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January 22, 2008


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Nga Adolph

The emergence of the new information technologies(ICT's) and particularly the internet has drammatically altered political activism in the continent but the question is can one really effect considerable political change in Africa by sitting on his/her desk top and inciting political change by the click of the mouse?Where direct action such as civil disobedience,strikes,military coups etc have failed throughout the continent?

However,the positive role of information and communications in great historical events has been indisputable.It was through information that slaves in the America's learned about the Haitian uprising.Information,which they used as leverage for the fight for their own freedom.

Today,the role of the ICT's in developing countries particularly in Africa is a subject of debate.The West has experienced the impact of the ICT's and found it an indispensable tool for development.But will the same hold for Africa?Will these ICT's launch Africa on the path of socioeconomic and political development or will Africa be subjected to a new form of dependence?These are difficult questions to answer at this stage.

Looking at the impact of the ICT's on our cultures it's evident that there's the need for a certain degree of regulation.The nepharious consequences of the internet of free pornography
on African youths,heightened increase in paedophilia,homosexuality,this predisposed mentality of shunning our African values and rapidly adopting western "weaknesses",erosion of our marriage institutions with skeletal marriage arrangements which were hitherto unknown in our African traditions etc.

Nga Adolph,


When ex-President Obasanjo of Nigeria tried to eliminate term limits in Nigeria, it was Nigerian activists and bloggers who were at the forefront of the movement to prevent this from happening. They caused such a raukus that the international community had no option but to take note an pressure Obasanjo to abandon his designs.

When the crisis in Kenya broke out last month and the government imposed a media blackout,it was Kenyan bloggers who took the relay, giving minute-by-minute reports on what was taking place in that country. Kenyan bloggers also created tools such as the innovative "Ushahidi" website through which regular folks in the heart of Kenya can send sms messages to the website informing the world of what was happening in their neck of woods - completely bypassing the official media and other standard media outlets. As a result, the Kenyan tragedy has refused to go off the headlines.

Of course a lone blogger, just like a lone activist of the ground, has little or no impact on the system and has little or no influence on events. However, in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa with large, vibrant and organized blogging communities, bloggers are able to influence political and other outcomes, and are indeed, at the frontline of political activism.


HI man you are right we are the new rebels. I am an eritrean currently residing in Norway. As u might have gathered, my country is the african version of north korea... i blog my expereiences in diaspora via blogger for the lucky few who access the internet. i mean the whole truth about the struggle and hardship and the sucess one encounters in living in a foregin land. I was surprised by some of the reactions. Like i was, folks down there are blinded by the western dreams...the blogging is thus a two way street! check out my stories ( Nati real blogger profile)

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