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January 14, 2008


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Ma Mary

Ernest Ouandie was a true Camerounese nationalist, struggling to extricate his country from the French and their African puppet government.

A Southern Cameroonian lawyer, Gorji Dinka, who later founded the Ambazonia group was one of the few lawyers courageous enough to undertake the defence of those guys.

We expect that Camerounese would give up their colonial claims on the Southern Cameroons and let my people go.

pa njakri

For shame Cameroon!! How do you contruct a country of people able to hold their heads high on the pile of shit that passes for cameroon's history as propagated by the spineless and clueless thieves who currently seat on the heads of the people of cameroon?
We have not retored the heroes of our struggle for freedom to their true positions in our history and our dreams.

Is it any wonder that we are so, so,so lost today?

With the suppression and distortion of our history, Cameroonians live in a permanenet present. Not knowing where we came from in terms of our history, we clearly will never know where we are heading to.

We are fated, unless this grand lie that passes for a state is kicked out, to continue like the proverbial a dog, chasing its tail.


Ma Mary, i'm surprised that you are actually praising Ernest Quandie. How dare you praise a citizen of La Republique? sacrilegious!

Ma Mary

USMinnesota, I hope you are trying to be humorous otherwise, I would think you were dull and unsophisticated. I actually have no animosity to the people of la republique. We do not like your colonial occupation. Finis.

We like your music, hate your deep, dyed in the wool corruption and we will do anything necessary to terminate your occupation of our country.


Point of reminder Ma Mary, I am a citizen of Cameroon and not a citizen of La Republique. I believe in justice and equality for all Cameroonians and Africans, not just Southern Cameroonians.
However, I do not reject any names you choose to call me. Feel free to do whatever makes you feel legitimate.
I must confess that the thought(and sight) of Ma Mary dancing to coupe decale ( La Republique music) is disturbing, disgusting and makes me shiver in pain. Thank God I won't ever to go through such torture.


"I am a citizen of Cameroon and not a citizen of La Republique. I believe in justice and equality for all Cameroonians and Africans, not just Southern Cameroonians." Mr. UnitedStatesofafrica

Well, we can choose what citizenship we wish but we cannot actually choose what nationality. Citizens are not the same as Nationals. The fact is that there are two Cameroons as ther are two Guineas. Claiming to be a citizen of one of the Guineas does not cancel out other Guineas as you appear to believe.

And if you truely believe in equality, then you would support SC's rightful independence. As you appear to be against it, your principles are compromised; and consequently your integrity on African Unity and justice has suddenly become questionable.

Innocent Ndifor Mancho

Ernest Ouandie was a genuine nationalist; a freedom fighter. The debate here should not be about his nationality but more about his role in history and whether he ha been given due credit.

Ouandie played a great role in challenging the puppet regime that was instituted by the French in the republique of cameroon in 1960. His execution was a continuous process to silent progressive forces in Cameroon and continue a colonisation scheme for the interest of France.

Unitedstatesofafrica, it is a noble thing to recognise and appreciate a man for his worth and merit even if he is your enemy. Ouandie was a great freedom fighter who deserves recognition across the board. His steadfastness in what he believed in should be an inspiration for freedom fighters across the world and particularly the Southern cameroons.



Mr. Mancho,

I agree with you on Ernest Ouangie's noble role in fighting the French-installed puppets currently ensconced in Yaoundé. He is an example of all Freedom Fighters the world over. That is why one is averse in using the word "Nationalist". This word confines these men to a small sphere of operation; and consequently does not do justice to them. They are international heroes who hold universal ideals of human rights and freedom but not "Nationalists". Nationalists are the Paul Biya's, Bongo whose myopic views are confined to serving French colonial interests of their upbringing in a confined space like La Republique du Cameroun while implicitly hating everything that does not conform to his colonial mentality treating them as he pleases as he is doing to the people of La Republique and worse; to English-Speaking Southern Cameroons.

Ma Mary

USMinnesota, those are the words of a simpleton from you. The misdeeds of the Nazis do not detract from the universal value of Beethoven; the depravities of Mobutu take nothing from the world contribution of the Congolese pantheon of musicians. Art is transcendent.

Grow up, or you could have a stroke because I shall enjoy any kind of music I want. I would even read Ferdinand Oyono, now a reptile, but once a great African novelist.

We do not hate you Camerounese, but we will do any necessary thing to eject you occupiers. You support the occupation, therefore you are the enemy until the occupation ceases and we are free.


Ma Mary, I see you lack a sense of humor. More reason why any "logical" discussion with you becomes dreadful. Is illegal occupation the basis of your argument? then how do you know that before British occupation of Southern Cameroons, Southern Cameroons was one united village? was Southern Cameroons a united kingdom before Western occupation? wasn't it the Germans and other Europeans who defined boundaries after occupation? don't even get me started on occupation Ma Mary. It is more complex than you think. Then again, I have never expected the SCNC to understand such complexities.
There are many ways to kill a bird. People like you like the secessionist strategy, I like the effective leadership and working democracy strategy. It is my right to believe that Cameroon can be a better country for everybody if we fight for a working democracy and effective leadership. If the loyalists of SCNC believe in human rights, then they should let the people of Southern Cameroons decide which strategy they like best. Do not imposed your ill-conceived and unworkable governments on the people of southern cameroons. The wishes of SCNC asylum seekers and immigrants in Europe and America are not necessarily the wishes of southern Cameroonians living in Cameroon. Thank you!!!!

Pa Njakri

Mr Africa and ma Mary,

Na weti wuna two drink ? Where it not for the fact that I know both of you quite well, I would have dismissed wuna like craze people.

You should both clean the shit and mud that you have been slinging at each other and come back to the table. I know at heart you are good people. I just don't know the side of the bed I should recommend that you get out of every morning to stay positively disposed.

Ezéchiel Nitibizi

From Bujumbura, I regret of such french cruality. Even though, Africa is rising again.

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