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June 27, 2007


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Mbang John

Arguments in the Churchill Ewumbue-Monono treatise can be extended to any tribal group in Cameroon. Take the NWP, the Santa-Nkwen-Mbengwi triangle, occupying no more than 100 square kilometers dominates NW politics.

People forget that Wum, Nkambe, Banso, Bali, Batibo and Ngie exist. The Fako man simply has to rise up and compete on the strength of his advocacy and practice. The basis cannot be hatred of fellow countrymen. The Peter Oben Ashu doctrine is pure hypocrisy.

Aloys Minuga

True nationalists are yet to arise and take on the challenge of addressing the problems of all Citizens, not just the narrow focus on one's own tribe or division.

The "native-settler" debate expediently trades away the civil rights of citizens in a republic to the narrow interests of minorities, aided by the megaphones of elites. No party can seek an existence in a Republic and simulatneously attempt to degrade the legitimate aspirations of other parties.

All Cameroonians are indegenous to Cameroon. The property and civil rights of Cameroonians must be protected by law everywhere regardless of tribe. Natives cannot sell land to other citizens and have it back. There has to be competition to public offices. Native culture is part of national culture and cannot be protected from evolving under the impetus of social change.

Despite the tribalistic focus of elites, it is pacifying to note that the youth, i.e. UB students, staged a strike last year to protest grotesque regionalism by Fame Ndongo the Minister of Higher Education. There therefore is hope in the youth to build a better country based on equality and merit.

Elvis Kameni

Hi Aloys,

Rather than adopting the Ahidjoist approach to citizenship which tried to create a nation by edict, we should construct the new nationalism on the realities of our country. This is not aobut selling land and wanting it back. It is about representation which is at the core of all truly democratic systems. Why call for competition for office when we know that a certain group of people will always vote a certain way not out of nationalism but ethnicity. Will it be fair to have 41 Bayangi councilors in the Bamenda council in the name of "democracy" and completely leave out mankon natives? Does it make sense for the 15 or so MPs representing the SW province in Parliament to all come from the Beti region in the name of democracy? Just as America is taking or trying to take into acocunt its racial reality, so too must African countries take into acocunt their ethnic realities - this is what the Cameroonian law refers as the the sociological composition of each municipality - our municipal councils must be a true reflection of those councils.

The rebellion against Fame Ndongo at UB was never about tribalism but about the distortion of existing rules and creating new ones in the fly.

So majority rule MUST prevail. But Minority Rights MUST also be respected. We cannot reject the rights of ethnic minorities on the one hand, and then turn around to clamour for the rights of linguistic and national minorities such as the citizens of Southern Cameroons.

So what do we want; a country where we can have 50 Beti ministers out of a cabinet of 60 in the name of "nationalism" or one where we seek to strengthen regional and ethnic identification with the "nation" by spreading those 60 cabinet positions across the country?

In my opinion, the choice is a very clear one...

Aloys Minuga


I too see your point. It is good you mentioned minority rights in the United States. These rights can only be faily represented through equal opportunity and fair competition.

What is the point putting a lack lustre candidate in charge of more capable people? That will be to whose benefit?

Get tough and set yourself a higher standard. That which is easy is waste of time.

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