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May 14, 2008


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Edouard Foumane

In the same vein, Cameroonian national team player,Stéphane Mbia, became a a French citizen two days ago, but that will not stop him from playing under the Cameroonian flag. Read complete story at the link that follows including the rather interesting comments.



Hello Georgina,
Sister, welcome au Pays.


I think everyone has to do their own business, and do not disturb others who tries to do something. If we have better athlete in this field we will send her to compete under our flag, but recently we don't have. So thanks Georgina, and welcome!


good job with throwing a new national record. Nicely done!Also good luck with your competitions because we believe in you that you can throw the standart. Do not think about what others write, think or believe!
good job, Georgina!

George Esunge Fominyen

I love sports like mad but I missed Georgina's throw on TV. When I saw her position on the rankings it ached the more. Then I started wondering about how Georgina rose to this level. I kept my sports diary up-to-date but...something was amiss.

It hit me like a rock, Georgina has not been with us althrough. But, great to see the media interest in Camerooon on a non-football, constitutional extension or corruption issue.

Tell you what, I am actually rooting for Georgina (so happens we are namesakes). She might just qualify for Beijing and surprise the lot like Mbango did. Damn, how it would feel good to win on such grounds! Last year it pained to see two "Cameroonians" win medals for France at the World Judo competitions. A guy called Boumsong played for France at the World Cup Final in Germany (2006). One of the new French National Rugby team coaches is called Ntamark (he's a former French international). Gosh it will be great to see a "Hungarian" win gold for us!

Seriously, it is time we repealed that law on double-nationality. Nearly all our pros have foreign passports and no one declares them non-Cameroonian. Why is it that a child born of a Cameroonian man and woman in Ireland, should be refused Cameroonian citizenry on grounds that it is illegal. Is it because h/she is not an athlete or musician?

It is just the wrong way of running a country. You shove a law under the carpet when it suits your interests; and flag it when it may cause your downfall. I bet you if Samuel Eto'o were to decide to run for Presidency in Cameroon, it would be taunted that he is not Cameroonian. But when he scores for Barca and the Indomitable Lions without political ambition....He's our man.

When Ahidjo and co instituted that citizenship clause in 1968, it was barely 7-8 years after independence(depending on which Cameroon you belong to). It was the time to protect our recently acquired independence. But politically too, it was a means to ensure that any opponents given asylum in another country could not come and perturb the rulers' peace.

The world has evolved.

Lauren Etame Mayer steamed like a Ferrari for five years under the green ,red (with a golden star), and yellow banner. We won two Africa Cup of Nations and an Olympic Gold Medal with his immense contribution. (Incidentally we've won nothing significant at senior football level since he left). He was Cameroonian simply because his Equato-Guinean famliy escaping the dictatorship of Marcias Nguema sought refuge in Cameroon at the time of his birth. He is Cameroonian and has remained so, although he holds a Spanish passport and the rest of his family is EG. Why him and not the rest...

There are over 1.5 million people living in Cameroon today who pompously coded as "Nigerians". To me they are actually Cameroonians. They were born in Cameroon, went to school there, work there, pay taxes (which some of our own businesslords escape) and for many have never crossed the 1500km separating both nations in all their existence. Are they less Cameroonian by virtue of place of birth and contribution to national effort than Lauren?

Why should he be granted a Cameroonian passport so fast when Ndolo, born of a Cameroonian mother and father, living in the US cannot be given our passport except she reneges her US citizenship.

The time is ripe for a change. It is not selling our citizenship cheap. It is just allowing all who can build the nation to give it a dig.

As I welcomed (and miss Lauren) so do I welcome Georgina. A word of advice though: just learn the wordings of the national anthem (in English preferably). Beijing may be another great moment for African sport!

Ma Mary

Very good for Ms Georgina Toth. Many countries in the world developed themselves by taking in talented people from other nations and cultures. United States did that and at one time, France was the greatest country in Europe by adopting people from other lands. Not to go very far, Sarkozy of France is one generation from being a Hungarian and could even be Ms Toth's cousin!

We are also working overtime to nurture and establish Southern Cameroonian citizenship, preferably by another name that does not include "Cameroon" or "Cameroun". Southern Cameroons will quickly establish the bona fides of those who are now wrongly called "Nigerians" as well as people from "la republique".

danny boy

she has better prospects than the Chinese frying puff-puff in Bamenda. There must be a lonesome heart in Cameroon to help her regularise her stay.


the whole thing smacks of hypocrisy. why should she gain a fast-tracked citizenship and keep her hungarian status while cameroonians are forced to give up another citizenship if they wish to acknowledge their origin? drafting her in to compete on cameroon's behalf should make our administration wonder why they have to do this in the first place. i believe it's not for the lack of talent that we don't have native cameroonians representing us at these events.


