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November 04, 2008


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historic win.

i have always compared the possibilities of a african-american becoming the president of america and an anglophone the president of cameroon. i hope obama's victory helps that comparism. is somebody reading?


i do take sides with u my friend. with obama being president, there will definately be a trigger for good in africa's politico-socio economic affairs and cameroon in particular. may God bless our humble country as we all strongly believe in change.


Obama's victory is a man made earthquake that the world started experiencing the tremor many weeks ago.Tuesday November 4th 2008 is a significant land mark or turning point to world history. King Martin Luther's dream has finally come into reality. Ebraham Lincolm, John Kenedy, Malcom X and many others who all advocated for black equally should have been alive today to see their mission accomplished.
It is difficult to handle the reality. No wonder Rev. Jesse Jackson, Oprah and many others burst into tears during his victory speech.
Obama's victory has unequivocally brought the world into a single unit.Racism has been laid to rest. No wonder. American presidency is named White House.Giving the world the impression that it belongs only to whites.Today that impression has been wiped out.
The world is still searching for an abjective to qualify Obama for the great job he has accomplished.He has made us(the blacks) proud.
May God grant him a successful journey through the long walk he is about to undertake.

Ma Mary

White House was constructed by enslaved Africans. It was recently beautifully dramatized in the HBO Mini Series "John Adams", a must see.


Ma Mary, do you mind if I ask when the "Southern Cameroons" will create its own "history"? or should we wait for another 143 years?

or are you by any chance hoping Obama will help your struggle?



obama's victory is not the final answer... he is a mulato, not black. i have the impression the whites who voted obama, identified themselves with his white mother. we are still waitzx for the first black president. but like i said , obama's victory is a very big step; as big as that made by rev jessy jackson when he was nominated nearly a decade ago. while rev jj failed at the primaries, obama has sailed thru the primaries, and made it to the white house. these are two big steps. but i think one more step is left: a black president. as black as koffi anan, i mean.


Hey there,

America has elected a mulatto to the highest position in the land.

Whites voted for a mulatto who had high ideals and they distanced him from the black race....they demanded that he separate himself from the BLACK CHURCH by lynching his very-respected black pastor.

Obama never came forward and identified with ANOTHER black church after that did he?

I am happy that Obama won but I am not sure that this presidency can solve centuries-sold baggage and societal mechanisms that STILL subjugate the descendants of slaves.

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