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February 03, 2009


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Herman M. Yenwo

It is very heart-warming to read such good news for a change. I hope youths that read this story will be motivated to follow in "Wise Man's" foot steps wherever the opportunity presents itself.


Innocent Ndifor Mancho

Some dreams do come true. Tenacity, hard work and a knowledge of oneself and potentials are vital ingredients in achieving. Cameroon has great potentials for entreprise building and business creation. Maybe Wise man could serve as a consultant in the University of Buea for a course in business creation.

This a a great success story. Now we know all is not dead in that craddle of our fathers.

Bernice Angoh

I am so proud of him, this is an awesome story!!!!

Job Vacancy Dubai

Very inspiring. Good read for those who are loosing hope and lazy.

Chief Atem Ambrose

This is a great achievement for an enterprising young man like Simon. This is a good example for the youths to copy and I think Simon would be ready to advise whoever wants to attempt such a venture.

I am proud to see my fellow cameroonian beat the odds in such a country to become a bread winner for himself, his family and other fellow youths who now benefit from his project.

Keep on Simon, God is with you.

Chief Atem Ambrose

Andong Akofu

Yes, Simon's story is a tale of hard work and steadfastness towards a course. He is a young entrepreneur with a high ambition who should probably go places in not so long. But we must also note that, there are many ambitious youths out there with interesting projects which have often failed even at inception as a result of bureaucratic procedures often involved with starting a business. Nightmares about obtaining a business licence abound. Even after that one big obstacle there are more pertinent issues like finding money to pay the ever increasing taxes imposed by the state. It takes a miracle to realise a breakthrough at the end of the year when trying to balance all your account sheets, because you are probably running on a low budget but are required to pay hefty amounts of money for taxes and services.
So let us not publicize one success story because I think there are many more failures. In a country where hard work does not guarantee benefits, meritocracy has given way to mediocrity and bureaucratic control is almost grinding the economy to a halt Simon becomes one lucky chap to have earned the title "Entrepreneur".
Let us rather focus on ways of ameliorating the situation a plebeian finds himself viz a viz the Cameroonian economy.

Kristo B

This is the story many Cameroonians. At home and abroad. Hard working people with big dreams. ALl we need is leadership. One day we shall overcome that huddle. Kudos to the wiseman. Keep it up young man.


that is really very nice, but i believe this is not what someone could write on the web page. the story sounds very funny and rediculous. sorry

Wise M

Hi, Kristo B, I believe you are getting it all wrong ok, listen what make's you to say, the story sound funny and ridiculous, have you ever head of The Power of Favour? if you like to see people succeed in life i don't think you will ever fine any reason to speak like this.

Hey Thanks Mr Dubussi
and God bless you and give you more strength, and thank you all 4 your wonderful comments.
from Wise M


Master Planner told me he's coming up with something that's going to shake the world, lets see what's it.
But one thing 4 sure, i know what he's capable of, he 's a great man, in fact a Great Hero has been Born unto this our generation.
The last thing he told me was watch Me.

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