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May 07, 2008


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Samira Edi

This is a sad; very sad, and a tragic end to the life of an innocent man who fell victim of a shameful practice carried, out in astonishing repidity and impunity by supposedly a developed Western nation. Unfortunately, this death is just another insignificant statistic that will produce no seismic effects on the global condition of refugees in Belgium and elsewhere. It is a scathing indictment of the Belgian Immigration Authorities—their total disregard and gross violation of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights and torture. They are totally morally repugnant.

It begs the question; are these UN “diplomatic” charters of understanding really worth the paper they’re written on? I ask because they do not seem to carry any legal weight of enforcement. Is there a purpose to an institution which is becoming increasingly anachronistic in outlook, in a world where rogue and tyrannical nations make a farce of their famous “obligation of States under the Charter,” in particular Article 55, which have articles 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights!!

How often have countries like the US, Belgium, China, Russia, ignored international treaties that serve as best practice guidelines for the “lesser” nations of the world—leaving the rest of the UN countries with no room for compromise, but instead choosing to follow a selfish path of national xenophobia, that protects and secures their national interests? The implications of these are obvious. It is difficult to impose penalties on powerful countries that treat immigrants and refugees like unwelcome sewer fit to be dispensed with when they become bothersome. Countries whose core integral essence is to cherish their territorial exclusivity more than any respect for an institution they could control and discard if they so chose, and the apathy they show towards the lives of other humans.

What procedure does the UN follow in the phase of such a well-publicized and evidently gross mistreatment of a UN citizen, seeking asylum in a hostile country and being savagely expunged from the country of their refuge, resulting in death? What became of the Semira Adamu case? It this going to be the last of such brutal deaths; of an innocent man seeking asylum in a powerful Western Nation? The future seems bleak with cynicism.

But still the bigger conundrum remains; what is the government of Cameroon going to do for one of theirs who was seeking to distance himself from a life of condemnation which only the Cameroon government knows how to mete out on its peoples? Are they going to raise dust, or an eyebrow over this suspicious death of a citizen who had fled the country and was obviously tortured to death? What is the proof of suicide for a man who had suffered such brutal physical exertion, when he couldn’t muster the energy to hoist himself up and walk—talk less of being able to place his neck on a self-made noose? Most unlikely I might imagine. Left to the government of Cameroon, Cameroonian citizens are on their own abroad!



Massive public demonstration in Brussels denouncing the Belgian police brutality that lead to the assassination of a Cameroonian Asylum seeker Folefack Ebenezar on May 1, 2008.

MEETING POINT: Brussels North Train Station at 13.30 CET
START OF DEMONSTRATION: 14.00 CET to the Belgian Foreign office (L’office des étrangers) where a wreath will be laid.

Demonstrations continue to the Headquarters of SN Brussels Airline situated at 11 rue des Colonies where a wreath will be laid.
Last stage of the demonstration will proceed until 16.30 CET towards the Brussels Central train station.
16.30CET end of demonstration

Each participant should come along carrying a placard bearing his or her message.
Come in your numbers so that we all pay our last respect.

Prince Lawrence Ayamba
SS Southern Cameroons
Interim Gov’t in-Exile


Mr Lawrence,u didn't mention the date of the demonstrations.Can kindly do that?

Ndim Bernard Ngouche

If i may ask¨"What is the role of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and Freedom" It is a shame that racism is still very much around and looms across the globe. If Whites claim that there are superior and behave like monkeys then they have no lessons to teach the Black man. We are only asking every white nation to please refund all our stolen money shashed in their banks by African dictators and cease coming to Africa. Please dear Whites make sure you send every dollar plus all acrued interest. The day we shall know what crime we committed, may be we shall be able to answer to all the allegations on a good footing. It is time to equally start sending them packing from Africa by closing down all of their embasies and rejecting all of their visa applications. If our thieves in the corridors of power shall begin to invest in our Continent, then we shall be another giant like China and India. Yes we can overcome our poverty and misery for we must look but inward for strenght comes from within. We should stop being callous and blind. Suicide won't heal the wounds of humiliation and won't change the fact that we are brutalised and denied our rights of expression. It won't change the fact that we are not united in our struggle for equity.

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