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June 04, 2008


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"Let me be clear. Israel's security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable," Obama said. "The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive, and that allows them to prosper -- but any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel's identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided." - Barack Obama - Washington, June 4, 2008
As a blackman, I am thrilled and proud at Obama's success, but as a political realist, I know nothing will change in Washington; Obama's speech quoted above which he gave just a few hours ago is a clear indication that the pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian policy will continue. To date, only the most extremist of Republicans have advocated for an "indivisible" Jerusalem belonging solely to Israel. But today, the man of "change" and "hope" has joined them as he seeks for the support of the "Jewish Lobby" - politics as usual in Washington... the disillusion has begun...

Nga Adolph

In the endless relay of history and with the notable exception of Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson R. Mandela,never has a man been able to break the barriers instituted by the slice and dice of racism.But even more,since the American Civil War,there's the unique feat Barack H. Obama has been able to achieve which no dead or living American had ever been able to.The raucous division of American society between North and South,Confederate and Secessionists,Republicans and Democrats had always poisoned American politics and with his "A More Perfect Union" speech,he threw a beacon light for all Americans to see the need to come together in locked steps and redefine the divisive politics in Washington.But Obama's roller coaster feat goes far beyond the whitewashed beaches of Hawaii.

Kenya and Africa rose today to the vibrations of the victory songs that cut through the stillness of the American night and reached the shores of Mombassa by daybreak.Yes,a son of the soil,from the Luo tribe had made them proud and propelled them to look beyond the tribalistic and ethnic politics of Kibaki and Odinga that had impaired their vision and believe in the possiblity of change.

And change is the sugar word in any African's lips today that sees Obama's victory as a sign post of a new US-Africa relation.A relation that will not be sanctioned by the bitter cold war memories of the USA's imperialistic policies towards Africa.The African has gruelling memories of America's role in the support of blood hound dictatorial regimes such as that of the Mobutu,Idi Amin,PW Botha,Menghistu,the Duvalier brothers in Haiti,Bokassa,Samuel Doe etc.

CIA sponsored civil wars in Liberia,Sierra Leone,Mozambique,Angola etc are nightmares of the vestiges of The US' policies in Africa.The African sees in Obama a new brand of American politics that will see Africa as vital partner and not as a Golgotha.

Africa's agricultural malaise in the global market is one of the areas where Obama's policy of Change will be seriously followed by each and every African.The US' refusal to put a moratorium on the agricultural subsidies to its farmers that have reaped the soul of Africa's agricultural products at the international market has been the worst catastrophy for the African.Agriculture being the backbone of our economies.Obama will obviously not forget that his grandmother has a family to feed nd that the goats and cows behind his hut need fodder to nourish themselves for the milk which his family in Kenya relies on.

Yes,the Luo boy cannot forget that its because of the US'(alongside Russia and other superpowers) adamant refusal to sign the Kyotto Accords that the global warming is causing cataclysmic disasters on our sweet continent.

Nevertheless,the African youth has hope with Obama's victory bc they have seen hope and that their horizons of possibility have been expanded bc they know that it is possible to cross the fences that have sought to confine their potentials.One of theirs is on the road to a House previously meant for whites.Unbelievable!!!


"CIA sponsored civil wars in Liberia,Sierra Leone,Mozambique,Angola etc are nightmares of the vestiges of The US' policies in Africa.The African sees in Obama a new brand of American politics that will see Africa as vital partner and not as a Golgotha." - Nga Adolph

Mr. Adolph, who are kidding? yourself?. Don't forget that at the end of the day, the U.S will always remain an imperialistic and capitalistic super power always trying to protect its foreign interest at home and abroad. The U.S won't all of a sudden construct free and fairer trade with Africa because a black man is president. The president of America, whether it may Mr. Obama or Mccain, would protect the interest of America FIRST and foremost before considering anything else.If Obama had to choose before America and Africa, he will choose America, his country, so be not deceived. Let us stop living in illusions and face reality.

Thank you


Cut the crap with Kyotto Accords. Implementing that BS would risk crippling an already fragile global economy and who would suffer the most? Africans. I'm not even going to comment on global warming for i have no patience for that silliness.

po mbia

I am inclined to agree with United States of Africa and JR, in this instance. Before we Africans get carried away, maybe we should analyse a bit more on what Obama really stands for:



Regardles of what Obama stands for, it is imperative that naive Africans and Cameroonians realize that nothing will change in Africa. Obama will be (if he gets into the oval office) the President of the United States of America and not the President of Africa. So, let's cut this crap about how Obama will bring change to Africa, improve trade relations with Africa, sanction African dictators etc etc etc etc.

Only Africans and change their destiny and nobody else.

Mbomba Hyginus

UnitedstatesofAfrica,stop this your negativity which u rant everywhere.Give the man a chance to prove himself?What type of negative and hopeless individuals are these?It just shows the degree of hopelessness and decripitude in which u have fallen into.U don't even raise a single substantiated evidence evidence to prove that nothing will change yet u go about crying 'wolf,wolf'.If u're frustrated and have no hope for the future then that's u,others want to hope and believe that things will be better.