This is absolutely rubbish. I am appalled that Cameroonians are applauding and supporting this Georgina woman.

Do you want to tell me there is no existing "Black" Cameroonian athlete living in Cameroon capable of doing the hammer's throw at the African Athletics Championship? you want to tell me that Cameroon is so deprived of athletes that we have to go looking for a white woman in Hungary to represent us? Shameful.

If a Cameroonian athlete was trying to compete at a championship in America or Hungary, do you think the American/Hungarian immigration officers will grant the Cameroonian athlete citizenship so quickly? do you think the American/Hungary embassies will grant a Cameroonian athlete citizenship in just days?

This is what is killing Africa and Africans. When you go to the White man's land, he treats us like slaves and inferior human beings. When the white man comes to our country, we treat him like a king and a god. Even legal immigrants in the West are being tormented by immigration officers. Yet, we willingly give away our citizenship to a white woman who I doubt can even spell the city "Buea" correctly.

This is indeed shameful. Millions of deserving Cameroonian athletes are struggling every day with limiting finances, poor equipment and are given no recognition by their government and ministry of sports. Just go to Bamenda, go to Kumba, go to Limbe, go and see them struggling. What have you guys ever done to help these legal Cameroonian athletes? Yet, you all rally support for this white woman who is simply using Cameroon to further her career in the Hungarian athletic arena. Shameful!

Africa is indeed doomed!


...and Ngum,

Thank you for being honest and seeing things for what they really are. Thank you for not being a traitor like the others.


Hi United States,

It seems you woke up this morning very Angry!! Do you want me to give you the names of Cameroonian athletes - sprinters, boxers, etc., who are competing under foreign flags in australia, Canada, France, etc., who benefitted from the fast track clause? What about the kenyan athletes who benefitted from the same procedure during the last Olympics participated under the flags of country's such as Norway??

Your "whiteman" boss at the Nursing home where you work probably gave you a hard time today, but please let us not mix apples and oranges.

Western countries grant fast track citizenship all the time, so I don't see why Africa should not do same.


Mr. Bobga,

That was a very funny write-up. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. You should try out for stand-up comedy sometime, that may be your calling in life.

...as for the Cameroon athletes competing in foreign countries, are they allowed in maintain dual citizenship? NO! once a Cameroonian becomes a citizen of another country, you loose your Cameroonian citizenship. If this is the case, why is there an exception for this Georgina woman? why hasn't she lost her Hungarian citizenship? or it is because she is white? I am equally waiting for the names of those "Cameroonian athletes - sprinters, boxers, etc., who are competing under foreign flags in australia, Canada, France, etc., who benefitted from the fast track clause?" Please, I am anxiously waiting for the names

Also Mr. Bobga, there's nothing wrong with working in a nursing home as long as you have a vision for your future. I know a lot of Cameroonians in the West who have worked in nursing homes to finance their education and they are now successful accountants and university lecturers.

...but then again, you are jester, a humorist, a comic relief, so I should not be inclined to take you seriously.


Dear Mr UnitedStatesofAfrica,

For starters: I hope for your security that you are currently miles away from South Africa. To spare you from hacking and burning from your "brothers" of that part of the continent.

Secondly, you seem to have missed out on the subtelities of the posts that preceded yours.

The baseline argument is not whether a beneficiary of fast-track and/or (illegal)double citizenhip is white or black.It is about the need to have everyone on the same plain.

Lauren Etame Mayer in the past, and a young man called Djeng (currently camping with the lions) had no Cameroonian passports before their call ups. But they had it notwithstanding their carrying Spanish and German passports. They are not all white!

As someone else rightly pointed out to you, Cameroon is not the first and (by the Beijing Olympics you'd see) they are not the last to have "non-origins" compete for them, if they so desire.

Repeat; the problem here is that the govt permits double citizenship for athletes and artists but does not allow it for you and I. That's what should change.

As a point of correction, in reality sportsmen who are Cameroonian of origin do not neccessarily lose their Cameroonian citizenship in practice when they take up another nationality. Ask Eto'o Fils (Spain), Mbia (france)Yannick Noah and Boumsong. It is the difference between those star athletes and you that is unacceptable.

