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December 11, 2008


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How great to hear this?How will he contribute to food security in Cameroon?I hope he has great plan for his fatherland after this Grant.More power to your elbow.


Me too, I was wondering the same thing. When I saw the heading, I was expecting to see some connection with Cameroon (apart from the guy being Cameroonian). Oh well, its still noteworthy, afterall it concerns a Paysan :)

Etounou Charles

Hi Camer and Ferdi, I am surprised that you guys are putting the onus on protecting food security on this guy. The onus should be on the Cameroonian system. Remember, the US Dept. of Homeland security did not hesitate to give a grant to a Cameroonian because they VALUED what he was doing? Is that possible in your native Cameroon? How many great studies by Cameroonian scholars are ignored or even degraded simply because the author is not from the right political party, from the right ethnic group or does not speak the correct colonial language.

The US has a clear and credible food security policy, so Nganje and other agriculturists can work within that context. Pray tell me, what is Cameroon's attitude towards food security? Do you guys recall the Cameroonian government's reaction to the recent major food scares (Mad cow disease, bird flu)?

BTW, I knew Dr. Nganje when he was a student at the Dschang University Center for Agriculture. Did the Cameroon government ever bother to nurture this talent? of course not! America, always welcoming to the best and the brightest, did and will benefit from Nganje's talent for decades to come.

As the article on the brain drain on this same site points out, African government, particularly the government of Cameroon, should sit up and start actively seeking its talent overseas and nurturing those within the country before the leave for greener pastures.

Etounou Charles

I meant "Food security in Cameroon" in the first line of my previous comment.


At a time when Cameroonians are making waves in the US for crime sprees (the most recent being the counterfeit scam in Georgia - http://www.beaconcast.com/articles/20081115_5) the story of Dr. Nganje is most welcome. Sure, the story is not about Cameroon but it is about a Cameroonian who can become a real role model in the Cameroonian community in the US where life on the fast lane has become the norn.

The story also has resonance considering that the previous story on this blog was how funds for food sufficiency and security were being swindled in Dr. Nganje's native Cameroon.

A heart warming piece to take us into the weekend.


To the two previous commentators:

I never even implied that it is the responsibility of the gentleman to protect Cameroon's food security, talk less of saying so. Neither did I mention anywhere that I do not appreciate what the guy has done. I said, on seeing the title of the post, I thought in the course of the story, there would be some connection to Cameroon. As simple as that. No hidden innuendos. Which part of my comment did you not grasp?

James Reuben

Paulinus will not be interested in this guy doing similar in Camair because paysans will live longer with the result of more available people to eject him and his enrourage!

Mbango Nnamdi

If we paysans are not valued in Camair, we will use our expertise elsewhere. Just for the record: a 20 yr old paysans somewhere in eurozone is re-writing physics books in particular, in the areas of, space, aviation, cell phone, rapid data transfer and the design of more efficient cars.

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