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July 24, 2007


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Rene Dibi

Yesterday over VOA and BBC the main oppostion leader in Cameroun, John Fru Ndi claimed that before going into the elections he knew that the CPDM was going to rig and fraud this elections.

My question is,what is the way forward now? The oppostion parties in Cameroun hardly have a plan B. Is Fru Ndi going to allow Biya go away with this this time around?

Is he going to sue for court case at a supreme court with Biya and the CPDM at the head?

Is he going to realise that, the Southern Cameroons politics should be the best option to make things better for Southern cameroonians as well as the citizenry of La Republique du cameroun?

eddy D

It is sickening to read about the results of the municipal and parliamentary elections. its even more sickening and hurting to hear the CPDM celebrating a landslide victory. ain't it time for them to pack it in and stop rigging elections. too much of foul play is boring. to my fellow southern cameroonians, we need to keep the struggle for our statehood. the CPDM's days are numbered.


I think both the oppositiion and ruling G,ment has failed the masses....SDF should practice what it preaches....i see no difference between cpdm and sdf....so cameroonians,donot be decieved...the way out is scnc....

Rene Dibi

Cameroon has today become a monoparty state. At a time the SDF had more than 50 MPs in parliament, they did not creat the earthquake they had talked about before getting into parliament, today with less than 20,the SDF is reduce to nothing. The only option left for John Fru Ndi and his SDF is to join the SCNC and champion the anglophone cause.


Congratulations Mr Biya, You will be face with the justice of nature any time soon then your poor children will pay the price. You`ve not learn at all. Check around you.All over africa no tyrand has gone unpurnished. I am very sure Mr Biya do not care about his children.

Mr P

Please have never written any article on politics. I will get involve. Everyone is guided by natural conscience. Standing from the outside I wish to express my view on the level of opposition in cameroon.
Beleive it or not, the opposition has done it best and is still doing it best. Cameroonians are not patient enough and are not ready for any strugle and hardship

solomon akame mbulle

Fellow brothers and sisters,we should not all the time only spend our time criticising the rulling party. While acknowledging that the cpdm may be practicing unfair democracy to stay in power,we should equally hold the opposition parties responsible for the crumbling of our country.They equally promises the masses what they can't deliver.Disunited amongst themselves and fighting for leadership.Why should they be criticising President Biya for refusing to leave power when people like Fru Idi. Ekindi.Ndam Njoya.Bello Bouba who have been leaders of political parties since the emergence of democracy are still holding into power till date.Why can,t they cede their leadership to others to demonstrate that real democracy we all claim to exercise.The same people,the same names, the same faces every year,yet every one feels Biya is the only wrongdoer.
God bless Cameroon


Akame Mbulle i say fuck la Republique du Cameroun and its thief thief president. You want to join them? That is your look out.

mirabeau bapi

I really feel bad for my country
it hurts to know that poeple could go to the extent of frustrating the ambitions of the youth of my beloveth country just to stay in power.Its disheartening
where do we go from here is there question because evidently PAUL BIYA is impossible to uproot .
Fellow Cameroonians it might sound malicious but could be the joker
lets pray together for Paul Biyas death by plane crash as he makes one of those his luxurious trips to europe wasting our money .Lets pray and wish this to happen with all honesty and firm believe it will happen one way or the other for a Serious, social unrest lies ahead for Cameroon.

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