Whether she has white or black skin Georgina is just an athlete like those mentioned above.

To wrap-up: Africaness is not a colour thing. All blacks are not African and all white are not European or Americans. Race does not make brotherhood: I take you back to recent developments in South Africa to confirm.




with due respect Sir, you are clutching at straws. The violence in South Africa justifies my argument and not yours. For years now, Europeans and Americans have been taking up strategic jobs in South Africa. Did you see black South Africans running around and killing them?

Even in Cameroon, white people from France are occupying most of the high-paying jobs in huge companies like PECTEN and CDC. Do you see Cameroonians complaining? NO! but when Nigerian businesses start flourishing in Cameroon, Cameroonians start to protest. The government is even refusing the give them citizenship

... this is what we see all over Africa. When white man does something wrong, we ignore it but our own brothers and sisters do something wrong, we run around butchering their necks.

No one is protesting against how this Georgina woman by-passed and violated the Cameroon immigration rules and regulations. If someone from Nigeria or Ghana or some other African country had done something like this, Cameroonians would have been protesting.

It's a shame that even in the 21st century, Africans still view themselves as inferior to the white man.

So Mr. George, forgive me if I refuse to see myself as inferior. Forgive me if I protest when a white woman breaks the immigration regulations of my country. Is Cameroon lacking athletes? don't we have our own athletes to represent us? The government has abandoned our own athletes to wallow in poverty and poor training equipments, yet they willingly "prepare dokis" for a white athlete to represent us. Forgive me if I protest against such arrant dishonesty and racism towards the Cameroon people

Forgive me for all the above but I won't forgive you and your compatriots for thinking of yourselves as inferior human beings and succumbing to the wishes of white people.

Thank you

...and I am done with this topic, moving on.

Georgina Toth

I'm very suprised how people are able to react for different topics. In my oppinion if you don't know the real situation, then please don't write these angry comments about me. I fight for everything what I have ever achieved in my life! I have never had a real coach to show me how to throw the damn hammer. I learned it alone. I went to US, because I worked very hard. But don't even think that my life is so easy in the US, because nobody kissing my ass. I attend in two universities, I work 20 hours per week just to able to pay my bill, and I also practice twice per day. Do you think it is so easy???? I tell you... DEFINITELY NOT!!
Do you really want to know how my life look like now? I start to work 6:30 every morning, and work until 11:30. I practice from 12:00-1:45, and go back to another place to work from 2-4. Then practice again from 4:15-6:00. Then go home, eat, and sleep. And on the weekends I work from 7-3pm, and also work from 3:45-9p.m. Do you really think it is easy???? And what do I do with the money I make??? I buy food, pay my rent, and the rest goes to competitions, travel, etc. Not everybody who lives in the U.S. are rich, and don't even put the blame on me just because I got the citizenship. I waited 2 years to get the citizenship, and I was so happy to be able to represent an African country. When I went to Cameroon (I paid the $3000 ticket from my own money)everybody was so welcoming, and I really liked the country, but now I can't understand why people are writing these kind of stuff about me. I didn't take anything away from your country, and from any Cameroonian.
It was my pleasure to represent Cameroon, and be part of the team. Do you think I take advantage of your citizenship. Sorry, but not really! Probably I paid out more money than I have ever got.
I'm just wondering, your oppinion would be the same if I would have won the African Championship. Probably NOT... But whatever! It's sport and sometimes thing doesn't really turn out the way as we planned. Believe me, I'd be much happier if I would have brought a medal for Cameroon, but shit happens.

I just want to say thank you for everyone, who supports me. And thanks for the president of the federation (Ange Sama), to help me taking a step toward to realize my dreams.

Georgina Toth

Bye the way... U.S. University scholarships are available for every good athletes around the world. Nobody gave it to me free either. I had to learn English, because it's not my native language. I had to pass two tests. I had to search for schools. I had to hit a good mark to go, and I also had to work hard to be able to buy my airplane ticket, pay my visa etc... AND guess what, nobody helped me!! I'm not from a rich family. I work since I was 12.
So if you want better circumtances, and better sport equipments you have to work hard. Do you think I had so good practice conditions in Hungary?? NOOOOO


Georgina Toth finally qualified for the Olympics on July 18, 2008 in with a hammer throw of 67.42 metres during a tournament in Flagstaff Arizona.

Macadamia Cake

Georgina, just relax and do your sport. People are just sounding off.

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