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December 09, 2008


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Ma Mary

Biya and Mugabe should marry each other.


"I just received this document written by a group of Cameroonians in the Diaspora who wish to remain anonymous"

A nation of 17 million cowards.


"A nation of 17 million cowards"
- Tayong

Including you Tayong? its easy for you to call Cameroonians cowards when you are hiding in the West, selling ice cream or washing dishes and dreaming away in your mediocre life. Be the example and ignite the change

Great read Dibussi, as usual. I'll give my opinion later, when I fully have a grasp on what is really going on and the implications


There are some buffons here who cant read between the lines and rush to react before understanding.The crux of my statement is the word "anonymous" not people living in the west!


Mr. Tayong, the crux of your statement was not "anonymous". Your signed your write-up with the phrase "A nation of 17 million cowards". Thus, you are insulting Cameroonians as a whole and not just the "anonymous" group that contacted Dibussi.

I also didn't say that you were referring to Cameroonians in the West. I said, it is EASY ( STRESS ON THE WORD "EASY") for someone living in the West to criticize Cameroonians for being cowards when they are away from the country. If you were in Cameroon, would you have acted any differently?

With due respect Tayong, you are the buffoon.


Good Write-up


There is no new thing that Biya can bring to the table. He is too old!!To borrow from Obama ´´you can not take somebody from 20th century to solve 21th century problems´´ period

Andrew Edimo

Understanding that the people of LRC do know little or nothing about the constitutionality of their so called 1996 constitution and elite of Southern Cameroons have been brainwashed to forget where they came from politically, Mr. Paul Biya pulled a fast one them last November in name of a decree renaming provinces as Regions as part of the so called decentralization, although it is embed the 1996 constitution.

Candidly speaking, I think Mr. Paul Biya’s November 2008 decree renaming the provinces to regions in triangle called Cameroun provoked by the second SCAPO/SCNC suit, registered as Communication 337/2007 at the Africa Commission on Human and person (ACHPR) in Banjul, The Gambia, against La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) and the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN), requiring them, among other things, to produce their countries’ maps showing their boundaries at Independence, pursuant particularly, to Art.4b of the constitutive Act of the African Union(AU) to which both are signatories, and in pursuance of the African Union Charter and subsequent enactments of the AU, and the relevant principles of International Law.

As renaming of Victoria to Limbe in November 1982 was a diabolic plan to stop the ambitious world bank plan of the 70s’ to develop the Victoria Natural seaport to service Cameroon and the then congestion in the Nigeria ports, so too is the November decree with regards the suit in ACHPR. After all, SCAPO/SCNC having being claming that Southern Cameroons is an entity and cannot be crafted as two provinces of LRC.

When the world bank came back to follow up the Victoria seaport plans, it was told they do not have any Victoria in the triangle called Cameroun; there will be no Southwest and Northwest provinces in the triangle called Cameroun tomorrow.

The name Limbe has no meaning in the Languages sopoken in fako division. It is from the German name Limburg, the name of German who lived in biggest Island in Victoria and comes to swim in river that empties its water into the Atlantic Ocean around the now pressbook. The locals pronounced Limburg as Limbe; that is how limbe river came about.

Much have been said about the so called decentralization since Mr. Paul Biya’s November 2008 decree. It seem the people in LRC have been brainwashed to the point that they do not realize they are ruled by the colonial standard.

The appointment and imposition of the so called DOs , SDOs and Governors on the populace with diferent cultures and languages is a human right abuse on that region and a colonial rule.
Can any one tell me the deference that will come out of the so much heralded decentralization with such a status quo.

dango tumma

if only, 5 of my brothers can see what
mr edimo sees, and know what i too know about the diabolic plan of french colonial
bastion of cameroun and its french colony .
then we wont waste our energies fighting ourselves, we will all unite and fight the common enemy , anf chse this five headed
monster from our country southern cameroons. the devil(cameroun) came to southern cameroons to steal and to destroy, thats what their french written constitution stated since their 1960 independence. soo wake up and let fight the right fight. for our indpendence

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