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July 19, 2007


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Rene Dibi

I think such a petition could also be made International. That is people from other parts of the world should have the possibility to sign.

Teke Ngomba

Yeah Dibi.

I think so too. Just tried signing it now and sadly, it seems its limited only to those in the USA. It would be nice if it can be 'opened' for those of us not in the US to sign as well.


I think the petition site is meant for the members of House of Representatives in the United States, and they are interested in hearing from their constituents, who possibly voted them into office. Appeals from all over the world would only dilute the effect, but I think people may comment here and that means something.


I signed the petition and I`m in CHina . It works international and It better have no time limit!! I`ll be back !


Tried signing form the Uk to no avail.

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