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September 01, 2008


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The premodial objective of each government is to safeguard the safety of its people.This serves the reason why much attention has to be focused on crimes committed internally and at the borders. The creation of BIR special unitis to combat against the rising border banditism,hijackings and gangsterism simply known as coupeur de route, was a move to commend.It could have served the people of Cameroon a boost if this unit was deployed to Bakaasi to combat the Niger Delta rebels who threatens our security on a daily bases. Deploying them into the cities to quel any strikes masterminded by unarmed citizens who are merely expressing a grievance is a blatant violation of universal declaration of human rights of which Cameroon is a signatory.Strikes and demonstrations are the simplest an inexpensive way the citizens can transmit their grievances to the government in a democratic society.This serves the reason why in any constitutional democracy, strikes and demonstrations are unequivocally enshrined within the constitution. Cameroon is not exception.
In a government such as that of Cameroon where appointments are based on how support you show to the ruling party,heads of departments will always act ultra vires at the detriment of the common citizens for political favours.This is the reason why innocent citizens shall live to suffer in the hands of unscrupulous heads of authorities.The use of brute force even when not necessary takes the order of the day. The police force are trained to suppress any sort of strike or demonstartions that turn violent.A special operational unit such as the BIR have an equivalent task like that of the gendamerie and the army. The presence of thess groups may only be needed in times of war or to counter attacks that emcompasses the use of weapons.Why then should they be deployed to suppress a simple up rising, demonstrations or strikes.Should the Cameroon government always resort to abuse of human rights to seal the voice of the innocent citizens?.What was the purpose of accepting a democratic government if the same government was not ready for it?.Why don't the government summons the different factions on a negotiating tables to hear out their grievances?.Why? and Why??.We do not wish our beloved country to be transformed into a lawless state such as Uganda under General Ami or Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.Though the current regime has been associated to failures,we still have an aorta of hope that one day things may change to better.
God safe my country.

Nde Emmanuel

thats a means for mr Biya to remain in power.

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With luck, this process is already under way.

Cletus Ntirpang Fertyu

i want to know result for 2010-2011 please help me.

Augustine Dzeaye

i love to safe my country and fight for the freedom of my country. i promise to do all my best and as the law says

Augustine Dzeaye

i love to safe my country and fight for the freedom of my country. i promise to do all my best and as the law says

my contact 0023796544002 or [email protected]

Ngu Barthelome

i love my country and we have to fight for the future of our mother land, God have bless my country. i love to share and work for the country in the area.

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 00237 78927333

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