Mr. Mbomba, you have clearly missed the point. I recommend that you go back and read my write-up thoroughly. If you still don't get it, read it another time.

My write-up had nothing to do with the effectiveness of Mr. Obama so I see no reason why you should ask me to give Mr. Obama "a chance to prove himself". Have I raised doubts about Mr. Obama as an effective politician?

My write-up was soley about Africans...the naive and short-sighted ones. Those ones who think that if Mr. Obama becomes President, Africa will automatically change and things will become better. As I've said before, if Mr. Obama gets into the oval office, he will become the President of America and not the President of Africa. America's self interest will be the first thing on his agenda and nothing else. The only people who can change Africa is us, the Africans, and not Mr. Obama.

Mr. Mbomba, do you think Mr. Obama will go to Cameroon, kick Biya out and erect democratic structures? do you think he will boost the Cameroon economy? do you think he create more jobs for Cameroonians? do you think he will end the marginalization of Anglohones? do you think he will build the seaport in Limbe? BUFFOONS! Keep wasting your time. Stop trying to claim what is not yours and work for your own.

A word to the wise is sufficient!


In every generation, there arises a man or a woman who comes out (most often from the blue) and at critical moments to redirect the course of human events.These are often exceptional people shaped by their times and fired by the exhiliration and the inherent and profound belief in a 'Novus Ordum Seculorum' (A New World Order).It takes a great hindsight and foresight to detect such people and unfortunately very few humans have the power to do that.I strongly believe that there's a metaphysical significance of BO's bid for the most powerful job on the planet.Has anyone ever asked him/herself why a man with a "Muslim name"(Hussein) at this momentous hour is gunning for the most powerful job on earth and at a time when the US is engaged in a global war against Islamist fundamentalists? And not after haven overthrown a giant of the muslim world,another "Hussein"?

Like the greatest man who ever lived Rabbi Jesum ben Josef, his Good News message of Change isn't only meant for Americans but transcends the boundaries of the New World to the ends of the Earth and even to those who donot believe that the world can truely be healed.His message of Change has been made manifest for example even before getting to the White House he has already proven that his campaign and the Democratic Party will not accept checks/money from lobbyists,special interests and PAC's.Thus his campaign relies totally on grass root contributions.And this strategy is making his fundraising machine a nightmare for the Republicans.

That is Change coming to America,that is Change coming to the world.An unprecedented,hundreds of thousands of new voters(mostly youths) have for their first time been directly involved in US politics and this is bc has the ability to inspire people and the promise of Change.That is real leadership,that is Change.His campaign motto:

"I am asking you to believe.Not just in my ability to bring real change in Washington...I AM ASKING YOU TO BELIEVE IN YOURS".A leader isn't someone who has the solutions to all problems but he who is capable of inspiring the people to bring out the best of their abilities.His message goes beyond the US to the people's of the World and to Africans,to believe in their ability to take back the machinery of gov't(power)from tyrannic and failed regimes and control it.

Anyone who isn't well versed with the US'Foreign policies particularly in Africa won't understand the enthusiasm that BO's candidacy to the White House has aroused in millions of Africans.Its well known that the US' imperialism is hinged on its egregarious desire to control all if not most of the oil wells of the world.The US spends 20 million barrels of oil a day and this costs 1.4 billion to its economy.And per day the US spends 41 million on foreign oil.

This is the result of the heavy dependence of the US on the black gold.The US was never a colonial master and its relation to Africa has always been fuelled by its desire to exploit the oil wells on the continent.With Africa having one of the largest oil deposits and with very unstable regimes,the US with its superpower status has for decades seen Africa as the 'feeding ground for the American cow'.With Exxon-Mobile,Chevron Texaco etc,standing tall as the symbols of US' Imperialism.

Now comes in BO whose record in the US Senate in passing legislature for the dev't of alternative energies such as bio-fuels,the so called "clean energies" has been more than commendable.He is the only US Senator who has been at the forefront fighting to pass legislature that will go to increase alternative energies and reduce the US' dependence on oil.His bipartisan plan(which was approved by both Dems and Reps) to reduce US' oil consumption by at 10% or 10 million barrels a day by 2030,will drastically reduce oil imports from OPEC nations by 2030.This will be possible by giving tax breaks and incentives to companies that invest in alternative energies.

What does this mean for Africa?This means that with the US having developed its alternative resources,it will not depend heavily on our oil resources anymore and thus our oil will be(hopefully) used for local consumption and dev't.One of the heat waves of American imperialism would've been cooled.The US doesn't have a "civilising mission" in Africa like France,Belgium,Britain etc.America's imperialism is hinged on oil and with the importance of oil minised,the backbone of American Imperialism would've been broken.

And ofcourse,his stance against the War in Irak is even the more reason to believe in the possibility of Change.The War has caused an unprecedented hike in oil prices around the world and Third World c'ntries are hardest hit.Political instability in Africa in the last few years were as a consequence of these skyrocketing prices of goods and services linked to oil.

