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March 03, 2009


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Waoh, this has made my head spin (anti-clockwise)

Philip Ndum

Mr. Dibussi, when it comes to Anglophone Cameroon journalism, you are the very best out there. Your articles are not only very relevant, they are very well researched, objective and analytical.
For a while, I have keenly followed your blog and your write-ups are powerful enough to move a people to action, a people with a conscience. Unfortunately we come from a place where apathy reigns and your soul moving sermons may not be sufficient to create a rebirth of our nation.
Praise is something that does not come easy from me, something I consider as a vice. Believe me when I say you are the best and continue the great work. There are those out there with a conscience like me and the fire that you breathe in your write-ups will spread through the few to become a blazing inferno that will consume the filth that we have ruining our nation today.
If there is one critique that I have it is that the production is not constant, frequent enough. If there is anything that I could do to help, you can count on me. Again, keep up the good work and may God Almighty, lover of justice and equity, continue to bless you in all your endeavours.

Innocent Ndifor Mancho

Dibussi is the most prolefic of all cameroonian bloggers from west of the Mungo. your blog gives back some of the lost pride of e-journalism from the southern cameroons. Congratulations, brother for investigative journalism. i'd rather have your blog at this pace with well researched and well written reports than read the kind of things i read from some other sites.

stay strong brother.


There is no doubt that Cameroon is for the old... The statistics given here by Dibussi (coupled with what some of us see here in the country), attest to that.

I especially appreciate the point you raised abt these 80's and 90's guys who don't see any need in the incorporation of the ICTs in administration.It's a pity.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Excellent article that really sheds light on some of the current problems that are besieging the country. I never realised that the Cameroonian leadership is so much dominated by past-it men and women. What a shame! It is now clear why there is so much incompetence in the system. This must change!


"African leaders are so worried and concerned today with the ramifications from truely democratized societies. They duely understand the theory of reciprocity and are often gripped with the fear that their dids shall live to hunt them if they should relinquish power.

This has forced many African leaders to be the main hindrance to democracy, and as a result the rule of law, accountability and the respect of human rights is an abstract theory in most of the countries on the continent. It has led to a situation where the guy at the top turns a blind eye on all the attrocieties and malpractices of his close and corrupt associates and guarantees them immunity as long as they remain loyal to him.

Many of our leaders have have welcome and encourage what seems to be a new syndrom where by the constitution is twisted to justify their cling to power. A few have prostituted with this and gone away with it while others have faced the heat of resistence from both internally and internationally" bye Eric M Achu
Those that cling on power most be removed forcely to give way if New seeds or else they can never leave power.


How come you left out glaring anglophone examples such as General Tataw who must be in his nineties and still in the army when his younger colleagues Mbu,Anagho and Nkweti are long retired.Furthermore you have Elangwe at CDC and Mukete at Intelcam and have been on the government payroll since the former West Cameroon; to name a few.Our main opposition leader is Fru Ndi who is also a septugenarian just as Ndam Njoya. God help us.


They do not GOVERN
They do not LEAD, because their ass is never on the line. They are like ganakos whipping COWS from behind.


I listened to a very interesting comment today March 09, 2009 (Commonwealth day and 60th anniv of the organisation) to a comment by Dr Jua Roselyne in UB, very much in line with what Dibussi has presented here. The theme this year, Commonwealth @ 60th:Serving a new generation. The theme signficantly ties with what Dibussi has presented here. Dr Jua, as one of the panelists, lamented the fact that Cameroon was being governed by " sick old men and women", the gerontocracy Dibussi is decrying here.


You speak the brutal truth Mr. Dibussi. I am a Cameroonian in the United States and although the recent election of Barack Obama inspired and thrilled me, it also made me depressed to think of the corruption and oppression in my fatherland that is preventing capable young minds from leading our country into a better future. Alas, what can be done? I would hate to see in Cameroon the kind of violence that occurs in so many other African countries in the midst of political movements; is there such a thing as peaceful revolution in Africa?

