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July 30, 2007


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Oh!! Here we go again. can somebody teach this party the honorable art of accepting defeat!? Is the low election turnout not enough proof as to the fact that Cameroonians are tired and genuinely not interested in this mess anymore!? SDF, CPDM, SCNC... none of you have the solutions to our problems! The rest of the world is breaking down geographic and cultural boundaries for sustainable economic unions, why can't we work together as cameroonians for our future survival! To hell with this fake political parties and separatist movements with no agenda! you guys are fooling no one! stop, Love cameroon and live cameroon!


Hi Emmanuel, the drive towards sustainable economic unions did not prevent the birth of the czech and slovak republics, or of Lativa and Lithuania. Let us not try to mix apples and oranges.

BTW, the SDF's results are based on the results sheets signed by party respresentatives at the polling stations. So they have a case to make. And if you think the SDF's complaints are off the mark, please read the report just released by the Roman Catholic Church in Cameroon which sent independent observers across the country.


Pierre, u r absolutely right about Latvia and Lithuania, Czech and Slovak. Point taken again, we can not compare apples and oranges, so, let's do... Biafra and Nigeria, Katanga and Zaire. Can we learn anything from them!?

Honestly, I wake up everyday and pray for change in Cameroon, for the pain and suffering of the Cameroonian from Mbengwi is equally thesame for the lad from Kousseri. Garuoabulai and Akwaya. Bonaberi and Cassava farm quarter. We all get slaped by thesame monster. Pierre, i don't tag or judge you, I just want to have an educative discussion with another Cameroonian.

Do you honestly believe these reports filed by both the opposition and the ruling parties!?? Everyone of them has been a total failure to the average Cameroonian. Who in their right mind would beleive what these pricks preach!!? WHO!?

Bro, the whole thing is sooo annoying and disappointing.

God Bless You


Hi Emmanuel,

No I don't believe the reports filed by both parties. However, reports from independent observers, the catholic church and other NGOs that monitor the elections are more credible. That said, anyone with even the basic geopolitical grasp of Cameroon will know that it is impossible for the SDF to win only 14 seats in any parliamentary election, just as it is impossible for the CPDM to have up to 100 seats.

Again, I agree with you that the suffering of the person from Kousseri and that from Kumba are the same. however, that is not the point because it can equally be pointed out that the suffering of the person in Onitsha, Nigeria is the same as the person in Ebolowa in Cameroon. But that does not erase the fact that they are from 2 different countries. I believe in a single Cameroon but unlike you, I don't trivialize the unique problems faced by the Anglophone communaute in Cameroon or do I refuse that based on the nature in which Cameroon came into existence Anglophones can legitimately lay claims to territorial nationalism - English has little to do with it.

M Nje

I have read all your comments above.

From what I see, you are a man of HIGH DIGNITY and INTEGRITY. You are able to objectively separate your political views from FACTS.

Here is how I came to that conclusion.

First, from your posting I could gather that you may have some tolerate for the present economic entity call Cameroon, and will rather wish we focus our energy to improve the standard of living of its inhabitants by getting the present regime out.

That not withstanding you are able to recognized the FACTS and LEGITIMATE arguments those of us who believe in the Southern Cameroons struggle have. In particular you recognize that ours is not a linguistic struggle. It is a legal struggle.

Eventhough I don`t share the view you may have that I, a Southern Cameroonians, should be involve in the political activities of La Republique Du Cameroun to get Biya out, I give you my regards for being able to distinguish between your opinion and legitimate FACTS.

Continue to show that spirit of OBJECTIVITY in what ever you do in life.

Best regards.


Pierre, you said
"...the SDF's results are based on the results sheets signed by party respresentatives at the polling stations. So they have a case to make. And if you think the SDF's complaints are off the mark, please read the report just released by the Roman Catholic Church in Cameroon which sent independent observers across the country."

Yes and to what effect! CPDM still won.
I think the point Emmanuel is trying to make is that SDF has fallen short at every hurdle. They can have grievances all they want, write as many reports until the inks run dry...its falling on deaf ears as the average cameroonian is disillusioned about all these election malaki. Hence they don't turn up.
There isn't a single political party in Cameroon that is worth its salt.
Lets call a spade a spade. Cameroon is a cesspit of corruption, perpetrated by Francophones and Anglophones alike.

There is nothing to say Cameroon would have been a better place if we had an Anglophone leader. Take for example Fru Ndi of SDF, how long is he going to stay on top. If he had won the elections in the 90s he would still be president today. Corruption, corruption and more corruption exists in every nook and cranny.

To the supporters of SCNC, you are fooling yourselves because the issue is not that simple any more. Maybe back in the 40s or 50s and even maybe 60s but not now. Our forefathers lost that battle and its ludicrous to start down that road again. There are too many ramifications e.g there are hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians whose parentage hail from western and southern Cameroon. So when your separation takes effect, what happens to this people? Let me guess, they become marginalised right!
I know Separation will never work - especially seeing as the separatist do not seem to have an alternative viable form of government. They all seem to have a blinkered view of things, let's separate for the sake of separating. I am not buying it.
In fact if separation does take place imagine the infighting that will ensue amongst the leadership. Fighting to be president for life - a la Paul Biya. Biya did not come to power planning to stay there for life. Its greed and intrinsic wanton corruption that took hold of him thereafter. The same will happen to any Cameroonian in power - look at Ni Fru of SDF. Power to us Cameroonians is an illness and it seems to be contagious.
God forbid, I pray and hope its not all doom and gloom. There must be the rightous ones among these decietful lot.

Any sensible Cameroonian who aspires for a better future for himself and his family should stay clear of all these charlatans masquerading as politicians or freedom fighters (CPDM, SDF,SCNC etc. etc.).
The only solution is to get rid of Biya by any means necessary including arms. Let me be the first to volunteer.

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