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September 04, 2008


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Martin-Luther Fon

All will be well with America and the world as Obama sails into the White House next January!
Our prayers are sincere and we are certain the world will heave a sigh of relief come November 2008, no matter what dirt is heaved at Obama.The world has gone past the age of gunnings and bombings...that is why we need an Obama to swing us into the new age with the USA at the wheel.

Carolyn Sollenberger

Look at the whole speech and the history leading up to that comment. The obama campaign, in an official release following her appointment, belittled her experience as a mayor first. The media also followed up with criticisms of her experience. She was making a comparison between her executive experience and obama's community experience... and pointing out his hypocracy of belittling her experience as governor of the state of alaska. If she is not allowed to defend herself? Are you trying to say that Obama and his campaign are not to be held accountable for the criticisms of the opposition. I think this is a wonderful debate. Let us keep the debate to experience and vision for the country. There are far worse things, as we all well know, that could impact the election: racism, sexism, agism, and yes even metropolitanism. We need to keep the cheap shots in perspective. I think they are all rather entertaining. But since we live in america you are free to use your speech to contrive conflict, invoke sympathy, and yes, of course, raise money. I just hope that the truth is not a victim of our self preservation.

martin sone

Mcpalin knows very well that they will lose this election,they do not have any plan for America,With God help Obama will win


I will truly confess that politics has never been one of my virtues most especially considering the mediocre, greedy and self centred politics practiced by African countries where democracy is interpreted as politics of hatre and mayhem.
America is about to create history by chosing an unknown young man from an under priviledge background to lead the highest office in the world.
When this campaign kicked off a few months ago and Obama's name was mentioned as one of the runners,very few people could believe he could go beyong the first round just like the days of Jessie Jackson.
Today Americans have proven to the world that racism,colour,sex,complexion, etc no longer counts rather ideas and ambition are the champion of the day.This is the reasons why even Hilary Clinton who have been preparing for this office long ago invoked all kinds of criticisms and attacks against Obama yet she failed to realise her ambitions.
The Republicans headed by John McCain and Palin are very much convesant about this.Deep in their minds they are aware Americans are desperately hungry for a change from harsh and warlike policies to peaceful co-existence.A policy they are aware the Republicans can not deliver at this material time that Bush has killed their reputation.That is why Mccains advisers have told him that if he is to succeed he should tore himself out of party line unfortunately it can not work.
No amount of critisms from the Republicans will stop Obama from entering into the White House.Polls shows that he has already hit 50% in nomination reminiscent to Jimmy Carter's nomination in 1976.While McCain is on 45%. American polls always reflect the true figures on their final results.
McCain choosing Palin from a very unpopular minor Alaska state where the population is not even up to Obama campaingn team is a relection of the Republican safe journey to their grave.
Viva Obama the world is behind you.

The Southwesterner

Don't believe the polls. The spin beltway media cant also be trusted.
Don't undermine the GOP gangsters.
They are good,good at whacking the Democrats,oh ya ,they are.
An upset is likely and lest you forget,
it takes 270 electoral college to make it to the White house.
Bill and Carter did that,remember they're both from the South.

Breaking through that Republican firewall into one or two of those Southern States would be key to his victory.

Obama, is still to make his case better and close the deal to be sure of 270.


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