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March 11, 2008


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Innocent Ndifor Mancho

I flush back the tears
Gorged up by the fears
For a generation doomed
By leaders possessed by greed


VERY INTERESTING article. Thank you for posting it.

"I met a woman in Rwanda who told me she had to sell her major assets to send her sons to the United Kingdom to work as unskilled labourers. Her sons, all in their twenties, all university educated, were beginning to threaten their father with violence. He did not want them to go out at night. This was a year after the genocide -- he was terrified for them. He built a house for them in his compound. He threatened them with money and violence. "Stay still.""

I think this anecdote highlights how people want control over their lives and decisions.


Very deep and touching article. It clearly elucidates the plight and desperation of the African youth. Skilled and educated kids whose dreams have been destroyed by the greedy despots that rule them. Youths whose rights have been usurped by the people who have to nurture and protect them. Shame on African leaders.Thanks Dibussi.

Nga Adolph

The salvation for the African youth will come not from shying away in indifference and defeatism but from an intrepid will to remain optimistic,courageous and to inculcate in ourselves a visionary spirit.Africa has lost its dream of vision,it's time for youths to create this vision for they are the brain power of any nation.The youth must get involved,despite the great challenges they face,in rebuilding the future,lest they loose out.The world has gone global and we need to formulate new strategies to rebuild Africa.

We are in a generational revolution,like it or not.The youths of yesteryears who were the history makers are today the brutal hunters.The grey-haired generation,the baobabs have clearly failed us as we continue to wallow in misery and deep graft.It is ironical that in a continent where the youth constitute the majority,they are the first to die while the old gain power.We can no longer depend on the 'baobabs'to resolve our problems.And in the 21st century old age is no longer the determinant for ability.

African countries have become 'economic cemetaries' and we can no longer depend on the public sector for employment.We must turn to the private sector,be our own employers,our own entrepreneurs.This will mean that the African youth must seek to gain skills and initiate projects and seek for investments.Yes,this is an uphill task for the youth who live in economically unfriendly environments and educational systems that are skeletons of themselves and are unadaptable to the job market.

Then need then arises for youths to constitute themselves into joint ventures and partnerships in all sectors of society be it economic,social or political.The creation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises(SME) and with networking between youths in the same country,regional groupings,in Africa and the diaspora will not only strengthen our economies and foster democracy but will accelerate the process towards African Unity.

But this cannot happen if we donot provoke change in our political systems so as to create a conducive environment for business.The problem with youth activism today in Africa is the lack of ideology.Those manifestos that empowered the generation of the Nkrumah's,kaunda's,Nyerere's et al.But we must be in a perpetual search for a common ideology that will metamorphosise Africa and mount her unto its rightful place.

Nga Adolph,

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