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September 14, 2008


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Ma Mary

"Reunification"? What a farce to hijack what was not theirs, especially when applied by the neocolonial Ahidjo-Biya govt. People should read Anyangwe's new book for the real history. "Reunification" was a myth created by French Camerounese exiles in The Southern Cameroons to suit their own ends, which were not the ends of the Southern Cameroonians themselves.

That is all true, although Um Nyobe is a Camerounese hero and the fascist Ahidjo coopted some of the ideas that suited him and converted them to demonic purposes. We too have to raise statues to such heroes as Kuva and Mukong.


Ma Mary, why don't you erect your own statues? all you do is sit cross-legged and criticise the people who have actually achieved something.

Don't put your usual Southern Cameroons propagandist spin on this fine article and memorial. This has nothing to do with your flawed gospel. The statue is simply immortalising what Um Nyobe stood for, whether you agree with it or not. It is not a "Farce"...it is a memorial immortalises his ideals.

The only "farce" here is this propaganda you are trying to shove down our throats. This is a good moment for this hero...don't spoil it with your rubbish.

Thanks very much!


ma mary is right,
this story should be title HISTORY OF LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN,since umyobe knew nothing about endelley, mukette, and all the southern cameroons heroes, who were
fighting forindependence from colonial britain. he knew the boundaery of his cameroun ended well at the mungo bridge,nothing more,plus cameroun is in central africa,from the atlantic gulf of guinea,while southern cameroons,is in wesr africa, soo we are talking two distinct histories for two distinct nations.

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