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June 17, 2007


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Nga Adolph

Every political system or government should be a portrait in miniature of the society as a whole,reflecting divergent groups,opinions and traits.A real representative assembly takes into account questions of geography and demography not politics and ideology.A political system that fails to take into consideration the needs of particular groups based on linguistic,ethnic,religious lines or otherwise is simply unrepresentative and cannot deliver.
The Cameroon government paints a false image to the international community of the real political demands of its people.Today,anglophones have totally been relegated to the peripheries of the country's political life, reason for the incessant cries of marginalisation and the whole issue of the anglophone problem.Even the political parties themselves are totally unrepresentative of the people.The SDF party for example whenever it comes under attack by the CPDM as being a regional party tries to desperately prove that it is a 'national'party.This is sheer ignorance and naivity, because no one will deny the fact that the bastion of the SDF party is the NW and to a lesser extent the SW province all anglophone regions.What is wrong for a party to represent the the anglophones of Cameroon?I believe it is time for more anglophone parties to be formed if that system wishes to paint a more positive image of itself as a representative system.
Just taking a look at the partitioning of government positions in Cameroon,anyone will know that the whole political set up in Cameroon is totally unrepresentative because anglophones are totally under_represented.Government policy in development and employment shows how the system has totally sidelined the anglophones..Anglophone parties in government and parliament will help to break down ignorance and intolerance as regards the Anglophone problem and help to dissipate the feeling of marginalisation.Ofcourse,the CPDM government will adamantly reject such moves because of the fear that anglophones may nuture secession tendencies.But aren't they already?A government which doesnot have the interest of its people at heart, will continue to lead Cameroon on the road to disaster and mayhem because in doing everything to prevent a proper representation of the different component parts of Cameroon,will only lead many to develop the feeling of not belonging.

Nga Adolph.

Nga Adolph

It is surprising that in 2007,Cameroonians are still regarding Independent candidates as a new phenomenon when in 1993 Swaziland had 30 independents,Rwandan local gov't elections of 2000 had independent candidates.Meanwhile countries like Mali and Benin in 2002 and 2006 respectively voted independent candidates as presidents.The merits of independent candidates is that it enlarges democratic space,focuses on personal merits,addresses specific issues and opens up the political landscape for young men and women to participate in politics.

Onesone Ebude

Independent candidates are as old as politics in Southern and French Cameroons. laws governing Southern Cameroons elections already made room for independent candidates in 1956. In the 1957 elections, there were 7 independents. In French Cameroon, independents were already accepted as early as 1947 and Daniel Kemajou actually got elected into the French Union Assembly as an independent.

The acceptance of independent candidates ended with the advent of the one-party system in 1966. So the call for independents today is simply a call for a return to the status quo ante.

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