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January 12, 2009


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dango tumma

ahijo or biya are all french appointed
governors of their oversea colony of french cameroun. their mission is to gather wealth for their masters and themselves, not the people, they store the remainder in europe, after their death,these money stays on in european banks, to pay europeans ddevelopments and pensions, same true yesterday , true today.
problem is they cross the line and invaded british southern cameroon, and we want paul biya who speaks no english to carry its tail and military and be gone.

Dr A A Agbormbai

This article truly describes what can happen to any group of people who have had it too easy. They stop working and very soon lose the ability to work hard.

Then, when they are overtaken by events and lose their power base, they turn to crime (the easy way) to make ends meet. Because of their laziness, they are overtaken by other groups who know the value of hard work.

Ahidjo turned the North into a group of good-for-nothing people by giving them undeserved privilege. This is like the child who grows up in a privileged home that made life too easy for it. When the child became an adult, he (or she) couldn't cope with adulthood because he was brought up to know that life is easy.

Now, are you sure that the same fate doesn't await Biya's tribes people? They too seem to be having it all too easy in Cameroon. With them appearing all over the government (be they competent or not) it is not surprising that most of the government incompetence and embezzlements (that set back the country) derive from Biya's tribes people.

Ma Mary

Dr Agbormbai, I nominate you as management consultant on assignment to the Camerounese government to fix their problem, and your salary is $750,000US plus chauffeur, furnished house in Bastos with servants and expense account, French health insurance. Otherwise, don't waste your time. Join us to fix our own country.

Martin 'Nko

If Ahidjo had favoured business men from northern Cameroon by taking money from bank & not paying back, we can say thanks to Ahidjo because at the same time Cameroonian people has seen that despite all, some stupidities were not tolerated even among his own people; (since when reading you, we have the feeling that he was not the president of all Cameroonian).
Thanks also to Ahidjo because there were no deficits in those banks when he was leaving Etoudi; tell us then what become all these banks few years after he resigned?
You mentioned Garoua-Maroua highway but you forgot that the money he left to build Douala-Yaoundé modern highway had vanished & a so called highway was built instead.
Why didn't you thank him for the job he did in the West province by connecting cities for exemple.
In the end, I don't feel any intellectual honnesty in your writing; if you were as good as you pretend to be in your analisies, I think you shouldn't talking about Eldridge Mohammadou in that way after he has passed away. Great writer do not use their pen as you do.
Sorry but you seem not to be the type of Cameroonian new generation wants. We are looking for uniters but no dividers who do not propose any positive solutions for Cameroon.

kidzeru austin

If thats all Ahidjo could do for his people then I really pity him. Give us a chance one day; God 's time will come though and see what we can get for ourselves. he couldnt even give them a school. We'll begin with the ring road and the rest will follow like manna from heaven. Wait and see


Mr. Nko, unity does not mean that we should run away from our history - that is the typical Cameroonian attitude of burying our heads in the sand because we don't want to face the bad news. Mr. Jing Thomas has not written anything new here. Check out the works of former CRTV journalist and CPDM member of Parliament Zacharie Ngniman or the memoirs of Ahidjo's Protege, Dakolle Daissala, just to name a few, to understand that Ahidjo was in the end a very regional leader more interested in the Fulbe/Muslim hegemony in the North than anything else.

Tomorrow, when some historian will write how the Biya regime tried in the 1980s to create an artificial Beti business class to counter the Bamileke, he will be called a "divider"...

 elbatida mohd ibrahim

actually we were kids when ahidjo was sworn in.but nevertheless history has proven it self again.y is cameroonians now wishing if it were ahidjo? we are all human we are bound to make mistakes. if ahidjo was a regional ruler then there is bello b maigari nd the rest of the fulani who were in his cabinet but still he gave the mantle of leadership to p.b. let tell ourself the truth cameroon of yesterday nd of today which one is accomodating.pls i want all cmrs to ask their elders who re above 60s to tell them the balance.nd if we continue with this rhetoric concept then we will not stand the chance of building cmr. the effort of unifications that took place in 1961 well be in vain.long live cameroon

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