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August 18, 2008


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Samira Edi

Mola Dibussi,
Thanks for the very well-crafted and comprehansive article. Françoise's story typifies what talented Cameroonians are facing; those who want to give to the country, but are denied the opportunity. Either by the corrupt, greedy, and egotistical acts of those in charge, or simply the callousness of incompetent nitwits who fail to see the woods for the tree. They should be grateful that an athlete of her international standing has not defected to a country like France, where she resides, or the US, which are readily throwing their golden doors open, to welcome talents of her class from every corner of the globe, and throwing the red carpet in the bargain.

Cameroonian authorities are the ones who are unpatriotic; because their greed and egos stand in the way of progress.
Welldone to the golden girl, the long-suffering Champion who epitomizes our collective struggles.

Mishe Fon

Kudos to Carlotte Mbango. The authorities asked for what ever treatment they are getting from these talented young athletes. I wish there were more Charlottes. It took me a few minutes to convince then Minister of Sports Joseph Owona(through one of his ex) to be appointed, same day "Secretaire General de FECANATATION du Mfoundi". Very lucrative job "selling slots" to whatever family wanted their progeny to go and study abroad. Can you imagine someone who cannot swim, knows practically nothing on Olympic Competetions...deciding who is more "competent" to represent Cameroon in a world class competetion?
Its a total hoax.
Charlotte, go girl, give them as much wahala as you can.

Ma Mary

Ms Mbango has options other than the ungrateful Camerounese. She could have defected to eh China for example.

Pa Njakri

Another bizarre but not surprising tale from that land of the weird called Paul Biya's Cameroon.

This contradiction of resentment, contempt and envy mixed with admiration has been a distinguishing characteristic of the new culture of Cameroon with regards to successful people in all areas, whether it is sports or academics or music. One almost gets the concrete feeling that Cameroonians do not actually like to see each other succeed.

As I always say, what is new? Is it any wonder that if you are good at anything the last place you want to be is Cameroon as you risk being trashed and discouraged and ultimately destroyed. We have a culture today that works overtime to discourage ambition, thriving and shooting for the stars except of the fake feymen type of success that we worship. Honest success that comes from individual hardwork that cannot be politicised, where someone cannot exploit is not appreciated in this corrupt country. Samuel Eto'o is alternately admired and resented for his millions. I am sure behind all the piss-offness of the sport authorities in Cameroon about Charlotte is the fact that someone has not figured out a way to chop her money that she makes from her track meets abroad. Knowing Camer well, if they cannot eat from exploiting you,they would then destroy you.

Brava, brava Charlotte!!

Pa Njakri

Eboko Enange

I really enjoyed the article and the comments above. Very apropos for the most part.

However... CHARLOTTE.. Mbango is a Cameroonian singer/musician.

FRANCOISE... Mbango Etone is our golden indomitable lion girl. Get it right people!

arachesostufo gab

Big Francoise, complimenti da Venezia


Bravo to Francoise a mother,who after all these resentments from the poorly Managed athletic federation could still do much better.Shame na their own.Bravo again Mbango


BEIJING, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Cameroon's Francoise Mbango Etone successfully defended her Olympic gold medal in triple jump with a jump of 15.39 giving her victory at the Bird's Nest Sunday.
Russian Tatyana Lebedeva won the silver medal while Greece's Hrysopiyi Devetzi, silver medallist in Athens, had to settle for bronze.
Mbango Etone, who coaches herself and trains with her sister, became Cameroon's first individual Olympic gold medallist when she won in Athens in 2004.
"It's the best performance of my life. I am so happy," she said.
"My sports career has been very different from other people. Sometimes when one is African you need discipline. Some people consider us lesser than Europeans. I don't have a sponsor, I train by myself.
"It's not the sponsorship that motivates me, but I want to leave my name in the world...I wonder if I could find a sponsor who could help me and recognise I'm a two-time Olympic champion," she said.
The 32-year-old African spent almost two years out of the sport due to injury and after giving birth, produced her winning jump on her second attempt.

Dr Oliver Birnso Verbe

I ,honestly ,cannot understand why the Cameroonian authorities feel that we all owe them respect when they themselves do not respect the fundamental rights of citizens.They are only ready to exploit the citizens for their selfish political and financial gains.They grab all that come their way.They kill and burry talents.No doubt,we cannot develop.It takes the guts of FRANCOIS MBANGO to shut them up and shake them off.I wonder what spell they have cast on us that we fail to reason and succumb to their caprices.
Once more, thanks a lot our Golden Champion for honoring yourself and your country and putting those tricksters and bandits to shame.

Chief Bisong Etahoben

Hi Tande,
A good piece you wrote here. I just wanted to update you and readers on Mbango. At a press conference in the Yaounde Hilton yesterday, Mbango did reveal that she received the 80 million FCFA from President Biya which enabled her train for Beijing. As concerns her delaying her flight to Yaounde in order to avoid government officials, we all know she did not hire the plane that brought her home so it could not have deliberately delayed departure for Yaounde on Mbango's say-so.
We all agree that Mbango was shabily treated and some of us were looking forward to her asking for a pound of flesh from the body of the Athletics Federation President Mr. Sama but at her press conference of yesterday, she surprised most journalists by saying she had no problems with the federation and even thanked it for having contributed towards her victory in Beijing.
Sports diplomacy you may say.


Ma Mary, I see you are still hanging around...preaching your gospel which has fallen on deaf eyes

Have you seen the persecution Mbango, a fine athlete, is facing? have you seen? ok! is she Southern Cameroonian? eh? is she from Southern Cameroons? I don't need to elaborate. Self-explanatory

As for the Cameroon government, I hope her success shames you. You have butchered all of your people...even when their efforts bring fame to the country, you still butcher them down.

I am also surprised that Madam Mbango doesn't have a sponsor. The black skin is really a curse...if she was a white American, she would have left Beijing, a full-fledged star...with sponsors and TV slots lined up for her.

I am remarkably impressed by the fact she trains herself...wow! just wow! this woman needs to be inducted into a hall of fame or something...if Cameroon ever deciding to have one ( and I highly doubt they will)

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