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July 20, 2008


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Rosemary Ekosso


Excellent piece of investigative journalism. If the money had been put to good use back home, it would have bee more fruitful. These are the amounts we get from "donors". One wonders why the so-called donors do not ask their puppets to put their meagre state funds to good use.


The once respected Andrew Young in his dotage, has turned out to be a mercenary for sale to the highest bidder. He is a frontman for Walmart Corp, a company that procures goods from people working under oppressive underpaid conditions in third world countries. It also underpays its workers and has a policy of busting unions. Andrew Young is also one of the black attack dogs sent by the Hillary Clinton campaign to savage Barack Obama.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for former US Ambassador to UN, Atlanta Mayor, Andrew Young.

In summary, Andrew Young, bad! It is not surprising he is a good friend of the kleptocratic Biya regime.

Pa Njakri

What is new again? The looting, the scandalous waste, the perfidy, the irredeemable irresponsibility continues and will continue until this generation of spoilt, lazy and corrupt Cameroonians are kicked out or die out into ignominy.

What do you expect of a generation that does not know the value of an education, how to write a curriculum vitae, how to interview for a position, how to explain in simple terms their value added to society or just their damned raison d'etre?

what do you expect from a generation that has never done an honest day work to know how to value money or the resources and patrimony of Cameroon that is tragically being squandered with such effrontery?

What is the profile of the generation that is running down Cameroon with such outstanding mediocrity? Usually they were the few smart boys and a not few girls also from the late 50, 60s and early 70s high school class, hand picked sent abroad on all expense paid education, returned home to jobs already waiting, with houses or generous housing allowance in place and service cars in the garage, free school for the children at home and abroad, nice take home packages not to mention access to generous loans from state own banks that need not be repaid.

Some of you may be squirming because this picture look like dad and-or mum but that is the sad truth that partly explains the lack of imagination, creativity, proclivity for destructive overconsumerism, exhibitionism (chief this, chief that, Dr this, Dr that) and shortsightedness that characterises the current political and bureaucratic class in Cameroon.

Some one said we (ie those 50-45 and under) are a lost generation as our chance to play any significant role in the Country peters out. That is only partly true. I will submit that our parents generation and it remnant still in power sitting on our heads are truly the lost generation: they had too much to soon to make head or tail of it and have been taking us all to a dead end since the beginning of the entity today called Cameroon.

Pa Njakri

Babila J.

Who's this fellow caalled Pa Njakri?What are u saying,Sir and what does all the rubbish u have written here have to do with the article above?The guy just mixes up everything and at the end one can't say what the message he wants to transmit is all about.

Pls,if u want to try ur writing skills,do dat somewhere else.This isn't a forum for amateurs.

Njualem Zach

Hey Babila,

Pa Njakri is just saying that such a manifestation of misplaced priorities (and vanity) as the US informecials is the logical outcome of a leadership consisting of an old generation of Cameroonians educated in the 50 and 60s characterized by "lack of imagination and creativity, [and have a] proclivity for destructive overconsumerism, exhibitionism"

From where I stand it is a very apt rejoinder to the article - unless you feel directly or indirectly targeted somehow by his references to the "lost generation"...

Babila J.

Do u know the meaning of a "rejoinder" Njualem Zach?Pls don't use words like a drunkard.


Mr Babila from what hole did you emerge today? One more time, Pa Njakri's rejoinder is on target. Yes, I use the word rejoinder, which means, among other things, "the act of continuing a conversational exchange" - some of us believe that what is going on here is an exchange, unlike you who believe this war.

Anyway, why should I blame you? You are a typical Cameroonian; unable to artculate the most basic of ideas without insults and attempts to denigrate, and offering absolutely nothing worthwhile in return - And we dare open our smelly mouths to complain about Biya's actions and attitudes!


thats the stench of french cameroun
atleast, this french-african metropole lader is advertising in an anglosaxon media. show us which francafrique colony does such?
we better wake up and know we have no country, atleast untill we know such, wll we realise our true citizen ship


Macadamia Cake

Pa Njakri is right on target. Now, Babila, could you kindly lay off the booze and drugs before you write here? Thank you.

He is merely saying that a generational cadre addicted to privilege, titles, entitlements and loot but NO sacrifice has destroyed the land and are now looking for handouts with false advertising. If anyone wants to squander their wealth in 419 nation, they should take the bait and subject themselves to ruthless con men in power.

Kange williams wasaloko

hI guys,
We seem to have taken this serious unprofessional marketing plan by Cameroon government to a personal exchange of words. If a stranger reads our comment he will be forced to conclude that some of us lack the basis of understanding a comment to a published investigative material. I will like to thank dibussi for such a brillant piece of investigative Journalism.He has not only exposed the weekness of cameroon public diplomacy and image building, he has also given some guide mlines as to where and how government can better her image. I will personally print out this article and send to those who are involved in the half baked diplomacy to know where to stike so that investors and come to cameroon create jobs and help our frustrated youths who come out from university everyday. The situation of unemployment in cameroon is very high and we must put our hands together to rebuild our nation instead of insulting ourselves or individuals.


yep, i saw some of that PR handiwork in 'New African.'it was obvious who was behind it. at times i felt like slapping the author(s).

Macadamia Cake

Wasaloko, do you think that they seriously intend to market investment opportunities? Blocks to non-french investment have been there since the days of Ahidjo. Somebody has eaten money for creating this fake marketing campaign. That is what this is all about. There is no good faith here, at least I do not think there is any. The past record speaks for itself and there is no evidence of fundamental change. Have you visited the Cameroun Latrine Embassy in Washington and seen their non-existent customer service and dilapidated facilities? Anybody visiting that place and given the run around for visas and lack of working toilets will turn back and go to the Kenyan or Ugandan or even Nigerian embassies.

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