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June 18, 2008


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Emil I Mondoa, MD

CNN needs to retract its inaccurate Buruli ulcer story. This is a condition that was well described, in numerous scientific papers at Ibadan and other universities. It is to be found in textbooks of tropical medicine and the name "Buruli" is from a district in Uganda. I knew about Buruli ulcer 30 years ago, as a medical student. Now CNN has "discovered" it.

This is sloppy journalism indeed.


sloppy journalism indeed

I still can't get over that caption, Cameroon's "cursed" Children. I mean, couldn't they find a better title? Don't even get me started on all the inaccuracies in that article.


When white bitches sleep with wild animals, no disease transmission takes place,right? It takes a colored armchair surgeon to visit Africa and draw conclusions that Africans are agents of transmission of many diseases from animal to man. California has just legalized gay marriages.Octogenarians queued up to tie the knot! Tomorrow, they will legalize marriage between humans and animals and still claim that many diseases pass through Africans!


hahahahahhahaah Neba-Fuh, that was too funny. My stomach is aching from pain.

"colored armchair surgeon"

hahahahahahahahhahahaha. You have just made my day.

Ndeh Josh

Whatever we might think of Dr.Gupta, at least he had the courage to edit his article after the wave of criticim.

In his original article he wrote:

"As a doctor, it was amazing to see this previously unrecorded disease slowly become deciphered."

However, in the updated version, he states that:
"Buruli ulcers have been reported in more than 30 countries, according to the World Health Organization. With the increasing geographical spread since 1980, WHO is working to improve surveillance and develop better tools to control the disease. Karen introduced me to traditional healers who knew all about placing a hex on someone and even how to cure the disease with herbs and a piece of bark."

Hopefully, the ability to accept one's errors and take appropriate corrective measures should be another lesson (particularly for us Africans) from this whole incident.



I'm happy that "Dr." Gupta partially edited that sloppy article. However, it doesn't redeem him in my eyes. They went to Cameroon with one aim and one aim only: to exploit powerless Africans in order to gain appraisals and awards from the media world.

I am still waiting for Anderson Cooper to provide the evidence to his assertion that AIDS started in the "jungles" of Africa.


This idiot called UnitedstatesofAfrica,who are u to say u're waiting 4 Anderson Cooper to provide any evidence on anything.A big time illiterate like u,when doctors are talking,a failed assylum seeker sits in his air tight room to make useless comments.SHUT UP!!!



ha! ma man, why are you so bitter? all that cosh for one man? you sleep dream about me? hahahhahaa. You seem to know a lot about asylum seekers in air tight rooms. From these specific details, one might think you are one of them!!!!!


Ndingaman or Ndingwhatever you should be the one to shut up!!!I'm glad Sanjay realized his mistakes and made a few corrections.
The main aim of such reports is crystal clear:All "strange" diseases originate from the African jungle.
Such reports just go a long way to prove their ignorance about other peoples and cultures.The average American thinks Africa is a country and most don't even know much about what goes on outside the state they were born.
'As long as "the other" is demonized as the perpetrator of all things evil then we are ok' is the typical American mentality.


CNN I believe you people have morethan enough Cursed News to dish out from the western world.
Cameroon children are not Cursed in anywhere.If you don't have News to document on,then talk more about drug abuses in USA,gay marriages,whites sleeping with animals,gang killings and they are worst areas in your cities that can sum up a good documentary,which the entire world to can see.
Cursed CNN

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