There's no world leader who comes with a baggage like Obama does.With his multiracial background,his appeal to the Muslim world and his Judeo-Christian heritage,his childhood ties to emerging Asia(Indonesia),the universality of the Man is dumbfounding.Which other living person is better suited to lead the most powerful,multiracial nation on earth?

Change is coming to America,
Change is coming to Africa,
Change is coming to the World.



I feel sorry for liberal utopian idealists like you. I give you 2 years; in 2 years, your tune will change. In 2 years, I will see if you will still utter such words!

Thank you!

Lantum (Wessex-UK)

UnitedstatesofAfrica,u aren't God to talk in almost commanding terms and with the surety of an all knowing deity or whatever.U talk as if u rise and sleep with Mr Obama on a daily basis,or dat u so well versed with the American political system.I read ur comments in the Postnewsline,its the same "Garbage".Please,spare us this useless comments u make around.Back ur comments with facts Sir,that's what a rational debate is all about.These forums are meant to exchange ideas and to learn.That's the reason why Africans can't progress,bc we are so static in our ideas and and fail to learn.


Yes, Mr. Lantun, I can see you are another utopian liberal on my tail, just what I need. By the time I am finish with you, you shall not recognize yourself.

I am the problem with Africa? I am stuck in static ideas? this is indeed laughable.

The problem with Africa is people like you and not me.I have nothing against Senator Obama. He is great orator and a great politician who will surely bring a considerable amount of change in America...not Africa. Some you buffoons think that Senator Obama is running for presidency in Africa. Is he running for the president of America or Africa? Senator Obama, if he becomes President, will protect the interest of America and not Africa. If more oil reserves were discovered in Limbe when Senator Obama is President, he will be more than willing to let American companies exploit the oil at the expense of Cameroonian. He would put America's self-interest before any African country because he is the President of America and not Africa or Cameroon.

Naive utopians like Lantun sit in their one-room apartments in the UK and chant songs of change in Africa . What change? do you think Senator Obama will go to Cameroon and provide millions of jobs for all the unemployed Cameroonians? do you think Senator Obama will build better road systems in Cameroon? do you think Senator will end corruption in Cameroon? keep wasting your time. The only people who can fix Cameroon and Africans are Cameroonians and Africans themselves.

Why don't you leave the U.K and go to Cameroon and bring change? do you think Senator Obama will go and do it for you? BUFFOONS! Africa is dying because of people like you. People who go and hide in the West and expect an American President (if he is elected) to come and fix their country. Nobody will fix your country expect you. Was it Cameroon that made America a superpower? was it Britain that made America a superpower? NO! Americans are the ones responsible for the development of their nation.

No go fix ya country ya, sit there and keep expecting Senator Obama to go and do it for you. IDIOTS!!!!!

Lantum (Wessex-UK)

There's something really wrong with this fellow.Just look at the childish things he writes.WHO SAID THAT OBAMA IS GOING TO BE PRESIDENT IN AFRICA OR THAT HE WILL NOT PROTECT AMERICA'S INTERESTS.And then he goes on to abuse people everywhere.

Its the madness and suicide prone-America dat's turning u nuts.And he makes it a point of duty to respond to every comment,ahahahahahahah !!!.There's something really wrong.The level of frustration and anger can be
felt in ur words.I would neva comment on u.U are lost.If u care u can comment again.hahahahaha


Obama should and will put American interest 1st and foremost like he should and if he does not i will be marching in Washington for his impeachment. Presidents are elected to put us 1st ( and Israel)....

Macadamia Cake

The value of Obama for people of colour is an emotional one, and that is a good thing, but his main job will be to promote the benefit of the United States.

The world is hoping that the United States under an Obama presidency will avoid the bullying and preference of naked force over dialogue that has characterized the present administration and has diminished the stature of the US around the world.

Regarding his policy towards Africa specifically, lets wait and see. The main policy initiative of the Bush administration in Africa was the creation of AFRICOM, a militarization of the continent that makes a lot of Africans nervous and frankly, scared. It could only get better, even if just marginally.

scott fritz

Now look we have to look at this election on what the president can do, not what color his skin is. It is a fact that 80-90% of barack obama's votes were black people and what do you think that reason is well, hes black and thats the only reason and out of 1215 contributors out of the city of detroit who gave money to all of the candiates I mean allof them since the beginning of the race 715 contributors went to barack obama and they were blacks. Now these people who is just basing their votes merely off of race is going to bring this country down even further than what it is, yes our ancestors did alot of wrong things and yes segregation is wrong but don't you think that, black groups such as BET, African american negro college fund, black history month, and small groups, don't you think thats segregation. Now this election can't be ran the same way, we need to look at what will better the country not by color of skin but by experience, barack obama who is he. He has no military experience, hes muslim thats a fact. He just appeared and every black person said lets get a "brotha" in the house. John Mccain, War Hero, Senator, Governor, Public advisor, Christian, those are just a few traits this country needs and John Mccain has them all.

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