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October 19, 2007


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Nebangwa Oscar

I really want to express my deep feelings for the death of this African ragae legend. His music was very teaching. I pray that the persons who are responsible for his death be brought to justice eventhough he will not come back to life.
After the death of Bob Marley, the reggae star from Jamaica, i am actually touched with this new.
I loved his music for it had so much meaning to the lifefs of the African man.
A Dieu Lucky Dube


just like africans to kill their best and leave blokes to live and kill!Adieu my brother


The news of the brutal murder of our Music mastro Luke Dube have sent shock waves not only to music lovers or his fans like some of us but equally to people who are today enjoying the free democratic South Africa heavily fought by some of our African music legends such as Luke Dube.
Certain things happen nowadays that one may be tempted to question the almight 'why is nature wicked to mankind'.
If young talented and aspiring icons are being gun down by our same brothers in the name of ripping what you did not sore and because of the flamboyant lives and greed that is fast governing the free world today then we are once more bound to question what really prompted these thieves to murder Luke Dube?. A guy loved by every one not only in Africa but the world at large.whether the culprits are apprehended or not but their wicked conscience will one day judge them.May his soul rest in perfect peace till we part no more.My greatest condolence to his family.

dj wicked

Oh my god i cant beleived this happen people in haiti are dieying they love luke dube so bad. me my family and all my haitian people send our coordoleances to the family and fans of luke dube rest in peace dube we will always love you


With more than 3 million guns in the hands of winos and junkies, SA becomes a jungle! Cheap guns, organised criminals, slack policing, brutal deaths...

Evelyn Ababio

I cannot believe this. My heart felt condolence to his family. May the Good Lord keep your soul safe from all your struggles and pains you suffered on earth Lucky. Rest In Perfect Peace.

Arabica Robusta

Dibussi: I mourned Lucky Dube's death, but did not truly cry until you (through your blog) pointed this video out to me. Who among us can be so honest about our lives and our world that we are able to forecast the manner of our death, and use it as an anthem against a senseless 'culture' of violence (created in the South African case by apartheid)? So often, the oppressors are aided by the internecine violence of the oppressed.


Black killing Black..and we always want to blame the whites. The violence in South Africa today is mainly black killing black. Who in their honest mind will kill a gentle servant of peace and unity. Lucky Dube has a lot to be thanked for in the mordern south Africa. He's one of the freedom activist that has south Africa and south Africans enjoying democracy and free speech today. He's one of those guys that was free spirited. When his cousin(Richard siluma)brought up the idea of having a bodyguard..he turned him down by saying "I have done nothing to anyone". His music makes me get cold bumps..you know those eerie keyboard sounds that flow through you like the air itself. His music is the best. No other reggae artists will ever be like The Great Lucky Phillip Dube. He even deserve praises as much as Bob Marley and the others that went down before him because he's a legend in a different way.

Nicholas Phillip,


i so sad for my favorite reggae murder, i from cartagena colombia and here we listen every day luke dube ,i want to send my condolations to his family and the rest of the fans around the world . luke god bless you . we love you brother . luke was in a concert in cartagena 10 years ago . thats moments was lovely and shot. cartagena love you my bro ..

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