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July 20, 2007


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Culled from a posting in the SCNC forum:

China currently hosts the second largest number of Cameroonians
outside the entire Americas. But most if not ALL Cameroonians living
in China do white collar jobs such as teaching and are provided with
FREE internet assess. If you go to most online English newspapers
around the globe you would find a Cameroonian commentator. Recently
the Cameroon government through the embassy in Beijing has FRUITFULLY
urged the Chinese government to block prominent opposition websites so
that Cameroonians living in China shouldn't get involved in politics. Amongst these websites are: www.postnewsline.com,

True or False?


The following website can test web addresses to ascertain whether or not they are blocked by the Chinese govt.:
If what it claims is true, certainly, this blog cannot be seen in China.


Well, I tested this site and that of the official government daily Cameroon-Tribune and both were blocked. So this cannot possibly the work of the government of Cameroon...


Olusegun Obasanjo, a flawed by infinitely more caring and conscientious president than Biya tried to do this same thing of toying with the constitution to extend his rule. The outcry was so adamant and uncompromising that Mr Obasanjo backed down. I hope, wish and pray that Mr Biya meets an ignominous end during the course of his disgraceful clinging to power. Arrogant idiot.

akamembulle solomon

Why should Biya not seek for another mandate if the advocates for democracy who are supposed to show an example for others to emulate refuses to cede their powers to others such as Fru Ndi, Bouba Bello, Ndam Njoya, Ekindi etc.Same names,same faces,same people every year.
Thanks to the patience and acceptance of election results by Cameronians for the sake of peace.
The so call the international observers who spark up conflicts in other coutries to sell their arms should know that there is no absolute democracy no where in the world that is why even US presidentials electins were contested.
CNU is no more,CPDM will also move out of the map one day.People come and go.Political parties crumble but the state
remains.Maybe the future generation will have a better story to tell.
God bless my belove Country Cameroon,
From Akamembulle Solo (Cape Town)


i really frawn at the biya,s regime because,i had to to leave 4 china bc of no job opportunity in my country.graduated as a gov.t trained nurse but iam presently a teacher in china.i know ,that justice must prevail one day on the biya,s regime.AND remember,no respects 4 cameroonians here and no backups.i tell u even our embassy here is a mess.too bad.thanks.

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