebrate what is great in our culture without being jingoistic. The challenge in this new world is how we will negotiate our future. We have been culturally brain washed for so long that, initiative like Louise’s should emulate each of us to do something.
Patrice Mpah


One´s culture is one´s identity. Killing our culture is tantamount to destroying our identity. First we must be proud of our culture rather than look down on it to be inferior to that of the west.When we project our culture, it becomes attractive to others. Shall it make sense if a westerner travels to Cameroon for touristic reasons to find that we are fast adapting to what he/she finds in the west?
One needs to see how westerners admire us out here when we dance "Bicusi"-they do because we are proud of it in the first place.

When we were growing up, youths from the cities thought speaking the dielete was like taking themselves down to the level of those in the village-a misleading mentality. Many later realised that they missed something.
Let our culture be a source of our pride.

George Esunge Fominyen

I know Aretha and have followed her career in the world of entertainment and culture on the media in Cameroon. Her bilingualism and the ability to get into the skin of things cultural, (since FM 94 in Yaounde, through CFI in France and now FM 105) is tremendous. You got to hear this girl talk or read her pieces.

I also know the new class of urbanite musical and cultural talent that she is referring to. My brothers and sisters, you've got to listen to a bit of Koppo, Ak'Sang Grave or Bantou Possi! It is something Cameroonian, an experience that we see here at home each day. Hopefully, the TV production would do this growing trend a cultural service.

Than you Dibussi for having this story on your site!

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