Mr Agbortabi ephraim

Excellent fellow cameroonian.you touched the minds of young cameroonians. yes we can make a difference if we are given the chance.All we got to do , is to go on action.Peaceful revolution for change backed by the united nations. i am ready to lead the revolution.this is the right time for it. Obama just did it and we can make it too for our nation now!! if you and others are ready, lets start right the way.

Mr Agbortabi ephraim

dear writer thanks for your research and publications. It is a very sensational one and got to be nation and worldly spread by we young patroitic cameroonians in diaspora and also within cameroon.I hereby call for a youth revolution for change from the olds to the youngs. we have to take over from our fathers peacefully and allow them to go and rest in thier villas longed built.Lets put heads together and make our minds and feelings knownto the world and our nation. Once again , i am ready to lead this revolution. count on me as i count on you for going to spread this my readiness to lead the revolution. change change Change we need!!!!!!!!!!

po mbia

That crook called Ni John Fru Ndi, has hoodwinked the public for too long and is now is now grappling with the children of the late Albert Che Niba, for the deceased`s estate. It is time this despot is unmasked for the megalomaniac that he truely is.

The Sun

The Sun Newspaper 11 Jan 2009

11 Generals to be Retired?

Unimpeachable sources in Yaounde have hinted The SUN that the files of 11 military generals have left President Biya’s desk awaiting sanction. The story, first published by the French language weekly Le Jeune Enquêteur last week, was confirmed by our Yaounde sources that President Biya finally decided to send some of his old and tight friends into retirement.

Following the leak, of the information, there is anxiety within the high command of the Cameroonian armed forces in Yaounde where the old top military officers are still considered as “demi-gods.”

The head of state and commander-in-chief of the Cameroonian armed forces has, at last, decided to take a bold step to send to rest the generals who feared among the ranks as demigods but known to be deadwood because of age and physical tiredness.

Most are said to sleep through-out meetings even sessions dealing with delicate issues like state security. The generals, who are known to have been kept by Biya (in order that they may not foment trouble against his generally spited regime) in spite of the fact that they had passed their retirement time ages ago, never opted to retire either.

For more than five years now, whispers have been filling the high circles of the military in Yaounde especially with the death, last year, of Generals Benae Mpecke and Yakana Guebama, who continued to benefit from Biya’s presidential benevolence despite their old age.

The generals who were supposed to retire continued working, while young colonels, at 55 or 57, had no choice but to go on retirement, albeit with a lot of bitterness - they could not graduate into generals because the generals were sitting tight in their offices.

About some 15 or 20 years today, the Cameroonian army has continued to keep generals, some of them above 79 years - a practice which has marred the Cameroonian army for several decades, though presented as one of the best in sub-Saharan Africa.

Observers maintain that the head of state would not even have thought of sending the generals on retirement but for recent happenings around the country that threatened state security and proved the generals too old to tackle. Others believe that it is pressure from younger officers that has caused President Biya to give up the hope that keeping the generals is reasonable - than letting them go into retirement from where they can have time to plot to overthrow him.

They think it has dawned on the head if state to reinforce the military, by giving the chance to younger soldiers. General Tataw and Oumaroudjam Yaya, are all 80 years old and others like Semengue, Nganso and Asso’o are more than 70 years old. Most of them can’t even walk straight. Meanwhile, there are young brilliant soldiers from higher institutions, who have distinguished themselves in military academics in Cameroon, Europe and America, but have only ended up being sent on retirement while their grandfathers stay on.

What has been described by young officers as injustice has registered a lot of victims. Some disclosed that they have been praying for the old generals to be taken away by death which seems the only way that they can go away and create room for the young officers to grow.

After the death of General Abdoulaye Oumarou Garoua some years ago, Generals Benae Mpecke and Yakana Guema, respectively, died last year, abandoning their posts - which needed to filled. There are only 23 today - from 25 a few years ago.
There are however mixed feelings within the rank and file: while those to whom the generals were godfathers doubt their future without them, the unpublished decision is being greeted with a lot of joy with hope of a better future with the generals gone.

Brief Profiles of Generals

1. Gen Pierre Semengue: General of the Army

He is the first to bear all the grades in the Cameroonian armed forces. He was the first captain, the first commander, the first colonel, the first and only Brigade General for 10 years, the first general of division, the first army corps general, the first and lone today general of the army. Chief of the defence staff for 25 years, he is 73 years old. He is the first on the retirement list.

2. Gen James Tataw, General of Division

Officially he is 75 years old. But his first son is 61 years old. He is presented as the oldest Cameroonian General, despite his official age. He is believed to be more than 80. Sources even say he demanded, 5 years ago, to be retired but the head of state asked him to wait.

3. Oumaroudjam Yaya

He is a 4-star general. General of the army corps, he is inspector general of the gendarmerie. Officially, he is 69 years old. But his physical traits show he is a bit older.

4. Asso’o Emane Benoît

He is 71 years old since June 21, 2008. He suffered two cardiovascular attacks this year. Some people even announced he was dead. He is reported unconscious in a South African hospital where he was taken to last week-end after his suspension by defence minister.

5. Counter Admiral Guilaume Ngouah Ngally

He is officially 69. He is the first general of the Cameroonian navy. And his health is ailing.

6. General Douala Zacharie Massango

At 68 (officially) he is the only Sawa general in Cameroon . It is rumoured that he is seriously sick. He is former commander of the gendarmerie 2nd region

7. Nganso Sunji Jean: General of the Army Corps

He is 71 - the only army corps general in the infantry. He still looks strong but age has begun to weigh on him. He is the inspector general of the army at the Ministry of Defence in Yaounde .

8. Claude René Meka: General of Division

The present chief of the defence staff is about 69 years old - born on the February 2, 1939. He is said to be seriously ill.

9. Other candidates for retirement are Generals Laurent Angouand (68), Isidore Obama (67), Mambou Deffo (69).

By Joseph Roland Djotie

Ambe Johnson

Supreme Court President Hangs On After Retirement Date

Friday, June 19, 2009

By Kini Nsom
Supreme Court President, Justice Alexis Dipanda Mouelle, has continued to hang onto office after his retirement date expired in May this year.

Chief Justice Dipanda Mouelle was duly expected to retire on May 25, 2007, but President Paul Biya signed an order prolonging his stay in office for two years.

The Presidential decision no. 406-CAB-PR of July 17, 2008 also prolonged the mandate of five other senior magistrates.

The Advocate General at the Supreme Court, Justice Martin Rissouck à Moulong, who also benefited from the same decision was supposed to quit the stage last March 17. Before his stay was prolonged, Rissouk à Moulong was supposed to go on retirement on May 17, 2007. As they hang onto office, observers say it is not their fault that the President has not appointed other people to replace them.

Other Prolonged Mandates
According to an order that Biya signed last year, the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Laurent Esso, is expected to retire in August 11. Before his stay in service was prolonged, he was supposed to have retired on August 11, 2007.

Esso, described by many as a taciturn and meticulous character is a First Grade Magistrate who was born on August 10, 1942. This means that he is now 67.
The presidential decision also extended the retirement date of another First Grade Magistrate, Bah Oumarou Sanda, from May 11, 2007 to May 11, 2009.

Bah Oumarou, who has put in many years as the Second Deputy Secretary General of the National Assembly, was appointed Cameroon’s Ambassador to Chad last year. He was born on May 10, 1940. He is 69 years old.
Besides, Jean Fouman Akame, a magistrate by profession, also benefited from the presidential largesse. His retirement date was extended from September 1, 2007 to September 1, 2009.

Fouman Akame, who is the Board Chairman of the Yaounde University 1, was born on August 31, 1937. He is a septuagenarian. The presidential order equally prolonged the retirement date of Fourth Grade Magistrate, Justin Joel Kom, from January 1, 2008 to January 1, 2010. He was born in 1942.

Authoritative sources told The Post that they are many government officials who are supposed to have long retired but have continued stay on. That is why some critical commentators hold that apart from a few cases, the Biya government is largely a gerontocracy made up of sexagenarians, septuagenarians and octogenarians.



what ever things be in the country, one day all will come to pass;GOD being are helper

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